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Imlie 17 August 2023: Atharva tells Imlie that the movie was very interesting. Imlie says yes. He says I don’t know but who has complained about us. Imlie thinks Chini would have done this. Atharva checks for the cabs and says there is no cabs near by. Imlie suggests that they shall go by auto. Atharva says I never sat in the auto before. Imlie says it will be fun. Atharva says I will look for the auto. He asks the auto to wait. Imlie laughs and asks him to say loudly, and tells that auto driver will not feel bad. Rudra tells Chini that if he comes to know that they have suffered any loss because of you, then nobody will be bad than me. Chini asks him to threaten someone else, tells that she is different and she had done the same thing which Imlie did, tells that Imlie had spoiled her plan with Atharva and that’s why she has spoiled their plans and settled the scores. Rudra warns her. She tells that destiny is a big thing, whatever is destined will happen, irrespective of what you feels, good or bad. Bua comes there and asks if everything is fine. Chini tells it would be more good as Atharva is with Imlie. Bua asks her to come as Abhishek is waiting for her. Rudra thinks to call Imlie and Atharva.

Imlie whistles and stops the auto. Atharva looks at her and smiles. The auto driver stops the auto. Imlie says lets go. They sit in the auto. Atharva says we will reach home in the morning, this way. He asks driver to ride fast. The auto driver tells that he is having injury and that’s why riding slow. Atharva feels bad and tells Imlie that they shall get down and take a cab. The auto driver asks him not to get down and tells that their auto run because of the passengers. He says he will ride fast. Imlie gets an idea and gets down, and sits on the driver seat. Rudra gets worried when they don’t pick the call. The driver tells that it was my work. Imlie asks him to call her daughter and tells that it is work for you, but dream for me. She asks the auto driver to fulfill her dream. The auto driver says ok. Imlie starts riding the auto.

Atharva gets surprised seeing her riding fast and asks her to be careful. She asks don’t you trust me. He says more than anyone else. She asks him to enjoy the ride and if he gets scared then hold Kaka’s hand. Atharva says she jokes much. He asks her to ride the auto with her open eyes. She says ok. He closes his eyes and enjoys the auto ride. The auto driver says your dream must have fulfilled by now and asks her to come to the back seat. Imlie says girls are not behind anyone now, and will make you both have delhi outing. She takes Atharva to Shivam golgappa stall, and then takes him to Sanju’s world famous Saloon. She tells that Sanju styles the hair like film star. She stops the auto and asks the seller to give 3 golas.

Atharva asks driver to come and have it. Imlie tells the preference. They enjoy the ice gola. The song plays as Imlie imagines Atharva as the gola seller. Atharva gives her balloon. Imlie runs to the juice cart and they drink juice. Imlie rides the auto and stops at their destination. The auto driver tells that for the first time, he found his daughter. Atharva gives him money, but he refuses to take the money. Imlie asks him to take the money and gives it with her hand. The auto driver takes the money and goes. Atharva tells Imlie that he is a celebrity, but she has more fan following. She asks if he is jealous. He says he is very happy, it was a good day and he enjoyed thoroughly. He says my plan was with Chini, but she didn’t reach there, I didn’t miss her and infact had forgotten her. She says whoever we loves, don’t forget, what I used to feel for her, don’t feel it now. Imlie asks him not to ignore what he is thinking. Atharva asks if you are with me, then tell Chini. Imlie says I am your friend and wants to see you winning, and tells that implementing on your decisions is a complete victory. She says you shall get all the credit for victory. She says the victory can’t be borrowed from someone, so do it yourself. He says he will talk to Chini.

Keya asks Chini where she trapped Atharva and Imlie. Chini says at a point, where Atharva will realize his mistake and will return to me. She asks her to wait and watch. Chini tells Shivani and says whenever Atharva goes with Imlie, he doesn’t return on time, asks if there are in any trouble. Shivani says someone else other than me, feels the same. Chini says Abhishek and I are spending time here with everyone, but when Imlie is with Atharva, don’t know where is he busy. Abhishek asks what are you saying. Bua asks why you are worried. Chini says she is worried, they might be in some trouble.

Atharva and Imlie come home laughing. Atharv tells Rudra that it was Imlie’s mistake, she was riding auto slow. His mother asks if she ride auto. Atharva tells them that his car key was missing so she had ride auto. Shivani asks if you was in trouble. Atharva says when Imlie was with me, I don’t feel trouble even if I am in trouble. Abhishek asks where to file application for auto ride. Imlie greets Abhishek and asks how you are here? Abhishek says I am not free like you, and doing my wife’s doing. He says I am sorry Chini, I am joking. He tells that Chini had called her, her taxi stopped on the way, so I brought her home.

Imlie thinks Chini hasn’t told Abhishek that she doesn’t love him. She comes to Chini and asks until when you will take advantage of Abhishek, else you would have told him truth. Chini says until I want. Imlie asks if you are not done by hurting me that you are doing the same thing with Abhishek. Chini tells that she will do the same as she is different and tells that Atharva will patch up with me soon, so lets Abhishek enjoy my company. Imlie tells that she will not let her take anyone’s advantage and says you want to make Abhishek ji as your insurance policy, until Atharva returns to you. She asks if Atharva doesn’t return to you, then? Chini says I will snatch Atharva from you. Imlie says he is not a thing which will be snatched and tells that he thinks by heart and takes wrong decision less. She says your time ends now as I will tell your truth to Abhishek ji. Chini gets angry. Imlie goes to Abhishek and says I want to tell you something since many days, and if I can’t tell you even today then can’t forgive myself. Chini tells that she is acting as superwoman and tells that she will attack her the way, she will not be saved.

Imlie tells Abhishek that she wants to tell him something since long and if she doesn’t know, she won’t be able to forgive herself. Chini walks to Arto’s room, apologizes for missing a movie with him, and asks if they can go again. He says he wants to say something. She knows that he wants to say how much he missed her, even she missed him a lot. Atharva says he doesn’t know what he is feeling right now, but is sure that their relationship is not like before. Imlie asks Abhishek if he doesn’t think that he and Chini are completely different. Abhishek they are, but 2 different pieces of a puzzle complete each other; he knows Chini is childish and sometimes moneyminded, but people change over time. Imlie says only people who really want to change will change. Chini tells Arto that nothing has changed between them and hugs him. Atharva frees himself. Chini holds him and says she loves him and knows even he loves her. Abhishek asks Imlie if he doesn’t love Atharva even after so much happened, things can be changed with love. He asks her not to worry as he will be fine and leaves in his car. Imlie hopes Abhishek finds out truth soon and at least Atharva would have told truth to chini. Chini tries to emotionally manipulate Atharva.

Atharva thinks Chini’s words confused him, he needs to seek Imlie’s advice. Imlie also thinks she is confused and should take his advice. Atharva thinks Imlie told she will just support him and final decision will be his, then he shouldn’t disturb her. Imlie also thinks same. They bummp on each other Atharva thinks everything is confusing and he needs her help. Imlie thinks he should think himself and take an informed decision. Ginni informs them that Chini’s maata ki chauki will start in some time. Atharva returns to his room. Chini walks to him and asks if he informed about them to anyone. He says no as he is not sure about them. Chini threatens to stab herself with a fork. Atharva stops her. She threatens to commit suicide if he doesn’t accept her and says god helps one who are in love. Atharva stands confused. Chini thinks she has to help herself and make sure she performs her prewedding rituals with Atharva and not Abhishek.

Family performs maata ki poja. Chini thinks Atharva should get ready to perform prewedding rituals with her as she already made a plan. Panditji distributes kukum to ladies and asks couples to seek maata’s blessings for their togetherness. Imlie tries to jump and play temple bell. Ek Dil Hai Ek Jaan.. song plays in the background. Atharva lefts her and helps her ring a bell. Imlie then realizes its her imagination. Keya thinks she needs to help Chini in performing prewedding rituals with Atharva as per Chini’s plan. Chini stands for pooja with Abhishek and signals Keya. Smoike hits her eyes and she walks aside. Keya slips and pushes Atharva. Atharva holds Imlie’s hand and stumps forward, throwing kumkum on her. Family ladies also throw kumkum on them. They both both stand looking at each other. Chini and her team stand jealous.

Imlie tries to wipe off kumkum. Arpita stops her and says its Matarani’s blessings. Abhishek tries to apply sindhoor on Chini’s hairline. She angrily stops him and walks away. Imlie notices that and thinks Chini intentions are wrong and she will not let Abhishek suffer because of Chini. Abhishek bumps on Atharva and apologizes him. Atharva murmurs if he is apologizing him. Abhishek asks if he said something. Atharva says he is almost married, is he sure he wants to marry Chini. Abhishek says sometimes they are confused, but they know they understand someone like he understands Chini; he is sure someone understands Atharva. Atharva remembers Atharva. Abhishek says he is right Imlie. Atharva says Imlie solves all his problems and makes him feel comfortable. Abhishke says Imlie is that girl in his life.

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