My desire update Thursday 17 August 2023

My desire 17 August 2023: Samrat wakes up in the morning feeling lightheaded and thinks when did he come to his room, who brought him here and removed his shoes. Mohit walks in with a lemonade and says he thinks he need it. Sam says he really does, sips lemonade, and asks what kind of a friend he is who didn’t stop him from getting heavily intoxicated. Mohit says he can’t stop Sam. Sam thanks him for bringing him to his room last night and removing his shoes. Mohit says Nayantara helped him instead of else he would have been lying in a dustbin whole night. Sam say he will meet Nayan and ask why she helped him. Mohit says Nayan is a sweet girl, she doesn’t need anything and helped him out of humanity. He asks him to get ready for a cocktail party and leaves.

Samrat searches for Nayan when Kiara’s father stops him and insists him for a chess game. Samrat hesitates at first but then agrees on insistence. He is about to lose when Chintu helps him win. Samrat thanks him and identifies him a bicycle boy. Chintu says Sam was on a wrong side. Sam calls him a champion. Chintu says he learnt it from his sister and points at his Nayan. Sam asks if he is chasmish’s brother. Chintu asks him not to nick his sister. Sam asks what shall he call a chasmish then. Chintu gets angry and leaves. Ishani asks Nayan to get ready for the party soon. Sam walks to them. Nayan asks what does he need now. Sam thanks her for helping him last night and offers Ishani to join his troupe. Ishani rejoices. Nayan says they don’t need his favor in return. Sam says he wouldn’t compromise with the quality of his work and is selecting Ishani as she is talented and deserves it. He leaves from there. Ishani requests Nayan to let her join Samrat’s troupe. Nayan frowingly agrees.

After some time, Ishani and Nayan ready in a western outfit for cocktail party. Nayan wears bindi. Ishani asks who wears bindi on western outfit. Nayan says let it be as nobody would watch her. Paati walks in wearing western gown and shows her excitement to attend cockail party. Ishani asks her not to and spoil their mood. Malati convinces Paati. At party, Mohit walks to Ishani. She shakes her hand with him calling him a friend. A decorator requests Mohit to help him fix candles. Ishani says she will and climbs on a ladder.

While getting down, she slips. Mohit holds her on time and stop her from falling. Their eyes lock. Aliya gets jealous seeing that and shouts what the hell is happening here. Ishani leaves. Aliya asks why he was holding Ishani. Mohit says Ishani was falling from a ladder. Aliya says he can’t touch anyone else except her. Mohit asks if she is for real, her possessiveness is suffocating him. Aliya determines to show Ishani her real place.

Nayan feels uncomfortable in her western outfit. Sam notices her and asks why did she wear it when she feels uncomfortable. Nayan says she wore it for Ishani and has never attended a cocktail party. Sam asks if she is for real and asks her to enjoy the party. After sometime, Keya plays truth or dare game and asks Aliya to kiss Mohit. Mohit hesistates, but Aliya insists and kisses him looking at Ishani. Ishani feels dishearteneded and runs away from there. Aliya thinks Ishani wanted to get closer to her fiance, she showed Ishani her real place. Everyone clap for Aliy and Mohit. Nayan searches for Ishani. Keya notices her and signals Aliya. She walks to Nayan and insists her to play truth or dare game with her. Nayan hesitantly agrees. Keya says at whoever bottle stops, they have to take a drink first and then accept truth or dare. Bottle stops at Nayan. Keya insists her to have a shot first. Nayan says she doesn’t drink. Keya says its a nonalcohol shot. Nayan takes a shot and asks why its bitter. Keya says its a coffee shot and asks her to show them a disco dance. Nayan says she doesn’t know disco dance. Keya asks her to dance whatever she knows.

Nayan loses during truth or dare game, and Kiara asks her to dance on a rock music.
She searches for Ishani during cocktail party and starts bharatanatyam. Waiter jokes on her and shows weirdly she is dancing on a rock song. Kaira and her friends laugh on her. Sam supports her and asks her to continue as she was dancing really good, its a contemporary dance with a fusion of Bollywood and bharatyanatyam. He asks her to teach him and dances with her. Others join them, leaving Aliya fuming. Sam asks her to join them and takes he along. Nayan teach her dance steps. Ishani thinks she can’t get jealous seeing Mohit kissing Aliya as Mohit is just a friend. Mohit walks to here and asks if she is fine. Ishani says she came here to watch stars, even he likes watching stars. Mohit says he also likes to look at someone. Ishani shyingly asks whom. Mohit says her and asks if she came to watch star or got jealous of Aliya. Ishani says she doesn’t have to feel jealous as he and Aliya are couple and she is just his new friend.

She tries to leave. He holds her hand. Inna Sona Kyun Rab Ne Banaya.. song plays in the background. Mohit says Aliya kissed him instead and he doesn’t want to kiss Aliya. Ishani asks if Aliya is forcing him to marry her. Mohit says he doesn’t want to Aiya, but he is burdened by Samrat and his family’s favors and hence can’t say no Aliya. Ishani says she can understand. Mohit says he wants to kiss someone else. She anxiously asks whom. He says he wants to kiss her and kisses her lips. She stops him, says they can’t get closer when he already agreed to marry Aliya, and leaves from there. Everyone clap after Nayan’s dance. She says thank you silently. Sam walks to her and says you are welcome as he knows she would thank him for his help.

Ishani says she was managing herself and didn’t need his help. Sam says he can see her seeking help and wanted to prove that he is not like she thinks. She says she doesn’t think anything. He thinks she is right and says she dances well. She says she can thank him for that and says he said truth that he handled her, she is thankful for that.

Aliya gets angry seeing Nayan trying to get closer to Sam. Nayan feels drowsy due to alcohol effect. Kiara tells Aliya that Nayan and Ishani are clever and are trying to trap rich Sam and Mohit. Aliya says she will teach her a lesson and asks if she gave an alcohol shot to Nayan. Kiara says of course a neat shot. Aliya says let us see how will behanji Nayan control herself. Kiara asks Nayanto join her girl’s gang and offers alcohol. Nayan says she doesn’t drink alcohol. Aliya mixes alcohol in Nayan’s juice and serves her. Nayan says even its bitter like last time’s coffee drink. Kiara insists. Nayan feels intoxicated. DJ plays music. Kiara takes her team and Nayan to dance floor. Nayan feels drowsy and walks out.

Ishani returns to her room and recalls Mohit kissing her. Paati wakes up and asks if they returned party so early. Ishani says she is alone. Paati asks where is Nayan then. Ishani goes out of resort in search of washroom. She notices dustbin and laughs recalling Sam falling into dustbin. She herself falls into it. Aliya laughs on her and tells Kiara that nobody will know Nayan is in a dustbin. She returns to Sam and says she did his job. He asks what. She says Nayan was trying to lure him, so she got her drunk and threw her in dustbin.


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