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Imlie 7 December 2022: Imlie prays Seeta maiya to support her win best bahu competition as its a question of family’s dignity. Pallavi informs family that she got competition’s first challenge invitation and its a cooking competition. Aparna says Pallavi will win easily. Imlie walks to them and asks what are they discussing about. Pallavi informs her about cooking competition during first round. Imlie says Pallavi will win easily. Pallavi informs that participants have to wear their bridal dress. Radha says Pallavi will wear her bridal dress gifted by them. Rupali asks what about Imlie. Aparna says she will wear the same dress with which she traps city men. Adi hearing that confronts her. Pankaj says he cannot shut everyone’s mouth and people will use more demeaning words during competition. Pallavi wishes all the best to Imlie and leaves followed by family. Adi tells Imlie that he will buy her a new bridal dress.

Imlie says she will look like a bridal in new dress, but cannot feel it; all her good and bad memories are associated with the dress she married in and she will wear same dress.Before competition, Renu’s puppets praise Prachi’s beauty and ask what will she prepare. Renu says whatever he bahu prepares would be the best. Puppet says they will enjoy watching Aparna’s bahu, where are they. Radha with Pallavi enters and says her bahu is beautiful and a professional baker, they can learn cooking from her. Renu says they are talking about Aparna’s bahu, where is she. Imlie enters wearing her bridal sari and introducing herself warns them to learn proper behavior. Aparna asks if she wear this dress during Malini and Adi’s wedding to show her right.

Imlie reminisces the event and says she wore it to protect their dignity and its blessings of elders. Host welcomes them and asks contestants to take their place. Imlie touches Aaprna’s feet and takes her place. She learns to wear apron watching Pallavi. Imlie’s supporters Adi, Rupali, and Nishant walk in. Host introduces judges and today’s special guest and judge Mrs. Anu Chaturvedi. T family gets tensed seeing her, Aparna and Radha discuss that Anu came take revenge of her daughter and blames Imlie for the problems in their life.

Anu speaks that best charity is lending their time and she came here to lend her time in this small society. She announces competition rules that they should use only the given ingredients and cannot prepare Indian dishes. Renu and her puppets taunt that villager Imlie will lose. Pallavi offers help to Imlie. Imlie says she will prepare pasta which she learnt from Sundar. Pallavi asks to seek her help if she needs any. Competition starts. Host thanks Anu for visiting his competition. She asks if he finished her given task. He says he did as she said. Anu thinks she will destroy Imlie for ruining her daughter’s life. Rupali tells Adi that Anu will not let Imlie win. Adi says nobody can stop Imlie from winning. Rupali says Imlie is very nervous. Imlie messes up things due to nervousness.

Renu and her team laugh. Radha and Pallavi ask Pallavi to concentrate on her cooking as time is running up. Pallavi offers flour to Imlie, and Imlie asks her not to do that as someone will watch them. Anu catches them and says they were cheating. Imlie says Pallavi was just trying to help her. Anu says as per competition’s rule, Pallavi cheated and is disqualified. Rupali yells its unfair. Aparna thinks she knew Imlie’s bad vibes will fall on Pallavi. Imlie apologizes Pallavi. Pallavi asks her to concentrate on competition as only Tripathi family bahu should win the competition.

Pallavi returns to family. Family cheers her up. Imlie thinks she will add a desi twist to her recipe. Rupali cheers her up. Host says time is running and reverse counts till time finishes. All contestants present their dishes to judges. Host says judges will blindfold themselves, taste the dishes, and will announce whose dish was best. Anu is also blindfolded. Host serves dishes to all judges. As predicted, they all like Imlie’s unique dish. Imlie’s supporters cheer up. Host is about to announce Imlie as winner when Anu stops him.


The host is about to declare the winner. Anu says that the rules were to make a western dish, but Imlie made an Indian dish only. Hence, that dish is disqualified. Aparna says they lost in first round only. Rupali tells Aditya that Anu won’t let them win. Anu says that according to them, the winner is Prachi. Mrs. Arora praises Prachi and taunts Aparna that not as a bahu, but Imlie should know how to cook as a maid. She asks Aparna what punishment she will give. She will cut her salary? Or send her back to her mother’s home. Anu adds more insult to it calling Imlie a ‘gawar’ (village girl). Pallavi comes forward saying she is a professional cook and she can tell that Imlie’s dish is western. She made same what Prachi did. But they are more interested in background of the cook instead the food itself.

Other 2 judges agree with Pallavi and say that Imlie’s dish’s taste was the best and they declare her as a winner. Everyone claps for Imlie. Anu is furious. The host says that the first round ends here. Tomorrow there will be a dance competition. All wives will perform with their husbands. Few ladies tell Mrs. Arora that tomorrow only Prachi will win as ‘gawar’ Imlie wouldn’t know the dance. Mrs. Arora agrees that Imlie and Aditya won’t be able to match a single dance move. Rupali tells Imlie not to pay attention to them.

well and make sure she wins. They wonder who will help them. Sundar comes and teaches dance to Imlie and Aditya. Aditya says he won’t be able to do all that, he will become a joke in front of the society and they will laugh at him. Family motivates him, but Sundar says his dance was very bad. Family again gets behind Aditya. He says that he will give it a last shot. He keeps turning to a wrong side and bumps into Imlie. Imlie tells him to do properly. Aditya asks for simpler steps. Sundar says if he practices, then he will be able to do it. Aditya gives up and says sorry to Imlie that she will lose because of him. He leaves from there. Imlie goes to talk to him.

Imlie asks Aditya what happened? Aditya says that he doesn’t understand how a dance will prove that she’s the best bahu. Today, he is alive because of her. She has done so much for that house. He doesn’t think any other bahu did that much. It’s sad that his family has forgotten everything. He tells her that she doesn’t need to do all this. No matter how hard she tries, it won’t matter to his family. His mother and aunt will still keep taunting her. She says competition might be childish to him, but not to them and she wants to win it for them. He tells her that she can do anything, but he is not able to support her. She says that she will teach him dance. He’s still hesitating. She gives him a hand. He holds it. She teaches him the dance. They get close. Aparna and Radha are passing by from their room. They watch them.

Radha tells Aparna that Aditya is trapped more than what they thought. Aparna says but he refuses to accept it. Imlie continues to teach dance and Aditya is learning well. Aparna says if tomorrow they come out as husband and wife, then they will lose all the respect that they earned for past years. They must stop them somehow. Aditya is enjoying the dance now and is getting confidence.Anu is furious. She says today Imlie won the competition because of sympathy, but tomorrow it won’t repeat. She proudly calls Tripathis her family. Now she will use her family against her.

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