Imlie starlife update Monday 19 September 2022

Imlie 19 September 2022: Aditya cuts cake, and whole family congrats him. He feeds cake to whole family. Nidhi takes even Dhruv’s share saying she will fast whole day for him. Aparna informs Malini that they are keeping Savitri vrat/fast and perform pooja, even she can if she wants. Imlie reminisces Mithi asking her to keep Savitri vrat for her husband’s long life. Malini asks why they keep this vrat. Imlie describes that a suhgan fast for her husband’s long life like Savitri fought with Yamraj to bring back her husband to life. Adi reminisces Imlie risking her life to save him. Imlie says its very tough as they eat before sunrise and fast till moonrise.

Taiji says how does she know all this. Imlie says she saw it in her village since childhood. Malini says she will also keep a fast for Adi. Adi says he doesn’t believe in all this, so she doesn’t have to fast for him. Malini says there was no need for throwing this party, she wants to participate in all family rituals and fast with maa and other ladies. Taiji says they should invite even Malini’s parents for dinner, but seeing Dev’s health, she is hesitant. Aparna says she will invite them.

Dev’s mother/Daadi comes to meet him and his family. Anu asks why did she come so early. Daadi says she came for Savitri pooja. Anu says she doesn’t believe in all that. Daadi shows bangles for her. Anu sees 2 chains and asks whom are these for. Daadi says one is for Malini. Anu asks what about other, just then she gets Aparna’s call and walks aside hoping Malini is fine. Aparna invites her for Savitri pooja dinner. Anu says she doesn’t believe in all that and if they are forcing Malini to fast. Aparna says she is fasting on her own and requests her to attend dinner party. Anu agrees. Daadi walks to Dev. Dev says he is feeling emotionally very helpless. Daadi says he shouldn’t name his weakness as helplessness and should correct the mistake he did, he betrayed Anu and a village girl, she feels pity for Imlie who is suffering because of him and she wants to give Imlie a better life as interest is more dearer than principle to grandparents.

She shows 2 chains bought for Malini and Imlie. Dev says both are looking good. Anu enters and asks what do they mean by both. Dev hurriedly hides box and says maa is telling both Malini and Adi have right on their village property. Anu says he is right and informs about Tripathi’s dinner party tomorrow. Once she leaves, Daadi tells Dev that his 18-year-old secret has come out now.Early morning, Tauji helps Taiji pin her sari pallu and gets romantic, Pankaj helps Aparna wear bangles, and even Adi helps Malini. They all walk to living room for pooja. Imlie thinks if she can keep fast or not, but she cannot lie to her amma. Family performs pooja. Malini prays god to continue his blessings on Adi. Imlie prays to give him strength to fight with problems always.

Malini prays to keep him successful in both his personal and professional life. Imlie prays not to let sorrows near him. Malini prays to keep her and Adi together always. Imlie thinks though he is not with her always, he should be near her. After pooja, men feed their women. Nidhi tells Dhruv that she loves this ritual as he feeds her and she applies her nail polish. Adi feeds Malini and she says she is full. Aparna says she cannot have anything till evening, so she should have some more. Malini bites apple and says enough now. Adi says he will eat it. Aparna says its pooja food and he cannot have it, she will keep it in kitchen and Malini will have it in the evening. Imlie watches them silently standing aside.

Tauji notices her and asks what is she doing. She says she woke up hearing their noise. Tauji asks to go and sleep now. Imlie thinks of having Malini’s leftover food as Adi has touched it. She hurriedly takes plate from Malini. Taiji asks her to go and rest, but Imlie insists. Nidhi asks her to clean the plates and sleep for sure. Imlie hides behind kitchen table once they leave and thinks when Seeta maiya can have Ramji’s leftover food, she is nothing and can have Adi’s touched food. She bites apple. Adi returns to check and seeing Imlie having apple asks what is she doing, if she is hungry she should have proper food than leftover. Imlie prays god to save her from Adi’s questions and asks why can’t she have food, she needs apple as she is weak.

Adi asks why she is having Malini’s leftover food. Imlie says she didn’t know about it and just had it. Adi says he feels there is something more to this story and it will not end here. Imlie asks him to go and rest now. He says he will not stop her from following her heart, he got peace in life after a long time and he doesn’t want to spoil it with his or her mistake. Imlie thinks his attention is only towards Malini, she is living a hidden life and will perform rituals hiding.Trapathi family ladies get ready for Savitri pooja. Nidhi praises Malini that her face is glowing and asks which lotion she uses. Taiji backs her.

Aparna says a newly married bride looks beautiful with husband’s love and describes how Savitri fought with Yamraj to save her husband Satyavan’s life and threaten to follow him to yamlok if he doesn’t spare her husband’s life. Malini says she described an old story so easily. Imlie hears their conversation and reminisces saving Adi. Nidhi asks Imlie what will she do for her husband. Imlie says says she will pulls Yamraj’s buffallo’s tail and can even bear a bullet for her husband, reminiscing the incident. They all laugh. She then sees thread bundles and asks why are they for. Taiji says they tie it around tree for husband’s long life. Imlie says she will pick one. Aparna asks why she needs without marriage. Nidhi says she should keep saula somwar/16 Monday fast before that. Malini says she may want to keep it for the future. Taiji asks to pick one thread bundle.

Anu checks gifts she bought for Tripathi family and takes each family member’s name. Daadi asks she forgot someone. Anu says of course not. Dev says she forgot gifts for Sundar and Imlie. Anu shouts he should tell his real intention. Their argument starts. Daadi asks them to stop and says she didn’t want to interfere between husband and wife, but they both are in a age where they should explain this and instead they created scene in Malini’s house and hopes they won’t again; if Anu cannot take gifts for Sundar and Imlie, she will. Anu calms down and says she will arrange gifts for even them.

Aparna asks Rupal to get ready soon. Rupal gets upset and asks if she should fast for her ex-husband, he must be having someone else to fast for him. Imlie cheers her up saying she has prepared pakoras for her, family wants her to wear good dress and take selfies with them. Rupal smiles and says even Imlie should wear new clothes. Imlie agrees. After sometime, Anu with Dev and Daadi reaches Tripathi house. Family greets them. She snaps her fingers and orders servants to bring gifts. Servants keep gifts on table. Sunny and Tinkle insist to check gifts. Anu says 2 gifts are for them and rest for the family. Dev asks if she didn’t bring Imlie and Sundarf’s gifts. She calls servants again and says one gift is for Sundar. Sundar thanks her. She says she didn’t know Imlie’s dress size, so she brought her and Malin’s old designer clothes after dry cleaning them and these are costlier than other gifts.

Dev burns in anger, but Daadi asks not to create a scene in daughter’s house again. Adi enters and thanking Anu for her gift says Imlie is not habited to get such costly gifts, his family knows Imlie’s choice and he will bring new clothes for her, so Anu can take back her gifts. Anu angrily asks servants to throw them away. Imlie stops servants and says since they are Malini’s, she will wear them. She then walks to kitchen sadly. Dev enters and offers her chocs. She says he reminded her of her friend Bindi’s father who gives her laddoos whenever her mother scolds her. He asks is it and gifts her more chocs. She says thanku thanku. Malini notices that and thinks why didn’t papa give chocs to Imlie in front of everyone, maybe he wanted to avoid mom’s drama.

Tripathi family ladies perform their husbands’ aarti. Daadi tells Anu that wives perform 11 times parikrama/rounding around tree and then take their husband’s blessings. Imlie does pooja at home looking at Adi’s photo and does parikrama around a plant. Mai Suhagan Rahun…song.. plays in the background. Ladies then touch husband’s feet and hug them. Imlie thinks this day is very good as she performed all the rituals without bearing Adi’s scolding and even fulfilling Amma’s wish. She sees family returning, hides pooja thali silently and tries to leave when Anu stops her and seeing sindhoor in her hairline asks whose name sindhoor she has applied. Everyone look at her in shock. Aparna asks Imlie why she applied sindhoor. Imlie nervously blabbers that she tought.

Anu says only married women apply sindhoor, why did she apply and for whom. Tauji says Anu is a simple girl and followed family ladies. Taiji says Imlie is a kid and did a mistake. Anu says its not a kid’s play and only married woman applies it. Aparna asks her to forgive the kid for her mistake. Anu says if she has done a mistake, she will clean it right now.


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