Imlie starlife update Tuesday 18 July 2023

Imlie 18 July 2023: Imlie’s condition starts deteriorating in cold chamber. Doctor asks Atharva to keep Imlie awake as chamber’s temperature may go down to -20 degrees and Imlie may develop hypothermia if she falls asleep. Atharva tries to keep Imlie awake and tries to break glass with a chair. Chini tries to stop him saying he will hurt himself. Atharva breaks glass with a kick, lifts Imlie, and brings him out. Chini stands frowning. Atharva wakes Imlie up and thanks god. Imlie’s condition better and she calls Atharva ji. Atharva says she is unable to speak due to cold, even then she is suffixing Ji with his name. Imlie says that is how she is. Atharva asks her to be same forever. Chini sends him aside and drapes blanket over Imlie. Kids inform Imlie how Atharva broke a glass with his kick and saved her. Atharva notices Chini jealous and asks if she is fine. She yells to show his concern to Imlie and walks away.

Police inspector thanks Atharva and Imlie for saving the kids from the kidnappers with their braver and promises to catch the kidnappers soon. Kids say they will find kidnappers at a dentist’s clinic as Atharva broke their teeth. They thank Imlie and Atharva for saving them bravely and kiss their cheeks. Imlie asks Atharva to smile at least once. Atharva smiles. Kids leave with police. Doctor walks to Atharva and Imlie and says he needs to speak. Atharva tongue lashes him for torturing Chini. Doctor describes how Chini trouble whole hospital instead and posed other patient’s lives at risk. He requests them to take Chini from there and says Chini is mentally unstable and is a threat for her family, says Chini is the toughest case of his life.

A girl informs chini that police uncle is taking them from here. Chini agrily drags the girl lock her in a cold chamber. Atharva stops her. Girl runs and hugs Imlie and says Chini wanted to lock her in a cold chamber. Imlie asks what was she doing. Chini says girl was mocking her. Imlie says she could have scored the girl instead and asks who is she to lock a small girl in cold chamber. She asks her to apology the girl. Chini starts her emotional drama and says she was not in her senses and is not get well in this treatment center. Atharva says that’s because she doesn’t want to get well. Imlie says they should shift Chini to a better hospital.

Chini emotionally blackmails them that she deserves punishment and says parents and family disowned her, she only had a sister whom she took care of and pampered since childhood, but her sister wants her to send to a mental asylum instead of treating her with her love; she is ready to go wherever they say now. Imlie and Atharva return home. Rathores and Ranas show their concern for them and ask how are they now. Atharva says they are fine now. Imlie walks to Rudra. Rudra praises her and Atharva for their brave act and prays god for their togetherness.

Chini walks in with her bag. Rudra asks what is Chini doing here. Imlie says she brought Chini here as any illness can be treated with love. She insists Rudra to let Chini stay with them. Rupali says if Chini needs family love, they will take Chini home. Chini says she feels secure only with Imlie. Arpita asks how will Imlie alone take care of Chini. Atharva says he will help Chini, Arpita and Rupali need not worry about Chini. Rathores agree and walk away. Chini touches Rudra’s feet and seeks his blessings to defeat him always like this.

Chini tells Imlie that the latter didn’t support her. Imlie says she too didn’t support the doctor’s treatment. She should have given one chance to them. Chini replies Imlie would get nothing by saving her. But everyone is upset with her. Imlie should have left her in the centre. Imlie leaves silently and Arto tells her that Chini should not misbehave with her like that. Imlie says she can understand Chini’s situation. She thinks everyone dislikes her. But thats not the truth. She is right in a way that in order to save the kids they were about to lose her. Arto says Imlie is really calm and she doesn’t get angry at all.

Later Arto notifies her that they will be rewarded by the officers for their bravery tomorrow. Imlie gets happy to know that. Rupy tells Arpita and Sundar that Chini is not leaving Arto and Imlie alone since they got married. How would they take her back home. Arpita agrees and Sundar says Imlie and Arto need some time to settle in their married life but Chini is not letting them do so. She is trying to destroy everything.

Rudra comes to see Chini and taunts her. She taunts him back and the latter says tomorrow Imlie and Atharv will get award for their bravery and also will receive praises for their best partnership. Chini won’t be able to hear the claps so she must block her ears with cotton. Chini gets irked. Rudra warns her that he is older than her and is more experienced as well. He can throw her out easily and she should not be overconfident.

Arto teases Imlie for not being able to choose a dress for the ceremony. She also teases the men for wearing the same clothes in every occasion. Arto helps her select clothes, she says she wants to wear color coordinated dress like him. Arto gets happy to hear that. Imlie goes to show the saree to Chini.Chini receives a card from a person. He explains her about a bomb chip inside the card. When the card will be opened the bomb will blast. Chini says Rudra is irritating her a lot nowadays so it’s time to kill him. Arto and Imlie see her with the card. Arto tries to see that and Chini snatches the card from him. She says it’s her personal matter, Imlie should not interfere. Imlie asks her if she has a boyfriend. Chini ignores that and she calls Imlie’s fashion sense as hopeless and taunts Arto for being protective for his wife.

Chini acts like joking. Imlie doesn’t take her words seriously as she feels the latter is sick. Chini feels hungry and Rudra goes to eat sweet in the kitchen. He says he is really happy for his son and daughter in law. He says even Arto understood that Imlie is a blessing for him. Chini should stop her plannings else she will be thrown out of his house like she was out of the centre. Chini leaves angrily and thinks noone knows her cunning ideas.

Kia gets irked that they are going to attend Imlie and Arto’s award function. Imlie gets ready in front of the mirror and then gets nervous recalling the cold chamber mishap. Arto calms her saying she should not think about people’s expectations. She should keep moving forward in her life. Her parents must be proud of her. She doesnt need anyone’s support to handle herself. She is special and a happy soul who can find happiness in everything. Imlie feels elated hearing his words. He recites a poem of Miss Shayara. Imlie thinks he will be delighted to know that only she is his Shayara.

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