Imlie Starlife update Friday 7 June 2024

Imlie 7 june 2024: Imlie returns to outhouse and calls Vishwa and Navya. She stands shocked seeing killer’s mask there. She turns and gets more shocked seeing Vishwa standing behind her. She asks if it’s murderer’s mask. He says yes.

She asks how did it come to him. He says whatever she thinks is right that murderer wore a similar mask and made many murders, so he go a mask for himself to investigate the case. Imlie walks away from there nervously. She bumps on Agastya. Agastya asks if she got a good news, he ends the problem from it’s roots.

He asks why was she thinking to sing at a bar again. Imlie thinks she should pester him a bit. She says what if he shut the bar, she will show her talent day and night in his house itself and there would be a long que of her customers. Agastya gets more angry and says he will not let her do that. Imlie warns him to dare try to stop her.

Daadi sends food for Bulbul via Jugnu. Alka asks her to stop pampering Imlie’s sister and send her back home. Daadi asks why is she saying this, Bulbul suffered a lot and hasn’t still recovered yet.

Rajni says she didn’t have problem with Bulbul, but since Imlie tried to link her with Karan, she has problem with her. Alka says Karan is so handsome and of high standards, but Bulbul doesn’t even look a below average human and Karan will never think of such a girl. Bulbul walks down with her bag and tells Daadi that she is going home as her house is renovated now and her mother will return home by evening. She tells Alka that she is right that she and Karan are unmatachable. She walks away greeting Daadi.

Agastya continues to get angry on Imlie and says she can do her job at his house. Imlie says he should just watch and count the money. She gets Vishwa’s call and says she already got her first client. She picks call and switches on speaker. Vishwa says instead of 150, 200 guest would be coming for the function and she should tell her price for 200 people. Imlie says since he is her first customer, she will make 200 people happy in 150 people’s price. Agastya gets angry on Vishwa. He walks behind Imlie trying to stop her. Imlie around the house. Arey Yaar Mere Tum Bhi Ho Gazab Ghunghat to Zara odho… song plays in the background. Imlie enjoys his confusio.

Agastya then walks to Vishwa and asks how can he hire Imlie. Vishwa asks what is wrong in it, why is he having such a backward thinking when his wife wants to sell sweets like him and earn money. He shows Imlie’s ad pamphlet and says he saw this pamphlet and gave her sweets’ order for his guests. Agastya stands shocked. Imlie visits her friends to convince them to help her in completing her order. Friends say Agastya got them out of job, how will they feed their family now. Agastya walks to Imlie, takes her aside, and asks why didn’t she inform him about her plan and let him in tension. Imlie confronts him and says he is too selfish to get her friends out of job, he is worried for his family and troubles others instead.

She describes how her one friend’s father lost his limbs in an work-related accident and she was working to feed her family, how another friend’s mother has cancer and she is working a bar to earn for her mother’s treatment, how another friend’s father took loan for her wedding and she is working in a bar to repay the loan, etc. She says always needed a proof to prove her innocence and he will never believe her, etc. Agastya stands feeling guilty.

Vishwa gets a call from his manager that someone from Chaudhry sweets has come and wants to talk to the sleeping partner.

Vishwa warns him to never reveal his name. Sonali takes phone and says he has not jsut invested into a business but a family business and should trust them, she wants to know his name and meet him. Navya calls Vishwa to come and have food. Sonali hears that. Vishwa gets tensed. Navya asks what happened. Vishwa says Sonali had called to know who her business partner is and heard his name.

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