The Evil Eye Starlife update Sunday 2 June 2024

The Evil Eye 2 June 2024: Ansh comes home to see Nishant tied every family members. Ansh says why are you doing this? Nishant says I want that sword, go and bring it. Ansh says maybe you are under spell of Divya. Nishant shows him Divya tied as well and says I am not under her spell.

Ansh silently throws cutter to Avi and keeps Nishant busy in arguing. Avi frees himself and others. Ansh says I threw that sword in river. Avi points gun at him and asks him to throw his arrow away. Nishant hits him with arrow and says I just wanted that sword, he tries to attack again but Ansh grabs him and asks him to come in senses, we cant fight. Saanvi comes there and says fight will end when you die Ansh, she throws arrow at him, Piya screams and says what did you do? Ansh falls down as arrow hit him in chest. Nishant smirks.

Namancomes home and says to Dilruba that I got arrested for you and you are roaming around angrily like a chudail. Dilruba says I want Panna, I want that mani.. she faints. and murmurs Kali.

Ansh wakes up. Nishant points arrow at him and asks for that sword. Ansh says I dont know. Nishant pushes arrow inside, Ansh cries in pain and says you can give me pain but my wounds can heal. Nishant says right but what about your family?

Nishant hits Vedsheree but Ansh stands infront of her and gets hit again. Nishant says listen to me.. Ansh says stop, I will bring that sword that. Nishant says you have 1 hour to bring that sword or else your family dies. Ansh hugs Piya and leaves.

Scene 2Guru Maa says why Dilruba said kali? Naman says I dont know. Dilruba comes there and says lets go and find Panna.Piya sees family tied and recalls how Ansh whispered for her to stop Nishant. She uses her powers to make water fall down from mandir. She sticks Saanvi and Nishant on ground and freezes them. Piya frees herself and family. They all leave. Piya frees Divya.

Naman says to Guru Maa that why she left alone? He sees Dilruba throwing sand around house, she says I am waiting for Panna, she is going to come here. That mani will work only when there are other two mani used with them. She shows other two diamond mani and says Panna will come to take these.

Piya freezes Nishant and Saanvi and frees her family. She comes to Divya and asks her to come in lift. They all go inside but Nishant throws arrow and stops lift. Nishant says if you want to die then leave, you are leaving your Adi?

Ansh is flying, Piya calls Ansh and says come fast, they have Adi. Ansh says I have to find that sword. Call ends. Ansh looks over river and sees sword in water, he rushes to it and finds it with crystal ball.

Vedsheree asks Saanvi to comeback to senses. Nishant says I will kill you all if I dont get that sword. Shekhar says we are your family. Nishant says I will kill you all, he points arrow at Vedsheree. Piya comes infront of her and says you have to kill me first to kill them.

Ansh is flying with sword but Mohana strikes with him, they fall

in jungle. Ansh says so you were behind all this? Mohana says I need that sword, move away, she ties Ansh and takes sword away. Ansh hears Piya calling, he breaks his ties and takes call. Nishant takes call and says if you want to save your family then bring that sword. Ansh thinks if Mohana took that sword then Nishant is under someone else’s spell. Saanvi brings Adi and points arrow at him, Piya pleads to leave Adi alone, she asks Ansh to bring that sword, Ansh says I will, dont worry.

Scene 2Ansh brings sword to Nishant. Nishant says you did good work, he takes sword and leaves with Saanvi.

Nishant brings sword to Divya and says we did as you said. Divya says I knew you both would do it, you both are true witch hunters. Divya thinks that if Mohana got that sword then she will win so I need to get that sword. Flashback shows how Nishant and Saanvi meets Divya. Saanvi hugs her and cries. She then uses her powers to make them unconscious and then put them under spell. She also released them when Piya froze them up. Flashback ends. Divya frees Nishant and Piya from spell. She turns to see Ansh and Piya there. Piya sees sword in her hands and says you did all that? I thought Mohana was behind all this but you put Nishant and Saanvi under spell and made them attack us, you were there but didnt do anything, I trusted you, I thought you can never do wrong but my faith broke. Divya says my way might be wrong but what I did was not wrong, Piya says you put people in danger. Divya says I am thinking about everyone, this sword means that last war is coming and blood will spill, you have to decide whose side you are, this sword will decide who will win in this war, I didnt want Mohana to get this sword so I used Nishant and Saanvi, now I have this sword so goodness will win over evil. Ansh looks on.

Mohana looks at her sword and smirks. Mohana says once I know how to take out this palai sword from crystal ball then I will kill them all. Mohana sees crystal ball breaking and takes sword out of it. She is stunned.Divya looks at her sword and thinks I have palai sword so I will win. Divya sees crystal ball breaking and takes sword out. She holds it and is tensed.

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