Imlie starlife update Saturday 27 May 2023

Imlie 27 May 2023: Aryan discusses with Cheeni about Imlie indirectly. Cheeni asks if she is her special friend. Aryan says they can talk about it later, she should first change and have dinner with him. Her braids Cheeni’s hair and starts dinner with her. Imlie travels towards Delhi in a bus to take Cheeni back home. Conductor asks where she wants to go. Imlie says Delhi. Someone knocks Aryan’s room door. Aryan asks Cheeni to hide and opens door. Preeta brings cheeni/sugar for him and tries to enter his room. He stops her and forcefully tries to send her out saying he wants to have dinner. She says they can have dinner date and forcefully sits on his bed to chat. Aryan signals Cheeni to keep hiding and asks Preeta to close her eyes. She closes.

He gives her an accounts book to read and says they will talk after she finishes it. Preeta says it will take her months to complete. He says they can talk after a month and forcefully sends her out. Cheeni gets angry seeing PreetaAryan braids Cheeni’s hair and starts dinner with her. ‘s drama.Preeta complains Malini against Aryan and describes how he rudely shoo’d her off his room. She asks Malini if she also faced similar incident. Malini warns her to not question about her personal life. Preeta switches on TV blabbering frustratedly. News about Cheeni’s missing plays. Malini watches it and thinks if Cheeni is here as Aryan was talking about sugar/Cheeni. Aryan feeds dinner to Cheeni and asks why she didn’t speak her one-liner hey sweet potato since 5 minutes. Cheeni worries about Imlie.

Imlie reaches Delhi and recalls the moments she entered Delhi with dreams in her eyes and rest of the story till she left Delhi. She thinks this city is not made for her.Jaggu plays in the corridor. Arpita tries to stop her. Cheeni plays a game with Aryan and asks him to give a one-word answer to her questions. He says Imlie when she says heroine, then changes the name. She asks if the girl is his life. He says he doesn’t have any wife. She says nobody can marry him. He says he had a wife and describes Imlie’s bravery and her other qualities. Cheeni thinks he is talking about Imlie. Jaggu throws a ball towards Aryan’s room. Cheeni throws it back. Jaggu thinks Aryan wants to play with him and throws it again. Cheeni throws it back again feeling frustrated and comes out of room.

Malini walks to her and thinks she knew something is wrong, asks if she came even here. Cheeni tries to run away, hits her head to a table and falls unconscious. Malini lifts her and takes her away thinking separating her and Aryan is her life’s biggest dream and she will not let Cheeni destroy it. She thinks of leaving the house via back door.Imlie with her potli reaches Aryan’s house and recalls her first visit to this house. She thinks she will go in via backdoor and take back Cheeni from here. She notices watchman sleeping, drapes his blanket over her, and switches off main fuse. Jaggu shouts in fear. Narmada asks Sundar to go out and check and assures Anu that power will be back soon. Anu thinks what is the use of wealth when they don’t even have an inverter.

Aryan returns to his room calling Cheeni and doesn’t find her there. Malini ercalls Anu still there, makes Cheeni sleep on a couch, and goes back in to call Anu. Imlie enters house. She and Aryan feel each other’s presence with closed eyes and extend their hand towards each other. Zindagi Me Phaili Hai Muskaan.. song plays in the background.Imlie and Aryan face each other in darkness and feel each other’s presence. Zindagi Ne Pehni Hai Muskan.. song plays in the background. They extend their hand towards each other. She then covers herself with blanket and runs away. She reaches living room and notices Arpita and others standing there. She notices Narmada lighting temple lamp and going away. Lamp flickers. She runs and protects lamp. Narmada returns.

Imlie hides. Narmada thinks how can the lamp still light with a huge gush of air. Aye Dil Tu Laaya Hai Bahar.. song plays in the background. She notices Sundar and Arpita around. She thinks she came to an enemy house and hence should control her tears and leave after finishing her task.Malini bumps on Aryan. Aryan asks why she looks tensed. She says she is no and asks why he looks tensed as if he is searching someone. He says he is fine and was going to check why light went off. Imlie searches for Cheeni everywhere. Cheeni wakes up in a store room calling Imlie and Aryan and realizes how she landed up here. She tries to break open the door with a vase. Imlie reaches there and asks who locked her there. Cheeni says Malini. Imlie says she knew about it, they should go from here.

Cheeni says she learnt that Imlie is married to Aryan and this is her house, she left him in anger, Narmada and Arpita miss her a lot, etc.Imlie hides Cheeni under her blanket, lifts her, and tries to leave. Malini notices her and alerts everyone that a thief has barged in. Whole family gathers. Guards beat Imlie brutally. Arpita asks guards to stop beating the thief. Malini says thief may be possessing a deadly weapon. Aryan enters and stops guards and warns them to dare not touch the thief again. He orders guards to get out and removes blanket from the thief. Everyone are shocked to see Imlie as a thief. Narmada emotionally hugs Imlie and cries. Neela and Preeta frown seeing Imlie. Aye Dil tu Lay hai Bhaar.. song plays in the background again. Narmada says she will not Imlie let her go again.

Arpita cries hugging Imlie and asks if she is hurt. Imlie asks how is she. Arpita says how will she be after handling Aryan. Sundar speaks to Imlie next and asks how is his chipkali. Arptia asks Cheeni if she is the one who gave herbal remedy for Narmada. Cheeni says Imlie is not her mother but everything. Narmada says Cheeni is Imlie’s relative then. Arpita introduces Jaggu to Cheeni. Imlie emotionally hugs him. Narmada asks Cheeni to stay back. Imlie says no. Cheeni asks Imlie not to disobey naani/grandma and says they will go in. Aryan leaves for his room. Imlie leaves with Narmada and others. Neela vents out her frustration and thinks how could she make a mistake in her calculation. Malini panics thinking how can Imlie return. Anu tries to comfort her.

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