Imlie Starlife update Saturday 8 June 2024

Imlie 8 June 2024: Imlie loads her prepared sweets order on her cycle and tells her friends that she will manage the remaining work, they can return to their work. Friend says Agastya got the bar shut, then how will they return to work. Imlie says she knows Agastya well, he would have opened the bar again.

They get a call that the bar is open again. Imlie says she told them. She returns home after delivering order and sees Agastya apologizing Vishwa and telling him that he got confused that Vishwa was hiring Imlie for catering and not singing and requesting him not to cancel the wedding.

Imlie takes phone from him and tries to convince Vishwa. Agastya says he wasn’t talking to Vishwa and was playing a prank on her like she played a prank on him. Their nok jhok starts. He lifts her and carries her to the backyard where Shivani with Avinash and others greets her and says Agastya told she is preparing her engagement sweets, so they all came to help her.

They all start preparing sweets. Sonali walks in looking tensed. Imlie asks why she looks tensed, if something happened.

Avinash returns home. Navya and Vishwa ask if he met Shivani, did anyone question him. He says he just had a casual talk and returned home, why they are questioning him, if something happened. They say nothing. He walks in. Imlie brings sweets ordered by Vishwa and says she completed their order and now they should unlock Chaudhry Sweets factory as she knows they are the new investors. Navya says she is mistaken. Imlie asks them to accept it as she knows they must have done it to help Chauhdry family. Vishwa accepts that they are the new partners and says they bought the shares even before Avinash and Shivani’s alliance was fixed and locking the factory was a practical decision seeing Chaudhry family’s financial crisis and Agastya going to jail.

Imlie asks him to reopen the factory or else she will think that they purposefully want to trouble Chaudhry family. Vishwa agrees to reopen the factory. Navya reminds Imlie that she shouldn’t attend wedding functions. Imlie says she always keeps her promise and walks away from there. Vishwa walks behind Imlie and asks why is she supporting the people whole troubled her so much. Imlie says they are her family and she can do anything for her family.

Navya’s family visits Chaudhry house for Avinash and Shivani’s engagement ceremony. Daadi greets them. Navya says they got a gift for them. Vishwa gives keys to Daadi and says it’s their factory keys.

Agastya asks how did they get factory keys. Navya accepts they are Chaudhry sweets sleeping partners and had bought the shares before alliance was fixed, they had to shut the factory due to board of directors’ decision. Daadi and Agastya thank Vishwa. Vishwa says they should thank Imlie instead for completing their big order on time and convincing board of directors that Chaudhry family can still do business efficiently.

Agastya walks to Imlie and asks her to come down for the engagement. Imlie says she is having stomach ache and can’t come down. He walks down fuming. Sonali informs him that Navya has problem with Imlie’s past job and warned her not to attend any function.

Manno brings Shivani for the engagement. Navya says she is lucky to have such a beautiful DIL. Agastya says he can’t attend the engagement with his wife as Navya has problem with Imlie’s past job and doesn’t want her to attend the functions, he will not go to a place where his wife is not respected. He returns to room. Imlie insists him to go and attend his sister’s engagement ceremony. Sonali tells Navya that their family bahu is their dignity and they can’t stay where their dignity is hurt. She walks away followed by others. They all visit Imlie and refuse to attend engagement without her.

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