Imlie starlife update Monday 13 March 2023

Imlie 13 March 2023: Aparna cries that its her mistake that she couldn’t understand Malini properly, Malini snatched happiness of her children. Pankaj asks her not to get more tensed for whatever already happened. Rupali hopes Aditya takes a right decision Malini brings tea for them and says she knows they will not come in until they hear Aditya’s decision, she has problem only with Imlie and cannot see them in sorrow as they are all her family. She serves tea to Rupali. Rupali throws the cup away and shouts to stop all this as she can never be their family member. Malini requests not to say that she is like her. Rupali says if she is for real, she is a criminal ad if she had not drugged Aditya and got pregnant, she would have been in jail by now; how can she think they are same, soon this fake relationship will end.

Malini says their relationship cannot end as she loves them all, they can punish her but not disown her and her baby. Nishant mumurs she started her crocodile tears again. Aparna says her baby is a sign of her betrayal. Malini says maa is saying this in anger and pleads Harish and Pankaj to say something as the baby belongs to their family. Pankaj says only Aditya will speak today.Aditya walks to them and says they don’t have to wait anymore. Aparna warns him that even if he links his name with Malini, she will leave him. Malini says she realized that a mother shouldn’t separate from her children, they will stay in this house, and he should take a decision considering his baby.

He says he took decision after thinking about everyone and holding her hand walks in. Aparna shatters hearing that and stumbles. Pankaj holds her and says when their coin is fake, what can they expect from others.At Aryan’s house, Narmada lights lamp and prays Matarani to light up Aparna’s house and Imlie’s life. She then walks to Aryan and says if he thinks loneliness is a trap and he did right by supporting Imlie when she needed it, he should pray that Imlie stays strong and faces her situation bravely. Arpita asks her to rest and takes her away. Aryan walks to Matarani’s idol and says he never talked to her after Arvind’s death, even today he will not for himself; asks why Imlie was feeling lost when she won today, what will she get as a reward of her victory.

Imlie returns shivering in dirty clothes. Aryan orders servant to bring towels and water and asks Imlie how did she reach home. She says by walk. He drapes towel around her and cleans her dirty scolding. Imlie thanks him for being her friend. Aryan says they are not friends. She says he promotes at office and demotes here, she is his mentor and well wisher and deserves her thank. He says he doesn’t deserve her thank you.She asks him to silently listen to her and says many people have talent but don’t get support, she got his support and thinks for all the his help, remembering each one, and says he is very special to her. He smiles. She asks if he is smiling.

He says of course not, if her speech is over. She says not yet and says not only her marriage is broken, but also her trust on love and heart; he said one cannot change things but can change their perception, etc.ditya packs Malini’s belongings. Malini asks what is he doing. He says he is doing right, rottenig in jail was her future, but he can’t see his child in jail and hence he is kicking her out of his life and house. Malini pleads not to do that. He counts all her crimes. She says she is his best friend since many years. He says he cannot befriend a person like her and feels guilty for not sending her to jail but will send Anu to jail, she will face for her sins soon, etc. She pleads him not to do that at least for their child’s sake.

He shouts to don’t she dare say that, she can never be a good mother, but he will be a good father and she should repent for her sins soon. He drags her out of house with her bag and asks her to leave, they will never meet again if his fate is good. Malini picks her bag. Sundar supports her till car, and she walks away senselessly.Aditya kicks Malini out of house and says if his fate is good, they will never meet her again. Anu walks in and asks what happened. Malini breaks down in tears hugging her and says Aditya threw her out. Anu consoles her and says they will go home and talk about it. Aditya tells Anu that she cannot go home so easily.

Anu asks what did he say. Police arrives. Satyakam gets out of jeep. Aditya apologizes him for sending him to jail by trusting a wrong person. Satyakam says he should have trusted Imlie who visited him in jail and never let him feel that he is alone. Aditya sys he never thought that a woman whom he considered his best friend is Imlie’s biggest enemy. Satyakam says even he is tricked, but he will not blame him completely; if he had not questioned Imlie’s loyalty, she would have been with him now. He thanks T family for taking care of Imlie and walks away asking Aditya to take care of himself.

Police arrest Anu. Malini pleads not to arrest her mom. Aditya says there is no retention for her sins, he spared her as she is pregnant; he will send evidence against Anu to police. Anu shouts she will not spare anyone. Rupali says she will get the biggest punishment. Tripathis walk in and shut the door on Malini. Malini breaks down again.Imlie calls Meethi while praying Seeta maiya and describes whole story. Meethi says she proved that all the allegations against her are wrong and asks if Aditya apologized her. Imlie says no. Meethi says must have not replied, she shouldn’t until someone questions her, what is she feeling now. Imlie says she feels tired and asks her to sing a lullaby for her. Meethi sings a lullaby.

Imlie falls asleep. Arpita serving coffee to Aryan informs that Imlie slept and asks why he is tensed now. He says because of Imlie. She asks if he thinks with Aditya and Imlie’s differences cleared, she will go back to him. He says Imlie is not his problem but Aditya is; that man doesn’t deserve anything, especially Imlie. She asks howmuch she knows Aditya. He says no, he shouldn’t have had coffee at night and felt groggy. She asks him to relax and sleep now.Aditya feels guilty remembering Imlie’s words. Anu walks to her and asks why he didn’t have dinner yet, should she feed him. He cries saying he deserves her punishment as she always tried to show him truth, but he didn’t and lost Imlie.

He cries lying on her lap. She comforts him. He says he lied to her and everyone, but everyone know that he loved only Imlie in his life; he didn’t trust her, but now he will regain her trust and heart and will somehow bring her back home. Next morning, Aditya continues lying on his bed and plays with bedlight. Pankaj walks to him and says its already 9 a.m. Aryan says there is still darkness in his life. Pankaj draws window curtains aside and says he has to get light back in his life. Aditya says he lost Imlie’s trust and she will not return to him. He says she wouldn’t have exposed Malini if she hadn’t cared for him. Aparna walks in. Pankaj asks her to explain her son that Imlie is his destiny. Aparna suggests Aditya to apologize Imlie and leave the rest on god.

Imile and Aryan’s nok jhok starts on the way to office. Imlie complains that she is late to office because of him. He says he had to attend an important meeting. She says she wanted to reach office on time. He says its not late as she already submitted her reports. Imlie says she is and reaching office rushes towards door. Watchman stops her and asks her to make entry in a register. Imlie asks Aryan also to make entry. Aryan says he doesn’t have time for all this. Imlie is surprised to see Aditya’s name in entry. Aryan checks next and asks why is Aditya’s name in the entry list. Watchman informs that Aditya has come and is waiting for him.

Aryan walks to Aditya and says why did he come here when he is no more Bhaskar Times’ employee. Aditya says he came here to apply for job and looking at Imlie says he will apologize and even beg for forgiveness. Aryan asks if he will beg him. Aditya says someone told Aryan doesn’t tolerate injustice. Aryan gives him job and asks him to get paper work done from HR and meet him in his cabin. Aditya tries to talk to Imle. She ignores him and walks away. Aryan watches from his cabin.

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