Imlie Starlife update Saturday 15 June 2024

Imlie 15 June 2024: Agastya worried for Imlie tries to call her and hopes to find her. Imlie tied to a chair struggles to free herself. Agastya notices Meera and calls. Meera hides her face. Agastya asks if she saw a girl around her. Meera emotionally touches her and points in a direction. He notices divorce paper on bushes and Imlie’s phone on the ground.

He checks her mobile and finds a message from an unknown. He calls back that number. Imlie notices attacker’s phone on the floor and Agastya’s call on it. She picks call and informs him that the attacker has kidnapped her. Agastya asks her not to worry as he is coming there to save her.

Attacker walks in front of Imlie. Imlie asks why did he kidnap her and who is he. Attacker says she and Agastya ruined her life and he tricked her to call Agastya’s face. Imlie asks what did they do to him. Attacker removes his mask and reveals his face. Imlie is shocked to see Amrith.

Amrith says he was living happily, but she and Agastya destroyed his life. He says Agastya had a fake marriage with her for business and doesn’t love her, he loves her and offered to marry her, but she rejected his proposal and even destroyed his marriage. Imlie hopes Agastya doesn’t come here. Agastya reaches the place and walks in. Imlie starts singing a song loudly. Amrith shouts at her to stop. Agastya hears Imlie’s voice from the room and recalls Imlie telling him that she will sing a song if there is any danger around or someone comes. He gets alert. Amrith shouts at Imlie again to stop her song. Imlie says he wanted to pay to listen to her song in a private party, then what happened now.

Amrith says he doesn’t spare his enemies and tries to attack Imlie when Agastya enters by breaking the glass wall open. He then catches Amrith and trashes him. He is about to break a chair on Amrith when Imlie stops him. Agastya is shocked to see that Amrith is an attacker. Amrith picks knife and ties even Agastya to a chair. Agastya says it’s disgusting that Amrith is an attacker and he had considered Amrith as his friend. Amrith threatens Agastya to reveal about his fake marriage to Daadi or else he will kill Imlie. Agastya stops him. Amrith calls Daadi. Agastya reveals that he had a fake marriage with Imlie to get business, but realized that Imlie is a good girl, etc. Amrith asks Daadi to have a heart attack and die. Imlie and Agastya act as blaming each other and free themselves. Amrith asks them to stop their drama and tries to attack them. Agastya brutally trashes him and holding Imlie’s hand ask if she is ready. She says from childhood. They reach how they freed themseleves.

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