Imlie starlife update Sunday 18 September 2022

Imlie 18 September 2022: Malini informs Imlie that they found a bridal stuff in her bag, Imie reminisces Adi removing them in ambulance. Aparna asks if she is hiding from her, this bridal stuff is evidence of marriage, so if she is married. Imlie says its her village’s ritual that if a girl goes out of village, villagers give bridal stuff as a good will and think they will get a good life partner, so maa put them in her bag. Aparna asks if he mother gave her that mangalsutra. Imlie nods yes. Aparna says they thought she is married, not to worry they will find a good groom for her. Nidhi says they will. Malini says she will do Imlie’s makeup. Rupal says they found out her secret from Sundar.

Taiji asks why did she send her family members away without introducing them to her. Imlie says Delhi is big and Pagdandiya is very small, so her family would have felt small in front of them. Aparna asks how can she think like that, she should have let her family know they take good care of her, next time she should introduce them. Taiji asks her to rest now and get well soon to return home. They all leave. Imlie cries. Malini returns and asks if she felt bad with Aparna’s scolding. Imlie says she felt good and remembered her mother instead. Malini says she should call her mother then. Imlie says she has only 1 post office in her village which will open after 2 hours.

Malini asks her to write a letter for her mother so that her mother can read it often and remember her. Imlie says her mother likes her handrwriting, she had won first price in handwriting. Malini smiles and says her sister is too cute, gives her anklets and says she should get a good life partner as her mother wishes. She leaves.Dev comes to meet Imlie and says her bhura dacoit is here. Imlie jokes and asks if he brought gifts for her. He says yes and gives her chocolate bouquet and balloons. She excitedly stuffs chocs in her mouth. He asks her to relax. She says nurse will not let her eat chocs as its restricted for her. Dev forcefully takes it from her and promises to bring her more chocs if she finishes her brought food.

She agrees and thinks she doesn’t even know who her baba is, but Malini didi’s baba is so worried for her. Dev thinks he feels emotional seeing Imlie the way he feels for Malini and hopes all her problems are gone. He asks if she went to meet her mother. She says yes and asks if he met her mother. ?He says yes, but she went back to her home. She asks even if he stays away from his mother. He says sometimes situations make them stay away from their dear ones. She says she can understand as she is away from her mother and doesn’t know about her father. Dev asks her not to get sad and think that he is like her baba/father. She says he cannot be like her baba, if her baba was like him, he would have come to meet her or at least find out about her, where she is, if she started speaking or walking, etc.; she learnt everything, but her baba didn’t learn to be her baba; a man who left her and her amma and never returned cannot be like him and is just a coward man. Dev wipes her tears. Imlie hides chocs seeing nurse coming. Nurse says its time for her injection.

Adi is at office when his boss enters and apologizes him that he had to cancel his honeymoon and go to Pangandiya to cover Satyakam and government’s peace meeting, but it got canceled. Adi says it is clear that government doesn’t want Satyakam to live in pace. Colleague asks if he met Satyakam again. Bosssays Satyakam is not Adi’s father-in-law to meet him often and and offer him feast. Adi reminisces Satyakam doing same and thinks he needs to think well and speak from hereon.

Imlie feels drowsy after injection. Dev asks her to rest and finding a letter on floor asks about it. Imlie says a letter for her mother and asks if he can post it. He says why not and asks address. She dictates address. He asks to tell her mother’s name. She says she can’t. He asks her to write it down. She writes Mithi and falls alseep. Dev is shocked to see Mithi’s name and realizes Imlie is his daughter. He reminisces all the incidents he met with Imlie and cries saying she is right that her father is a coward and ransacked her mother 18 years go. He continues pouring his heart out and crying. Adi reaches hospital to meet Imlie and stands surprised seeing Dev there.

Adi walks to Imlie’s room and seeing tiffin box open closes it. He keeps Imlie and Mithi’s photo frame near her and says moon/Malini told she is missing her daughter, so she sent her this pic. Dev in his room looking at Mithi’s painting emotionally apologizes her for ransacking her and her daughter, he says their daughter is in hospital and he couldn’t even pamper or take care of her properlly. He continues pouring his heart out when Anu walks in and says he should speak to his other paintings also, what is special in this painting that he speaks only it to. He says they can talk later as he is not in a mood. She asks if he fed beggars, he never did that before. He says not now.

He says she is his wife and has right to ask him; why he is looking so unkempt and untidy, if he is drunk. He vents out his inner anger on her finally and says she has ruined his life, he cannot breathe freely because of her, his mother cannot stay with him, she is trying to ruin even Malini’s life, but thank good her in-laws are good, etc. She says he is whatever he is today because of her, he didn’t have money to pa electricity bills, she pleaded her papa and got him money; if she had not helped her, he would have been in Pagdandiya. He says he would have better been in Pagdandiya, he could breathe there freely at least there, he hates her and cannot tolerate her at all. She stands shocked hearing that.

Adi returns home with tiffin box and asks Aparna why did she leave tiffin boxes at hospital. She says these are not her boxes, where did he steal them from. He says he found them in Imlie’s hospital room. Malini says there is some confusion. After sometime, Malini with Adi reaches hospital to get her discharged and over phone informs Nidhi that they will reach home with Imlie in sometime and they should be ready with surprise party. Adi asks what party. At home, Tauji and youngsters plan party for Imlie’s welcome and inform Aparna and Taiji. Pankaj says Imlie is not returning from school, she is returning from hospital.

Malini convinces Adi for party. They see Imlie falling on doctors and nurses’ feet and singing bhajan for them calling them nurseshwari devi and doctoreshwar devta. She does their aarti and applies tilak on their forehead thanking them for saving her life. She even thanks machines for saving her. They stand silently in fear. Adi tries to stop her, but Malini stops him to let her watch Imlie’s cute act. Adi finally stops Imlie and apologizes doctors. Malini gets a call and she walks away. Adi scolds Imlie for her chlldish act. Imlie says she wants to touch his feet and thank him for saving her life, but she knows he wouldn’t allow her. Malini returns and says let us go home.

Anu informs Dev that Malini invited them for party for Imlie’s arrival. He says he doesn’t want to go. She says even she doesn’t want to attend a party whose chief guest is a maid. Dev says her name is Imlie. Anu argues with him as usual. He angrily walks away saying he will attend party now and doesn’t care if she doesn’t. She thinks why he is so attached to a maid.Imlie reaches home and is surprised to see a village environment there. Family walks in wearing village attire and says surprise. Imlie is surprised to see them in village attire. Family says they threw a surprise party for her with village theme, how is she feeling. She says feeling as if she is at home.

Tinkle says they will play board game. Imlie says what is the use if they get bored before playing it. They all laugh. Malini with Adi join them wearing village dress and hugs her. Imlie gets more happy.

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