Imlie Starlife update Sunday 16 June 2024

Imlie 16 June 2024: Imlie and Agastya try to escape from Amrith and run holding each other’s hands. Amrith catches Imlie and points a gun at her. Agastya warns him to spare her. Imlie requests Agastya to run away from here. Agastya says he can die for Imlie. Amrith says seeing their love for each other, he wants to play a game with them.

He asks Imlie to hold the gun and says he will spare her life if she kills Agastya. Imlie refuses. Agastya pleads him to spare Imlie. Amrith asks them to stop their drama and asks what they want to do now. Agastya says Imlie knows what to do and asks Imlie to shoot him. They both recall the quality time spent with each other. Teri Meri Kahani Hai plays in the background.

Agastya asks Imlie to listen to him once and shoot. Imlie drops gun.Amrith tries to stab her with a broken glass piece. Vishwa reaches

there and shoots Amrith’s shoulder, and Amrith falls down. Agastya recalls calling Amrith to bar. He hugs Imlie. Amrith tries to run and stops seeing Sonali there. Sonali gives him a tight slap. Police arrests Amrith. Amrith says he didn’t kill anyone, he had seen a pic and disguised as same to frighten Imlie; he is jijaji and can’t kill even a fly. Constable brings his knife and shawl. Vishwa arrests Amrith and drives him in police jeep. Amrith says he didn’t kill anyone and just wanted to know the truth between Imlie and Agastya as they both ruined his marriage and life. Vishwa stops jepe and asks what he wants to say about Imlie and Agastya. Amrith says they made a fake marriage contract and reveals whole story.

Agastya and Imlie return home recalling revealing their marriage truth to Daadi over phone. Daadi pampers Agastya and asks if he is fine. He nods yes. Shivani asks Imlie if she is fine. She nods yes. Daadi says she didn’t know Amrith would do all this. Sonali says it’s her mistake that she married Amrith. Daadi says it’s not ‘Sonali’s mistake as she was forcing Sonali to continue this marriage. After some time, Imlie and Agastya think why didn’t Daadi talk about their fake marriage. Sonali enters and says Daadi will not speak about it as she picked the call instead. She tongue lashes Agastya that he was blaming her of trying to grab the business by trick, but he fooled whole family for the business. She also tongue lashes Imlie for her materialistic nature and walks away.

Jugnu informs them that Vishwa has come to meet them. They both meet Vishwa. Imlie tells him that the knife killer had has a butterfly engraved on it, but Amrith’s knife doesn’t have it and hence he can’t be the killer. Vishwa says he is investigating Amrith and asks her to reveal what had happened before he reached there. Imlie stands silent. Agastya says it’s okay if they get selfish to save their own life. Vishwa recalls Imlie trying to sacrifice her life for Agastya and thinks Agastya is very lucky. Imlie walks to Sonali and she wasn’t happy with the burden of lies and feels free today, it’s good that Sonali learnt that she is unfit for her love and friendship and can reveal truth to Daadi. Sonali says Imlie had hidden her secret and now she will hide Imlie’s secret, it’s up to Imlie and Agastya to reveal it or not. She says Imlie is thinking this lie as real and asks if she is ready to face her truth. Imlie walks away from there recalling Sonali’s words.

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