Imlie starlife update Monday 29 May 2023

Imlie 29 May 2023: Imlie tells Aryan that his bitter words and allegations are enough for her to continue their enemity, he can keep her anklet as a token of their enmity. Aryan stands angry holding her anklet. Narmada and Arpita prepare breakfast for Imlie and wait for her. Imlie greets them and thanks them for breakfast. They ask her not to be formal as she is here to revive Bhaskar Times, ask her to have breakfast and go to work. They serve her breakfast. Neela and Preeta join them. Narmada notices Imlie looking around and says Aryan will not come down soon. Imlie says she is searching for news paper. She reads Bhaskar Times and notices its full of advertisements and irrelevant news in front page.

Aryan walks down for breakfast and seeing Imlie at the dining table tries to leave. Preeta says she will serve breakfast for him with her own hands. Aryan leaves. Arpita mocks Preeta. Narmada says Aryan hadn’t been to office since quite some time. Imlie says he will today and leaves behind Aryan. Preeta calls Malini and informs that Imlie wants Aryan to attend office today, their love story’s first season started at the office and a second season may start. Malini assures her not to worry about that.

Aryan gets into his car and asks driver to take him to a fight club. Imlie disguised as a driver drives car. Aryan thinks driver needs a hair cut. Imlie takes him to Bhaskar Times office instead of fight club. Aryan gets angry on the driver. Imlie shows her face and says she brought him to his karm bhoomi/work place. Aryan says he decides his destiny and not her. Imlie says if he can decide everything, then she wouldn’t have to do this. Aryan says she doesn’t need him anymore. She says they can decide about it later, he should visit office at this time. He shouts why should he obey her. She asks what will he gain by creating a drama outside the office.

Aryan says she will not understand the pain he is going through and what he lost. She says not only he lost, even she lost a lot and is going through the pain. She reminds Aryan’s words that they both can do anything for their family, difference is she respects only herself and he respects everyone. She says even she lost her dear ones, why he is acting as a victim of situation and not realizing that everyone including her are with him. He says he doesn’t need her. She says whether she is with him or not, his job is with him and he remember his own words that work is everything; he should get back to work as his employees need him. Aryan leaves saying he has gone far away and would never return. Imlie stands crying. Malini watches from the window and thinks Imlie and Aryan’s fans should stop hoping their reunity as the ditch she has created between them cannot be bridged in this lifetime.

Imlie enters office. Malini introduces her employees to a new employee Imlie from Pagdandia who has a colorful past with being Aditya’s ex-wife, then joining Bhaskar Times and climbing the ladder of success using Aryan and even marrying him. She says she doesn’t know if Imlie is still Aryan’s wife, but lets welcome her. Employees welcome Imlie and recall her sting operations. Editor walks out and praises Imlie. Imlie thanks her. Editor says Bhaskar Times needs her. Imlie says she will not disappoint him. Employees say they will learn a lot from Imlie. Malini says if the chitchatting is done, lets get back to work.

Malini then asks Imlie to bring coffee for everyone as her first assignment. Imlie says she is an independent reporter and herself will choose her assignment. Malini says whatever she is trying to do will not happen as Aryan will never visit office again. Imlie mocks her to wear a detective cloth as she spied on her and challenges that the miracle which didn’t happen in 5 years will happen now. She asks editor if they can have a next coverage meeting in 5 minutes. Editor agrees. Malini thinks Imlie’s drama will not continue for long. Imlie heads meeting and says they will not print irrelevant news in front page, she herself will cover the news today on the eve of independence day.

Jaggu plays with Cheeni. Aryan returns home. They both wish to go out and celebrate independence day. Aryan agrees and asks them to inform whole family that they are going out. Children rejoice. Imlie leaves with her team on a new assignment. Malini fixes a bomb in a mic and thinks this bomb will get her rid off Imlie forever. She calls the event venue and informs that a reporter from a reputed news paper is hiding bomb in a mic.

Malini calls the independence day celebration venue where Imlie is going to cover her story and informs that a reporter from a reputed media house is carrying a bomb in her mic. Event organizer asks who is she. She says a well wishes and disconnects call. Imlie looks at the mic and thinks Bhaskar means sun and she will raise her news paper back to its glory. Aryan with family heads towards the same venue to celebrate independence day. Imlie reaches venue and is stopped at the metal defector. Officers stop her and ask what is she carrying in her bag. Imlie says she is a Bhaskar Times reporter and came to cover the story. Officers find a toy in her bag. Imlie says its her daughter’s toy. Officers apologize and spare her. Imlie interacts with a guard who asks why she is missing from reporting since long. She promises to be regular from hereon.

Malini calls her aide Rohith and asks if Imlie is caught. Aide informs her that Imlie was caught, but guards found a toy in her bag and spared her. Malini asks if the mic is still in Imlie’s bag. Aide says yes. Malini calls her maid and asks her to prepare a feast for her and Anu as its a big day for her. Maid informs her that Anu has gone to Pakrutri maidan to participate in independence day celebration. Malini panics thinking Imlie has gone to the same event and rushes towards the venue to get Anu out from there.

Aryan reaches the venue with family. Family gets happy seeing Imlie there. Aryan asks what is Imlie doing here. Arpita says obviously to cover the event today. Cheeni tries to meet Imlie, but Aryan stops her. She says she is feeling thirsty. Jaggu offers her water bottle and asks her not to touch it by mouth. Cheeni purposefully touches her mouth and finishes whole water bottle. Imlie’s supporters smile seeing her uncultured nature. Cheeni demands more water. Arpita offers her water bottle. Cheeni finishes even that and asks more water. Narmada offers her water bottle next. Cheeni drops water on her dress purposefully and asks Aryan to bring her more water. Aryan goes to bring water for her. Cheeni gets happy seeing Imlie at the water koisk and takes everyone to seat in a first row.

Cheeni takes everyone to the front row and makes them sit. Anu reaches late and frowns seeing Rathore’s already sitting in a first row. Aryan and Imlie bump on each other. Aryan apologizes her. She notices his hurt face during street fight and shows concern. He asks her not to bother. Imlie argues with her that audience are expecting they will unite, but its not true. Aryan says he has moved far away and will not return. Imlie says he gave everything his words, Bhaskar Times, his business, and time on credit. Their argument ensues. They part ways.

Cheeni and Jaggu feel excited seeing minsiter’s entry. They interact with minister who offers them to hoist the flag with him. Arpita thanks minister. Rajjo from Udti Ka Naam Rajjo serial reaches the venue to promote her seri9al. She runs stepping on a dirt. Dirt splashes on Anu’s sari. Anu gets angry on her. Imlie noticing it from a distance thinks Anu is unnecessarily venting out her frustration on some poor girl. Rajjo also gives moral gyaan to Anu how to wash her sari. Anu warns her to dare not touch her 1.5 lakhs rs sari. Rajjo says someone fooled her as they get similar sari with blouse and petticoat free for 200 rs. Anu says uncultured and illiterate villagers don’t know class. Imlie interferes that she is uncultured but not illiterate. She records Anu’s video and threatens to upload it. Anu leaves. Rajjo interacts with Imlie and promotes her serial.

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