Imlie starlife update Tuesday 9 April 2024

Imlie 9 April 2024: Imlie tells Agastya that he can price tag her helplessness, but he can’t price tag her self-respect. She says she is not a bird who will get into his trap and will somehow arrange money for her dear ones.

Agastya says dear ones whom she was trying to loot. Imlie says money is not everything, she is not an orphan until her family is with her and she doesn’t want to lose him. She says she will not marry him for money and let him misuse her helplessness, so he can go on his way and she will on her way. Agastya says he will pay whatever amount she quotes.

Imlie recalls she neds money for Ashu’s treatment. Agastya thinks if he misjudged this bar girl, if her self-respect is still alive. Imlie says she will marry him with a condition. Agastya thinks at least for 2 minutes, she should have proven him wrong; he is right that she can do anything for money. Imlie says she will have a fake marriage with him for money.

Agastya tells Imlie that she was talking about self-respect, but she murdered it for money as usual. He tells inspector that he takes back his complaint against Imlie. Police leaves. Agastya asks when she was ready to marry for money, then why was she acting.

Imlie continues her heavy dialogues and asks why he wants to marry her. Agastya says that is none of her business, he will pay her for each day of stay with him. He says let us go and marry now. Imlie thinks she needs to go and pay for Ashu’s treatment and says she can’t right now. Agastya thinks if he doesn’t return home in 1 hour, Daadi will transfer business in Sonali’s name. Family gets worried when Agastya is found no where at home and office. Sonali tells Alka that Agastya ran away from his marriage and if he doesn’t return soon, Daadi will transfer business in her name. Alka says Agastya will not run away so easily, he is up to something.

Imlie demands a nek from Agastya. He gives her 5000 rs. She demands 5 lakh rs. Agastya refuses and says he will pay her each day. Imlie says she can’t wait till the drama ends and needs all money at once. Agastya transfers money to maama. Imlie calls Maama and asks if he received money. Maama says yes, how did she get 5 lakhs, if she did something wrong. Imlie disconnects call. Agastya says let us go now and drags her away. Sonali tells Daadi that Agastya acts weird always, earlier he didn’t bother about 10 crore invement and kicked a chef out of job, then he wanted to talk to Noyonika in priviate, and now he is missing from his wedding. Johri walks to them and asks Daadi to call Agastya as muhurath is passing on. Manno says Agastya’s sherwani was tight and he went to fix it. Govind says he will sing a song till then. Manno asks Daadi to let him sing till Agastya returns. Govind sings Dhadkan song..

Agastya takes Imlie to a subregistrar’s office. Imlie asks why so much drama for a fake wedding. Agastya says it’s fake for them and not his family, his lawyer has made arrangements for court marriage and takes her to lawyer. Family continues to wait for him. Amrit calls inspector and learns that Agastya took back his complaint against Imlie, he fears if Agastya heard Imlie and his voice recording. Dadda tells Maama that Imlie would have paid a huge sum to get 5 lakh rs. Bulbul and Maami think Imlie must have trapped a rich man, they shall find out who he is. They try to question maama, but maama shoos them away. Lawyer asks Agastya and Imlie to sign the form soon as office will close at 5 p.m. Imlie signs form and thinks she has to bear Agastya due to her helplessness.

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