Imlie starlife update Sunday 24 December 2023

Imlie 24 December 2023: Arto goes to Imlie and asks if she’s okay. Imlie and Arto hold each others hands, their palm marks print on the board. Chini gets jealous seeing that. Imlie leaves. Kia says Imlie always spoils things. Devika takes Chini and makes her sit with Arto. She tells Arto to smile in front of the guests. Chini asks Arto what’s wrong. Arto says even he doesn’t know as so many things are happening around him.

Imlie sees Dhairya is alone and goes to him. She asks him what’s the matter. He says despite family being there, he feels lonely. Imlie says she understands and decides to prove his innocence.

Seeing Kairi upset, Arto goes to talk to her, but she doesn’t talk saying she didn’t like how he hit Dhairya for no reason. She goes away. Arto was going behind her, but Chini stops him saying to give time to Kairi. Chini then gives a sign to Anu to do something. Anu throws marbles. Kairi is coming down the stairs. She steps on the marbles and falls down.

Imlie comes to the security and asks for CCTV footage of day when accident happened. She hopes to prove Dhairya’s innocence. The security says there is no footage of that day.

Kairi screams after falling down. Anu tells Arto that Dhairya did something as Arto rushes to Kairi. Kairi says what happened and Arto goes to attack Dhairya. Imlie comes in the way and saves Dhairya. Arto says he always tries to hurt Kairi, the same way he separated him from Imlie. Rudra warns Arto to control. Arto says why they don’t see Dhairya’s truth and why Imlie always defends him. Arto is furious and says he will kick Dhairya out of the house. Imlie says he cannot because she is going to marry Dhairya. Everyone gets shocked. Arto asks her how she can marry him when he attempted to kill him. Imlie says that’s not true and if he can marry Chini, then she can also marry Dhairya.

Devika tells her if she wants to marry, then it’s up to her but she should stay away from Arto and Chini. Rudra and Shivani bless Imlie and Dhairya and their wedding will happen tomorrow. Kia accuses Imlie for doing all this to take limelight from Chini. Rudra supports Imlie’s decision. Arto tells Imlie she can do whatever she wants and warns Dhairya to stay away from his family.

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