Imlie starlife update Sunday 28 May 2023

Imlie 28 May 2023: Aryan vents out his frustration and questions why did Imlie return into his life. He picks Imlie’s anklet and recalls the moments he spent with Imlie. Jaggu walks to him and says he had already seen. Aryan says even he did and recalls Imlie fighting for him, protecting him, and expressing his love for him. Jaggu says he will call Cheeni who will calm him down. Aryan says he is talking about his best friend and not Cheeni. Jaggu asks why don’t he convince best friend. Aryan says she will not and he would end himself completely this time as his besfriend provoked hope in him again. Jaggu says mamma told true friendship never ends.

Narmada performs Imlie’s aarti and says she used to call Imlie as light and Imlie left her in dark, but now light has returned and there won’t be darkness again. Imlie says she came to take back Cheeni and hasn’t returned. Malini walks to them clapping and asks if Imlie didn’t want to return, she would have sent someone or asked Aryan to send Cheeeni; Imlie ran out of money and came back out of greed. Arpita warns Malini to mind here tongue. Sundar says they trust Imlie. Malini asks Sundar if he will inform her about her sister, she knows what her sister is. Imlie says she will leave with Cheeni. Narmada pleads her not to go. Malini asks her not to plead Imlie as greedy Imlie has returned here for money.

Cheeni gets angry hearing that and misbehaving with Malini tries to pinch her. Imlie stops her and asks her not to misbehave with Malini as she is.. then stops and says elder than her. She takes Cheeni from there. Narmada cries. Arpita stops her and says they are living in sorrows, but Imlie is in sorrow more than them and they should respect her decision. Aryan walks to living room. Imlie bumps on him. They both look in opposite direction. Cheeni tells Aryan that she is going forever. Imlie extends her hand and says lets go. Cheeni gives Aryan’s hand in Imlie’s hand and sits aside. Jaaniya O Dil Jaania.. song plays in the background. Aryan recalls his words that whenever he will hold her hand, it will remind him that he lost his baby because of her. He pulls his hand back.

Imlie asks Cheeni to accompany her silently and notices her dupatta stuck in Aryan’s watch band. Cheeni says Aryan will not let them go. Aryan says he didn’t bring her and will not stop her. Imlie argues with him. Cheeni says she will not go from there and runs away. Aryan and Imlie walk in opposite directions. Cheeni prays Seeta maiya for Imlie and Aryan’s reunity. Narmada and Arpita join them. A fire bottle falls inside from a window and window curtain catches fire. Arpita calls Aryan and Sundar. Imlie rushes and pulls out curtain. Narmada gets worried for Imlie. Aryan runs and holds falling Imlie. Their eyes lock. Curtain falls towards them. Aryan holds it. Sundar with others reach there and sets off fire with fire extinguisher.

Aryan gets conscious and walks aside. He calls police and informs that someone threw fire bottle in his house. Imlie notices a letter and reads that they will destroy Bhaskar Times and its employees if they don’t get money. She asks Aryan if Bhaskar Times is in losses. Aryan says that’s none of her business. Imlie questions Arpita who reveals that Aryan stopped visiting Bhaskar Times after Imlie left and it went bankrupt when Malini bought 50% shares and handles it now.

Narmada informs Imlie that after she left, Arya completely shattered and stopped visiting Bhaskar Times, Bhaskar Times went into losses and was about to be shut when Malini bought 50% stake and manages the company since then. Arpita says situation has gone worse and creditors have stooped so low to recover their money. She says she is not telling this to stop Imlie here, she just wants to remind her dedication towards Bhaskar Times and how Aryan is destroying himself after separating from her. Malini books Pagdandiya bus tickets for Imlie and Cheeni and thinks she will not let Imlie stay back. Narmada tells Imlie that she lost her DIL and happiness of the house and hence wants Imlie to stay back. Imlie says she can’t and walks out with her potli/bag and Cheeni.

Malini stops her and gives her bus tickets as a farewell gift. Imlie says when creditors are threatening to kill Bhaskar Times employees, Malini is more worried to send her from here than reviving the company. Malini asks her to mind her own business and just go from there. Imlie tears tickets and says why should she go when she has to mind her own business. Narmada and Arpita get happy seeing that. Imlie tells Malini that her workplace is like a temple for her and she will not keep quiet if someone wants to burn her temple, now she will end the conspiracy against Bhasksar Times. She announces that she will stay back and asks Narmada if she can stay back there for some time. Narmada and Arpita happily hug him. Sundar also demands a hug.

Neela gets tensed thinking she fell in her own trap, what will she dow now. Preeta says she will neither get Aryan nor his wealth now, she is thinking of a makeover. Anu tells Malini that Imlie returned and may make her place back in Aryan’s heart. Malini says Narmada is doing a mistake by trying to change a fate’s decision and reminds that Narmada lost her grandchild because of Imlie. Arpita warns her stop her nonsense and says she is jealous because Imlie and Aryan exposed her truth. Malini shouts Arpita.. Aryan shouts that’s enough and dragging Imlie away says Arpita forgot what Imlie did. Narmada says he forgot that her house was shattered 5 years ago because of her and she is still the owner of this house and hence she will decide who will stay in her house. Aryan tells Imlie that wherever she is, he will hate her always.

Imlie says their hatred will always be there. Aryan walks inside the home fuming.Imlie asks Malini and Anu to leave Rathore mansion as its late night now. Anu says they are Rathore’s business partners, who is she to order them. Imlie says she is Rahtore’s DIL and the sindhoor in her hairline gives her right to speak, so business partners should discuss about business during day time and go home now. Imlie’s supporters rejoice hearing that. Imlie takes the family in and shuts the door on Malini and Anu’s faces. Malini says she will take revenge of her insult in the office. Anu says Pagdandiya girls are very sharp and don’t waste time, Imlie will not waste time in getting Aryan’s heart.

Malini says she will not let that happen and is ready to sacrifice anything, be it sacrificing her daughter 5 years ago or sacrificing Imlie in the future. Cheeni plays hide and seek with Imlie. Imlie searches for her and reaches Aryan’s room where she finds her anklet there and gets emotional. Aryan returns and asks if she is surprised that he still remembers her. She asks if he really remembers her, even she remembers… He says he lost his baby, his peace of mind, etc., because of her and remembers her with hatred. He tries to take the anklet back. Her tears fall on his hand. Cheeni watches them and asks god why they fight always. Narmada and Arpita assure her that god will listen to her prayers and they will unite, Aryan didn’t oppose when Imlie decided to stay back, its their usual hobby of bitter nok jhok. Cheeni prays god to reunite them. Aryan asks Imlie why did she return when she is no one to him now.

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