Imlie starlife update Sunday 14 April 2024

Imlie 14 April 2024: Imlie tells Agastya that a house is incomplete where morning and evening aarti and bhajan and night lullaby is not sung, music is maa Saraswati’s pooja, he should shut his ears as she will do pooja at any cost. Sonali notices maid Dolly taking milk and asks where is she taking it.

Dolly says Daadi sent it for Agastya and his bride and feels shy remembering her first wedding night. Sonali sends her back. Agastya walks to her tossing a coin at her and says she is frustrated with her loss and his win, she should keep this coin until his next win. Sonali thinks let him concentrate on business, she will spend her free time in manipulating his wife and get her under her control to get back family’s business.

Imlie thinks Ashu will not sleep until she sings a lullaby for him and tries toget out of window via when Dolly walks in and asks what is she doing. Imlie says she was having fresh air. Dolly introduces herself in a funny style and insists her to have milk soon as she got it hiding from Sonali. Imlie asks why so. Dolly says Sonali wants to keep her slim by not having milk. Imlie thinks she will not go until she finishes milk and finishes it. Dolly asks her to ask Agastya to finish the milk and walks away feeling shy.

Agastya thinks Amrit knows bar girl Imlie from before and he needs to talk to him. He calls Amrit and finds his number busy. Sonali speaks to Amrit and informs that Agastya didn’t marry Noyonika and disappointed her. Amrit partying at his adda asks whom did he marry then. Sonali says that is not important and asks if he finished his village task. Amrit says he did and will return to her in a few hours. He notices Agastya’s call and rejects it thinking he will directly meet him and let him be restless till then. Agastya thinks he should inform Amrit to hide truth from family that Imlie is a bar girl.

Imlie thinks she should escape from the house before Agastya returns and opens door. Agastya walks in and says she is senses her husband’s presence on the first day of marriage itself and says he has a special bed for her. He shows her a money bed and says this may satisfy her son as she is here for money. He throws money on her. She picks it and tongue lashes him for disrespecting money. Their argument continues with Imlie as usual trying to gain upper hand over him with her heavy dialogues.

Sonali walks to Daadi and says Noyonika was a better choice for Agastya as she is from a respectable family, but they don’t know anything about Imlie’s family. Alka joins her and they both manipulate her asking how could Agastya marry a girl in an hour without knowing about her family and they feel something is wrong. They convince Daadi to insist Agastya to introduce her to Imlie’s family. Jugnu hears their conversation and messages Agastya to come out. Once he meets Jugnu, Jugnu informs him about Sonali trying to manipulate Daadi. Agastya walks in and has a verbal tussle with Sonali. Daadi verdicts that she wants to meet Imlie’s family. Agastya gets tensed.

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