Imlie starlife update Friday 18 August 2023

Imlie 18 August 2023: Abhishek tells Atharva that a friend is the one who stands by him during his problems and good times. Atharva says one who doesn’t let him fall on difficult paths, one who shares his tears and her happiness. Abhishek says that is Imlie for him, he is lucky to get Imlie in his life and hopes if Abhishek and Chini also can become such a good friends, suggests Atharva to realize it and move on. Atharva thinks Imlie is sure that only he has to take a decision, Chini is sure whom she wants to spend her life with, and even Abhishek is sure that he will be happy with Chini after marriage. Imlie searches for Abhishek to reveal Chini’s truth to him. Chini walks to Atharva and says sindhoor should have fallen on them during pooja, why did he drag Imlie between them, he should inform about their love to everyone. Atharva says he is still confused and asks what changed in a night. She says one night is enough for 2 lovers to live a life, he should reveal about their love to everyone. Atharva asks if she has gone mad.

She says yes, snatches his phone, messages whole family to gather in a living room, and asks him to go and express his love for her and get rid off his fear. Atharva leaves. Chini thinks she messaged everyone except Imlie as she doesn’t want her to spoil her plan. Whole family gathers in a living room. Imlie while searching for Abhishek notices them and thinks if Chini is up to something. Abhishek’s parents ask Rudra why did Rudra gather everyone in a living room. Atharva sys he wants to tell them something. Chini feels happy thinking Atharva will shock everyone by accepting his love for her. Rudra and everyone ask Atharva why did he gather them all here. Atharva starts music and drags everyone for a dance. Imlie asks if he called everyone to dance. He says one shouldn’t question and just dance when music plays and drags her for a dance. Chini angrily leaves. Abhishke stops her and dances with her. She vents out her frustration on him and leaves.

Imlie thinks she should inform Chini’s truth to at least Rupali, Sundar, or Arpita and tells Rupali tha these wants to talk to her regarding Atharva and Chini. Rupali says she can’t hear anything. Abhishek hears that and takes her aside. She says she wants to tell her something regarding Chini. Abhishek says he is happy with Chini, so Imlie doesn’t have to worry about them. Imlie says he should look at the reality. Abhishek says every couple is not perfect and has some other the other issues like even Imlie and Atharva have. Imlie tries her best, but Abhishek is not ready to listen and leaves. Chini returns to Atharva asks why didn’t he inform family about them. Atharva says she forcefully messaged them and he is not sure about her. She starts emotional blackmail and tries to convince him that he loves her and they are made for each other. Atharva refuses. She insists him to dance with her during her and Abhishek’s cocktail party. Atharva says everyone would be around there. She continues her emotional blackmail and convinces him to think only about them.

Next morning, Imlie goes to get juice while Chini is having breakfast. Chini taunts her that soon she will snatch Atharva from Imlie. Imlie taunts her that she got jealous seeing sindooor fall on her and Atharva, its a god’s sign and she accepts it. Chini says its just a red color. Imlie challengesher to protect Atharva from her. Chini says still a lot of prewedidng rituals are left, just wait and watch what she can do. Imlie picks her bread and says she left her hobby of waiting. Chini thinks she will show Imlie what she can do during the party tonight. In the evening, Imlie returns home after work and thinks she will find out what happened at home a whole day. She finds Chini and Abhishek’s party invitation with Pagdandiya theme. She thinks when Chini hates a village, why did she choose a village theme. She goes to Atharva’s room to find out and doesn’t find him. She then goes to Rathores’ room and finds them busy. She questions Shivani who shouts at her. She then questions Ginni who says its a formal theme. She thinks then Pagdandiya dress suits best. Chini thinks Imlie will face humiliation tonight.

Abhishek and Chini’s prewedding cocktail party starts. Ranas and Rathores were black modern outfits as per party theme and complement each other’s looks and decide to take a family pic together. Abhishek’s parents ask where are bride and groom. They walk in with Anu. Guests praise thatthey look classy. They join family. Chini asks about Arto, then Arto and Imlie. Imlie gets ready as a villager and thinks she is trying to look like her mother, Pagdandiya’s simplicity can beat any modern attire. She then goes to check if Atharva is ready. Atharva says he needs 5 minutes. Chini asks Arpita to call Imlie as party will start soon. Arpita calls her to come out as everyone are waiting for her. Everyone are shocked to see Imlie in a village attire. Keya mocks her that if feels sad to see Imlie’s fashion sense dead. Devika and Shivani scold her. Imlie says Ginni told its a formal suit themed party. Ginni explains what she meant. Guests start mocking Imlie and feel pity for Atharva.

Imlie apologizes guests and try to leave. Atharva stops her and says even he is in a village attire. She thanks him in mind for protecting her from becoming a butt of joke. Atharva recalls walking to Imlie’s room in a blazer and noticing party invitation card and then decided to protect Imlie. He holds Imlie’s hand and smiles at her, leaving Chini jealous. Atharva asks everyone to speak against him also now. He asks a guest why she felt Imlie’s dress embarrassing, does she even know that Imlie’s dress is exclusive as Imlie’s mom was a superhero and Imlie wore her mom’s dress. He tells guests that Imlie never saw her mother, can they imagine the value of that dress for Imlie. He thanks another guest for honoring Imlie by calling her a villager. Keya asks what is honor in it. Atharva says Krishnaji is a biggest villager and its an honor to follow Krishnaji. He continues to confront each guest who badmouthed on Imlie. Everyone clap for him. Abishek says well done brother. Chini feels jealous and thinks why did Atharva become Imlie’s savior.

Guest start complementing Imlie’s look. Jealous Chini tells Anu that she thought Imlie will become a joke of the century, but she became a heroine because of Arto. Anu says party is still on, Imlie doesn’t know ballroom dance. Chini walks to Imlie and says she looks happy. Imlie says when a dear one supports them, they feel happy; Chini doesn’t know what it means. Chini says ballroom dance will start in sometime which she doesn’t know and wishes her best of luck. Imlie thinks she really doesn’t know ballroom dance. Dance starts. Imlie dances with Akash and steps on him. Akash scolds him. Chini walks to Atharva. Atharva hesitanlty dances with her. Rudra tries to teach Imlie and fails. Atharva walks to her next ignoring Chini and teaches her. Abhishek dances with jealous Chini.

Atharva builds Imlie’s confidence with his soothing words and dances with her on Jhoome Jo Pathan.. song. Chini tries to join him, but he ignores her and dances with Imlie. Imlie taunts Chini that she will fall down if she walks on a wrong path and hence should clean her mind and accept family’s advice.

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