Imlie starlife update Monday 15 April 2024

Imlie 15 April 2024: Daadi tells Agastya that she wants to meet Imlie’s family and asks him to invite them home tomorrow. Agastya thinks he just knows that Imlie is a bar girl and nothing else about her.

Imlie tries to escape from the house and hides seeing Dolly passing by. Daadi tells Agastya that Navratri is starting from tomorrow and she wants to meet her samdhis on the eve of ghat staphana. Dolly asks Daadi if she can go and sleep now. Daadi asks her to call Imlie.

Agastya stops her and says Imlie is resting now and will feel awkward as she doesn’t know anyone of them. He goes o bring her. Sonali gerts suspicious on Agastya and tells Daadi that they themselves should go and meet the bride. Daadi says he is right.

Agastya walks to his room and is shocked to see Imlie missing. He finds her escaping via window and gets angry. Daadi and Sonali wallk towards the room. Agastya gets tensed and rushes out. Other family member gather and ask if they want to meet new bride without them. Manno says they shall meet new bride tomorrow morning as she must be waiting for Agastya now to celebrate suhagraat.

Daadi scolds her for her indecent discussion in front of her brothers and takes everyone from there. Sonali taunts Agastya. Agastya thinks Imlie must have gone to a bar, he will confront her when she returns in the morning.

Imlie meets Ashu and gets emotional. Ashu questions why she is wearing bridal sari and apply sindhoor in her hairline while it’s not a festival today. Maama, Dadda, and Bunty are shocked to hear that and question same to Imlie. Imlie takes them aside and says she had to have a fake marriage to arrange money for Ashu’s treatment. They all 3 feel guilty for their inability to help her. Imlie says it’s not their mistake as they tried their best and says they shouldn’t be worried about her and think that she has just changed her job.

Maama says she has married someone. Pallo hears their conversation and yells at Imlie for trapping someone. Maama warns her to mind her language. Bulbul says he should shut Imlie’s mouth and not mummy’s. Imlie takes them aside and tells them they were not ashamed to call Amrit as her and loot money from him and now are accusing her instead. She shuts their mouth and rushes back towards Chaudhry mansion.

Imlie returns home and gets confused seeing many rooms. She gets into store room by mistake and alarm starts beeping. Agastya walks there hearing alarm. Whole family also wakes up and think Gattu must have gone there. Imlie panics when door gets closed. Agastya opens the door and asks her to switch off alarm. She stands confused and slips. He holds her. Sonali opens door and whole family is shocked to see them in that position. Govind jokes.

Daadi asks what are they doing in store room. Sonali says Gattu knows store room door gets jammed, so she had fixed alarm there. Imlie in her rural language style says she by mistake came here and couldn’t stop the sound. Sonali says she is surprised to know that a rich family girl doesn’t know about alarm. Imlie says they have sensors at home. Sonali says she is impressed and s eager to meet her family tomorrow. Agastya informs that Daadi wants to meet her family.

Back to room, Agastya and Imlie’s argument starts. Imlie tongue lashes Agastya for lying to family about marriage. Agastya tongue lashes her for getting paid and not performing her duty properly and visiting her bar customers at night. Imlie says wherever she goes is none of his business. Agastya says it affects his family as they can’t see their bahu roaming around at night.

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