Imlie starlife update Monday 4 December 2023

Imlie 4 December 2023: Atharva tells Chini that he wants to start a new life with her free from any betrayal or lies, looking at Imlie. Imlie picks her bag and walks out of her room. Dhairya follows her with her suitcases. Imlie walks to Kairi’s room. Kairi in sleep calls mamma and holds her hand. Imlie says if she does this, it would be difficult for her to leave. Atharva frees her hand and says she should go away from his and Kairi’s lives and shows her a door.

Shivani pleads Imlie not to go. Imlie says this is just a beginning of new life. Ginni asks why she feels everything has ended. Imlie hugs her and says she should end this feeling as she is strong like her. She greets Akash and Keya and takes Devika’s blessings. She tells Atharva that she wanted to leave this house in 5 years as he wasn’t here, but couldn’t as she had a family who did not want her to go; he returned with a partner of his choice, so there is no need for her to stay here.

Rudra stops Imlie and says she will not go from here. Devika says why is he stopping Imlie when they already decided to let Imlie go. Rudra shows property papers and says Devika got one legal document signed, even he got a legal document according to which Imlie is a co-owner of this house. Devika says their son returned home after 5 years and he is giving their son’s right to this girl. Atharva says Rudra had given his right to someone else/Dhairya and now is giving Akash and Ginni’s right to Imlie. Devika asks what about Chini who saved their son and took care of him for 5 years. Rudra says his one son betrayed him in business and another son betrayed him in life, Imlie is the one who saved his business and life and he considers her as a daughter. Devika says he should get his daughter married and perform her farewell like a father and not give other’s rights to his daughter. Argument continues.

Imlie asks Rudra not to stress himself and let her go. Rudra says he will also accompany her. Shivani says even she will as there is no point staying here if her brother doesn’t stay here. Ginni says even she will. Dhairya says when the people for whom he is here won’t stay here, there is no reason for him to stay here. He asks Atharva to take care of Devika well. Imlie agrees to stay back on their insistence. Atharva tells Devika not to worry as many people are staying in their house and their house is too big to accommodate many, he doesn’t mind until they don’t interfere in his life. Imlie says let her answer him and says when she was married to him, he had an affair with Chini and she walked out of his life to let him stay with Chini; she doesn’t want to claim someone else’s right, especially on a stranger; Atharva is a stranger to her now. Atharva holds Chini’s hand and walks to his room. Imlie wipes her tears.

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