Jhanak starlife update Saturday 8 June 2024

Jhanak 8 June 2024: The Episode starts with Jhanak saying there would be some way that I stay here. The lady asks Anirudh to take Jhanak along. He says I have a flight tomorrow, I will leave.

Jhanak says yes, he is right, this village is my home, I will stay here. Rahul says no, Kaki is saying right, you go with Anirudh, come back when things get fine. Anirudh asks how can I take Jhanak with me, its not possible, I can’t do this. Jhanak says yes, its my fight, I will learn to fight, Tejas is powerful, he can come anywhere to find me. The lady argues and scolds Anirudh for spending the night in Jhanak’s house.

She asks can’t he take your responsibility when time comes. Tejas asks the men to get Jhanak. He says I will kill you. Rukmani says I want to marry you, you want to kill me, why, what’s in Jhanak that I don’t have, I have supported you, did you forget. Tejas says yes, I want to make new memories with Jhanak, I will become Jhanak’s husband. They argue. He drags her out of the mandap. They leave in the car. Anirudh and Jhanak are shocked. Jhanak says my mum just passed away.

The lady says yes, we have sorrow for Urvashi’s death, but Anirudh was with you in your house, now he will take your responsibility, if he can spend a night with you then he can protect your life. She says we want you to marry Jhanak and take her to Kolkata. The men don’t find Jhanak anywhere. They leave. Anirudh asks what is this nonsense. Jhanak says I will talk to them. The old lady says its about our village’s respect. Anirudh argues. He says your thinking is wrong. Jhanak says calm down. She says Kaki, he was helping me, he is Arshi’s would be husband. The lady says he isn’t. Anirudh says I stayed here on your saying, why this drama now. The man says we are helpless, you can help Jhanak.

Anirudh says you have lost your mind. The lady says marry Jhanak, else we won’t let you go. Jhanak asks them to stop it. She says I will go with Anirudh without marrying him. The man says no, you will marry and go with him, I m the Sarpanch. Anirudh says I won’t marry her. The man says fine, Tejas will kill her if you refuse, and if you marry her, then Tejas can’t even touch her. They all try to convince Anirudh.

The man asks Anirudh and Jhanak to get married. He says leave Jhanak somewhere if you have no sympathy for her, this marriage will happen.

Rahul says you can’t force them, they will not stay happy. The man asks can you save Jhanak from Tejas. Rahul gets worried. The man asks Anirudh to take Jhanak with him. Anirudh asks is this a joke that I marry on your saying. Jhanak asks why are you doing this. The lady says fine, when Tejas’ men come here, we will tell your name. The man says he will shoot you. Tejas brings Rukmani home. He says if you answer me wrong, then I will shoot. He asks where is Jhanak. She says I don’t know, I had locked her in the room, maybe she fled. He asks did she run or did you make her run, I think you have no fear to die. Rukmani says I m not scared to die. He says I will torture you to death. She says fine, you thought I m happy here, you ruined my life. He shoots on her leg. She falls down.

Anirudh asks what wrong did I do. Jhanak says he has nothing to do. The man says its not Jhanak’s mistake, just because she is poor and she has no family. Anirudh says I love someone else, I m going to marry Arshi, I felt bad for Jhanak. The man says we also felt bad, but none of us had gone to spend a night with her. Anirudh argues with him. The man says either marry her or get killed by Tejas. Anirudh says so, entire mistake is mine, Rahul is Jhanak’s best friend, he can marry Jhanak. The lady asks where will he take her, you are an outsider, you can save her. He says so you are making me sacrifice. Jhanak says I don’t want to marry, let him go. The lady says we want your betterment, we don’t have much time, matter is done.

Arshi comes back home. Shrishti says I was worried for you, are you fine. Arshi says yes, Anirudh is coming tomorrow. Vinayak comes and asks why didn’t you tell us. Arshi says there was network issue, everything is fine, don’t worry. Shrishti says he is strange, he didn’t stay at Bharat’s house. Arshi says he had paid for the houseboat, he isn’t a kid.

Vinayak says we should give money to Jhanak for her studies. Arshi says yes, we should help her. Shrishti says I have a problem with it. Anirudh says you all are forcing me, I won’t marry, its wrong.

The villagers say its right. Jhanak takes Anirudh aside. She says please don’t marry, these people aren’t educated, they think from their hearts, they are emotional, they won’t let us leave. Vinayak and Arshi argue with Shrishti. She asks Arshi to stay away from Jhanak. Arshi says you are saying like Jhanak will come here and stay with us. Shrishti says I m warning you, Jhanak has challenged you on stage. Arshi says she won’t get another chance in that village, stop comparing me with her. Shrishti says fine, we will prepare for your engagement, I don’t want any delay in marriage. Arshi smiles. Jhanak says drop me till Jammu, then I will manage. Anirudh says I don’t want to marry. Jhanak says it will be a fake marriage, we won’t believe or tell anyone, you return to Kolkata, if I stay here then Tejas will kidnap me. Anirudh says I won’t help anyone after this, I lost all the belief, your villagers didn’t do right with me, I will never forgive them. The man says we have no time, get them ready and take them to the temple.

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