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Imlie 22 December 2022: Aparna asks Imlie if everything will change if she changes her clothes. Imlie says an inner person will not change with clothes and she is same Mrs Imlie Aditya Kumar Tripathi from Pagdandiya. Radha says nothing will change with this idea and clothes. Imlie says its Malini’s idea as she told that she needs to change clothes to change her image, she understood and followed Malini’s advice. She offers aarti to Malini. Malini says she can’t accept it as she hasn’t bathed yet. Imlie says just like professionals wear an uniform, she chose this uniform and asks how is she looking. Rupali says she is looking very beautiful and Malini’s suggestion is good. Nishant backs her. Imlie asks Adi why didn’t she reply. He says she is looking very beautiful.

She says really. He says he is just joking, then says she is really looking very beautiful. Malini gets jealous and tries to leave. Dulari acts as getting drowsy and holding Malini asks to hold her. Malini replies to have less food. Dulari signals Imlie to perform her husband’s aarti. Imlie grins and performs aarti and then touches his feet to make Malini more jealous.During breakfast, Sundar brings breakfast and says alloo paranthas are only for naani. Tripathi seniors fume seeing that. Imlie offers different breakfast for Harish and he rejects it. Dulari asks Imlie what her in-laws gifted her in her muh dikhayi/introduction ritual, even she didn’t get her 101 rs shagun.

Rupali says they didn’t. Aparna says rituals are performed for bahus and not servants as Imlie lied and stayed her as a servant. Dulari says tea gets bitter if they overboil it and says they should perform Imlie’s remaining postmarriage rituals. Harish says there is no need for that. Rupali says its very much needed and says she considered Imlie as her sister before and will consider her bhabhi after rituals. Dulari says then they will perform ring searching ritual tonight. Malini thinks Naani is spoiling all her plans. Senior Tripathis say they will not attend it. Dulari says MIL should perform ritual at least for her son’s sake. Aparna says she already performed her son and real bahu/DIL’s rituals and walks away.

Dulari asks Malini to invite her mother rituals. Malini says for sure and walks away. Dulari asks who will make arrangements. Sundar says they will. Nishant says he will perform rituals as devar. Dulari says ritual ring should be of gold and ancestral. Nishant says he will arrange it.Malini meets Anu and informs about Naani’s plan. Anu says instead of kicking servant out of house, she herself got out of that house and came here. Malini asks what could she do. Anu says she should to learn to control the situation and orders tea. Mithi brings tea. Anu says this woman entered this house as Dev’s rakhel/mistress and became servant instead.

Mithi says her relationship with Dev will not change with Anu’s comment, she is Satyakam’s wife and Imlie’s mother and nothing else and serving tea doesn’t make her small. Anu fumes, but Malini stops her and says she came to inform her that she will not allow Imlie’s ritual tonight, Imlie brought her naani as her shield and she will use Imlie’s shield against her. Anu asks how.Imlie looks at a bulb to change it. Adi asks if she is trying to glow this bulb or bulb in her brain and says she is looking beautiful today. He gives her stool and slippers to fix bulb. She says just like any girl, she wants her husband to praise her when she gets ready. He says he wants maa to accept her and couldn’t become a good husband.

She says he is a better husband. He says he couldn’t protect her rights. She jokes that he needs protection instead as he is kidnapped often. He says he need not worry until she is with him, lifts and helps her fix bulb and says they should support each other whole life.In the evening, Rupali and Sundar make arrangements for ring searching ritual. Nishant brings ancestral ring by tricking Aparna. Rupali asks if chachi scolded him. He says spice is necessary in life. Once they leave, Malini picks the ring. Dulari gets ready for function and feels shy. Malini says she is looking beautiful and gifts her ancestral ring saying she knows Dulari is fond of jewlery and its worth 2 lakhs.

Imlie over phone informs Mithi about performing her postwedding rituals because of naani’s help. Mithi says when Naani hated Imlie since she was born, why is she supporting her now, and hopes god gives good conscience to naani. Dulari asks Malini why she is gifting this jewelry. She says its Imlie’s ring and pure gold. Dulari excitedly looks at it. Malini says when Imlie hates her since childhood, why is she supporting her. Dulari greedly holds ring. Malini snatches it asking if she doesn’t like it, she should return it as it will go to Imlie as usual and she will be left with nothing. Dulari says she needs it, let Imlie go to hell. Malini thinks Anu is right that these poor people are greedy for money.

Sundar hears their conversation and informs Imlie about it. Malini walks to Aparna and Radha and asks if they are not attending function. Aparna says she will not, she had polished ancestral ring for Malini, but Nishant tricked and took it away from her. Malini says she feels Dulari is very greedy and eyes on jewelry and they need to protect their jewelry from her. Aparna says so much happened to her, but she thinks about them and Adi even now. Radha says Malini is right and they need to attend function. Malini thinks she wants naani to be caught stealing in front of everyone.


Dulari/nakli naani gets ready for function. Imlie dorns her flower jewelry while she resists and says she doesn’t need anything. She says she doesn’t have any gold to give it to her, so she is decorating her with flowers. Dulari repeats she doesn’t need anything. Imlie asks why did she take gold ring from Malini. Dulari nervously denies. Imlie says she fought with her since she was born and didn’t like her, maybe its their fate, but when she met him this time, she had lost hope on even Seeta Maiya and with her support, she realized that she is a married woman; if naani wants jewelry, she can keep it, but she will lose hope on Seeta Maiya and will believe that Malini has right on Adi and not her and will return back to Pagdandiya.

Once she leaves, Dulari thinks she will not fall in Imlie’s emotional blackmail, what will she get in exchange of gold ring. Imlie returns to her room and prays god to change naani’s heart and make her mother’s trust win. Adi walks to her and asks if she practiced to lose as he will the ring searching competition. Their nok jhok starts. He then says whoever wins, their love will win and cheers her up.Anu visits tripathis and taunts Aparnat that she didn’t bring gift as she didn’t know what to gift her daughter’s sautan, she once thought to gift her mob and broom for Aparna’s servant bahu. Malini asks her to stop as she convinced Aparna with great difficulty for this function.

Mithi walks in and greets them jai Seeta Maiya ki. Aparna ignores her. Imlie stops her calling her maa. Aaprna asks what did she say. Imlie asks her to greet and welcome her mother. Anu says she didn’t give her right to call her maa, choti memsaab is fine for her. Anu says she should call her madam instead. Imlie warns her not to interfere and says she called Aparna maa as she used to consider her as daughter; if she doesn’t like her calling maa, she will call her mummyji, mom. Mithi asks her to behave with her saas/MIL. Imlie gives her reasoning and forcefully takes Aparna and Mithi from there pushing Anu aside. Anu stands fuming. Malini thinks Imlie’s strut of being a bahu will end in sometime.

Dulari signals her that she will wear gold ring.Adi and Imlie make team for ring exchange ritual. Nishant, Naani, and Sundar support Imlie while Rupali and Pankaj support Ilmlie. Dulari asks Malini whose team she is in. Malini says she always supported her sister and will be on her side. Pankaj encourages Imlie. Adi says let us start the game then. Anu taunts he is excited as he is performing the ritual second time. Adi taunts back just like she attends their family function and creates drama. Pankaj asks Nishant to bring ring. Nishant brings ring box and opens it. Pankaj asks where is the ring. Nishant nervously says ring was in the box. Pankaj asks where did it go.

Harish asks him to check in his room. Imlie hopes nakli naani changes. Mithi gets worried seeing Imlie’s tensed face and hopes naani didn’t do anything now. Anu says if they are checking rooms, they should check these Pagdandiya poor people who are habitual stealers. Aparna says she is right. Pankaj asks how can she think like this. Adi says nothing is stolen in this house till now and Imlie instead had stopped burglary till now. Radha asks what about naani. Dulari comments. Radha says Dulari should be checked. Imlie says she will check naani. Naani feels tickled. Radha tells Aparna that they both should check naani. Imlie informs naani that they will check her for ring.

Naani says ring is with Kalpana/Malini. Everyone look at Malini. Malini says naani is lying as ring is not with her. Naani calls her Kalini and says she tied the ring in her pallu. Rupali says if naani is insisting, let us check. Malini agrees. Rupali checks Malin’s pallu and finds ring tied to it. Tripathi family looks at her in shock.Naani smirks remembering tying ring in Malini’s pallu. Imlie thanks god that naani chose her and not gold. Adi blames Malini and says Imlie’s family was blamed because of her. Malini says its naani’s prank to create suspense and then let her put ring in the bowl. Adi says this is his and Imlie’s first post wedding ritual and he doesn’t need any drama.

Rupali insists Malini to put the ring in bowl. Malini does. Adi and Imlie enjoy ritual while Malini remembers her ritual. Anu asks her how can she trust these people, old woman played a clever move.

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