Imlie starlife update Monday 12 September 2022

Imlie 12 September 2022: Imlie while peeling peas in kitchen sings a song and throws peas at Sundar. Their nok jhok starts, and Imlie runs behind him holding knife. Badimaa enters, and they both stop. She asks them to make tonight’s muh dikayi arrangements and bring items for the rituals. They both walk away continuing their nok jhok. Aparna enters. Badi maa says still catering and Malini’s makeup artist have not come. Aparna asks her to rest as caterer has come and makeup artist will come soon. Aditya sees Malini crying and asks reason. Malini says she just spoke to mom and felt how lonely mom was feeling without her; everyone misunderstand mom’s anger, but she vents out her pain via it; he knows mom and dad don’t get along well, so she doesn’t want them to hide anything between them and discuss every small issue and sort it out.

Adi reminiscing Malini collapsing after hearing about his and Imlie’s wedding thinks he cannot reveal it again to her. He consoles her. Nidhi and Parul with parlor lady walk in and joke they didn’t see anything, they didn’t know that Adi can be so romantic and will find out via Malini when did they meet and how did boring Adi become so romantic. Adi shyingly walks away.Imlie with Satyakam returns to Pagdandiya. Sarpanch asks them if Imlie is fine as he is still feeling guilty after forcefully getting her married to city man, he will feel relaxed if he hears Imlie is happy. Imlie reminisces Imlie’s rude behavior and asking not to meet her again. Dulari yells that a girl is a burden on parents and Sarpanch shouldn’t feel guilty, good Imlie is gone. She sees all gifts returning intact and taunts that Imlie doesn’t need cottons sari and must have sent them from door istelf.

Satyakam warns her to stop and thinks he should meet Aditya and find out why Imlie did that.Back in kitchen, Sundar prepares nazar battu to ward off Malini and Adi’s nazar. Imlie starts her nok jhok and says she will perform nazar in Pagdandiya style. Parlor lady does Malini’s makeup and says she has magic in her hands and will make Malini look more beautiful. Malini says she has too look beautiful with Tripathi family. They see smoke hovering all around and walk out coughing. Family also walk to living room coughing and discuss where the smoke is coming from. Imlie enters holding smoker and blabbering om nazar utaram and says she is warding off nazar/evil eyes. Parlor lady walks out coughing with Rupal, Malini, and Nidhi and says she cannot tolerate smoke.

They rush him out of house. Adi walks in next, and before he could scold Imlie, she sits in cock’s position/murga as punishment. Malini tries to stop her in vain. Pankaj says she will not listen and walks away laughing and warning Imlie to finish her punishment. Sundar enters and jokes with Imlie and their nok jhok starts again.Badimaa tells Aparna that parlor lady’s cough stopped, but Nidhi and Rupal took her to doctor. Aparna asks who will do Malini’s makeup now. Malini says she do her makeup herself. Aparna says she had one chance to do something for her bahu, but failed. Badimaa says she has one idea nd calls Imlie. Aparna insists Imlie to do Malini’s makeup like she applied mehandi. Imlie nervously says she doesn’t want to do mistake again like in mehandi.

They both insist. Malini reminds Imlie about her promise to help her always. Imlie agrees and tries doing makeup thinking they trust her blindly and gave her responsibility on first day of marriage. Malini says Imlie can leave if she doesn’t want to, she will attend function without makeup. Imlie says she knows only village makeup and not city’s. Malini says she can perform village makeup. Outside, Adi gets angry hearing Imlie is doing Malini’s makeup and says she will spoil it again, so he himself will go and check. Imlie prepares herbal makeup ingredients and applies them on Malini. Malini says knows everything from mehandi, makeup, etc,, and asks if she learnt makeup from her mother. Imlie gets emotional reminiscing insulting Mithi. Malini asks if she is crying.

Imlie says no. Malini says she can sense it as she is a professor and says soon she will get her married and hopes she finds a boy like Adi for her who can love her immensely like Adi. Imlie reminisces her marriage with Adi. She then does Malini’s makeup. Adi knocks door. Imlie opens it. He scolds her that she will spoil makeup like she spoils everything. Malini walks to him, and he reminisces Imlie’s bridal makeup and stands freeze. Aparna and others walk in next and praise Malini’s makeup. Adi says he will make Malini to parlor as he doesn’t want guests to comment on her makeup. Malini says she doesn’t mind what people say and she liked this makeup.

Aditya gets angry seeing Malini looking like Imlie after Imlie does her village makeup and tries to take Malini to parlor. Malini stops him and says she liked the makeup. Guests enter and say Tripathi’s got a very beautiful bahu and her makeup is really good. Malini walks in smiling. Adi tells Imlie that she reminds him of his mistake repeatedly and doesn’t let him forget it. Rupali with Nidhi returns and praises Malini’s makeup. Malini says Imlie did it with natural ingredients. Rupali praises Imlie while Aditya sits fuming. She cheers up Adi. Dev with Anu and Daadi walks in. Malini gets happy seeing them. Adi touches their feet. Malini asks Anu if she is still angry on her. Anu asks how can she be angry on her daughter and seeing makeup says its so outdated, she just hates it.

Malini says its traditional. Anu asks what products are used. Malini says Imlie used some natural traditional products. Imlie says it has sandalwood, mogra, etc., and Maika and Sasural’s love. Anu asks what does she know about husband’s love as she is not married at all. Imlie reminisces marrying Adi and says she doesn’t know about husband’s love, the fact is Malini is looking beautiful because of Adi’s love and not because of makeup. Daadi praises Imlie’s thinking. Dev thinks Imlie reminds him of Pagdandiya and Mithi, he saw Mithi during wedding and if she had come to meet Imlie.

Imlie prepares snacks in kitchen. Dev walks to her. Imlie jokes if he came to steal. He laughs and asks if she doesn’t remember her family and village. Imlie says she does. He says he saw a few people from Pagdandiya during wedding. Imlie reminisces insulting Mithi and sending her away, thinks bade babu saw dadda and maa, says nobody came to meet her. He says he thought he saw someone from Pagdandiya. Sundar comments hearing them, but Imlie scolds him and sends him away to serve snacks to guests. Anu walks in and sends Dev away saying Malini is calling him. She asks Imlie what was he asking. She says he was asking if she remembers her village. Anu asks if he didn’t ask her about her family. Imlie says not this time, but last time he asked about her mother and her name.

Anu asks if he didn’t ask about her father and his name. Imlie says no. Anu walks away fuming.Rupali and Nidhi decorate Adi and Malini’s room. Malini praises it. Anu walks in and comments that its not done by professionals and panics seeing a cockroach. Rupali and Nidhi also panic. Adi rushes in and tries to calm them down and asks Sundar to shoo cockroach away. Malini says its disgusting and calling his manager orders him to send pest control people to Tripathi’s house and walks away fuming. Nidhi says they have to redecorate room again because of one cockroach. Adi jokes not to call his only MIL as cockroach. They both laugh. Out in living room, Anu tells Malini that she will book her honeymoon suite in a hotel. Malini says she will not get a lovely decoration from family. Daadi says Malini is right. Aparna assures MAlini that she will shift Adi and Malini to another room and get their room’s pest control.

Anu comments that she would have got whole house’s pest control instead of single room.After some time, family arranges mattresses for whole family in living room, letting a different room for Adi and Malini. Dhruv and Rupal’s sibling nok jhok discussing they cannot bear Bua’s snoring. Badi maa says Imlie will sleep in her room. Imlie says she will as usual sleep in kitchen. She walks to kitchen and sees Sundar setting bed in her place, fights with him to leave her place. He says he knows her relatives from Pagdandiya had come to meet her and she lied to Dev, so he will inform everyone about it. Imlie nervously lets him sleep on her bed and searches place to sleep. She sees a place outside Adi and Malini’s room and sleeps on floor covering herself with bedsheet. In room, Adi gifts a beautiful shawl to Malini and says he was afraid of losing her seeing the recent events.

Malini asks if she loves him so much. He says she is very precious to him. She says she left her family and house trusting him and she knows he will never betray or hurt him or separate from her. He says never and hugs her saying I love you. They both separate hearing someone sneezing, and Adi walks out to check. He sees someone sleeping with bedsheet on and asks who is it and why is he/she sleeping here. Imlie prays god to save her and lifts down blanket from her face. Adi gets angry seeing her.

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