Guddan update Friday 23 December 2022


Guddan 23 December 2022: Guddan says I have your trust back. It isn’t your mistake. It is antra’s mistake. AJ says we will take everything back from her and punish her. No one should give any clue to her. Dadi says how could she stoop so low. I want to kick her out of this house. Guddan says I will gt you that chance. we all have to stand by each other. They all swear on Guddan’s hand. dAdi says you and AJ are together. I know you two can do it together.Saru says my head hurts. Antra says my head hurts too. Saru says why is everyone else normal? Did anyone give us sleeping pill? Antra says I would find out if any such thing happened. She takes out her camera and says let’s see what happened with behind us.

Laxmi and durga see her. They tell Guddan. Guddan says Laxmi and durga see her. They tell Guddan. Guddan says I will stop her from seeing the footage. antra plug in the camera in her laptop. Guddan comes there with smoke. Antra coughs and says what are you doing. she runs out. Guddan tries to take her laptop. Antra comes in and says go from here. Antra plays the video. Someone comes in with band baja. Antra goes downstairs. Guddan comes to Antra’s room.Antra says what is all this? Rawat says AJ’s friend is coming. AJ comes in disguised as someone and says I am AJ’s friend bhabhi. He says I know myself very well, hence I welcome myself.

You are beautiful. I know AJ’s choice. I can recognize diamonds. Antra says I never met you before. He says I have munh dikai for you. He gives her diamonds and says with lots of love bhabhi. antra says this? He says they are of 5 crores. I will give you better gifts in the wedding. I am a special one’s friend. Angat says he has a huge business. Gudan says in heart I know antra you would lure hearing about this money. Antra says I have never met someone so rich. He says all of you are here. Guddan says in heart he is doing such over acting. He meets the boys and dadi. He says dadi.. Dadi says come to meet me sometime. He says yes my brother’s wedding. Antra says everyone knows you? Dadi says they became friends after you left. He is busy with business all the time.

AJ says who is this girl? Antra says she is caretaker. Guddan says she is right. AJ says you’re beautiful.AJ says to Guddan you asked me to do all this. She says you were overacting. He says why are you over reacting? He says I had to put in effots. Guddan says you will do what I ask you. You handle your character, I will handle rest of the drama. He says she called you servant. Guddan says you used to trust her. He says I can’t change it. Guddan says we can never be back to what we were either. we are only together to expose her. He says I can’t change past, I can change future. I will bring that check.

Guddan says I need to control. she eats sugar. Dadi says what are you doing. She says I am stressed. Dadi says I know you are worried because of AJ’s acting. dadi hugs her.saru sees them and says how is dadi hugging her? Something is wrong. Dadi sees saru. She shoves her and says you can never have my trust back. I will never trust you. Stop doing this drama. Guddan realizes. She sees saru too. Gudda says okay if you don’t consider me your daughter anymore. Laxmi says saru you must be happy? SHe says yes to see Guddan this way.

Saru says wow this man is so rich. He gave you such expensive rings. Can I touch them? Antra says I know your intentions very well. Saru says we are family. He is so rich. We can’t even count his money. Antra says hold it. He is rich but anyone can buy expensive things. But finding good things is an art. I am impressed.Antra tries to see the footage. Mr. Honda comes in. He says bhahi ji my brother isn’t here. SO I thought I might get tea and some conversation from you. Antra says AJ doesn’t like tea. He likes coffee. He says my battery isn’t low like AJ. Antra switches off her laptop. AJ says I have to take the pen drive.Honda says if I were AJ, I would make a temple for you. She says youa are flirting with your friend’s wife? He says jsut flirting with a beautiful girl. Anntra says why didn’t you marry? He says never found love.A box falls on Antra’s foot. Honda holds her food and says I will apply medicine on it. He steals the pen drive and replaces it.Honda says here is the medicine.

Scene 2
Guddan comes to her room. AJ is without a shirt. She stops. AJ says you’re being shy like you are seeing me for first time. He says I have gotten fat, can you tie my shirt? She says I don’t have time for all this. Guddan says stop acting like kids. AJ comes in front of her. Guddan has to button his shirt. He holds her waist.
Guddan says you are only being Honda, don’t like you doing all this in real life. You can’t fix my broken heart with all this? AJ says tell me what can I do. She says you don’t trust me anymore. He says you dont’ love me? Guddan says I don’t love you anymore. If you loved me, you would trust me. She leaves. AJ says you love me, you can’t deny. AJ saus I will get your love back.


Antra says AJ you came home? Your friend Honda came. He left. AJ says I met him in market. He had to leave for a meeting. Antra says he was interesting. DAdi says stay away from him. He isn’t that good. Antra says he is over-friendly. AJ goes to his room. AJ is wearing Honda’s shoes. antra sees them.Aj comes to his room. He recalls what Guddan said. Antra coems there and sees the shoes. saru comes. antra says look at these, aJ was wearing Honda’s shoes. AJ always wears black. Saru says ask AJ. antra says no I have to think about it. I have to go to Honda. She leaves. Guddan hears all this. Guddan says before she finds are out they’re same person, I have to do something.

Guddan knocks in AJ’s room. He is in a bathrobe. Meher slips. AJ holds her. AJ says you don’t love me, but you came in my restroom? Guddan says I knocked you didn’t listen. I didn’t come fr this view. He says what’s wrong with this view? She says why was the door open? He says my room, my wife, why would I shut the door. You slip in my arms all the time. Guddan says go do this flirt with Antra, not me. She saw your shoes. I asked you to be careful. Guddan says go fix it now. AJ slips.. Guddan holds him. Guddan says can’t even walk properly? He says thank you. Guddan says I would save anyone. He says liar.

Antra comes to Honda’s hotel. Saru says he isn’t in the room. Antra says something is wrong. Honda comes out of the restroom and says I was doing online shopping. She says you forgot your shoes home. He says you keep an eye on me. These shoes aren’t mine, they are AJ’s. I know you must be thinking.. I gifted these to him and made him wear them. I got him the same shoes as mine. See these same shirts, same jackets. I got everything two. So you doubt your husband or flirting with me? Antra says no nothing. He says lets get tea in suite. ANtra says we have to go. He says I want to give you a gift. He gives her a car key. He says this Ferrari is yours now. Antra says what.. I can’t accept it. He says giving from all my heart. Antra takes it.

Guddan is waiting for AJ in lobby. aJ says I handled everything perfectly. Guddan says you created all this problem in first place. Antra and saru come there. AJ and Guddan hide behind the curtain. Saru looks in their direction.. AJ kisses her so their faces are hidden. Guddan says you could think of another way. AJ says your taunts are like an appreciation to me. Guddan leaves.
Saru says please give this car to me. Laxmi is there. Antra says that Ferarri is yours now. Antra says Laxmi see how generous she is. All you get from Guddan are lectures. Laxmi leaves. Saru says I think Honda likes you. Antra says he likes me and I live him too. But I will marry AJ only. My mission is to destroy Guddan’s life. Saru says I wish we could use him more, I mean not close his chapter.

Laxmi hears everything. Antra says I will take mroe from Honda but marry aJ only.Laxmi tells everyone Antra’s plan. She says Antra is only marrying you because she wants to hurt you. Guddan says people who were close to me are enough for that. Guddan says she has all the property. AJ says I know what to do. I have a plan. Guddan says this plan wont’ work. Laxmisays this plan will work. Guddan says okay if majority agrees. Dadi says hope tomorrow morning brings a good day for my kids.



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