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Hamida is shocked to see Gazal there. She says you will leave the world now. She is about to stab her but Dua comes there and holds the knife. She glares at Gazal while her hand is bleeding. Hamida asks Dua to leave it, Dua says let it be, she tells Gazal that I will show you how to kill. Gazal shouts that you both have troubled my life, I will kill Hamida.

Dua pushes her away and says how dare you try to harm my mother? you have taken away my Haider and Hina but you tried to kill my mother too? Hamida says this girl is crazy, leave her. Dua says you tried to kill her but she still wants to spare you, you wouldn’t know a mother’s love because you never deserved it, you don’t know what a mother is, I will tell you that a mother can do anything to protect her kids but you wouldn’t know all this, you didn’t have a mother because of your character. I can’t even count the blessings of a mother, only lucky people have mothers, a mother protects us against people like you, you are a devil and your parents must be happy that they don’t have to live with an evil daughter like you. I will show you what happens when you try to harm my mother. Gazal shouts that I know what a mother is, a mother wouldn’t let her daughter to destroy someone’s life. Dua says I will punish you for harming my mother. She slaps her hard, she keeps beating her up and says this is all for snatching my Haider, making Hina turn away from me.

Hamida stops her and Gazal tries to run but Dua grabs her and says I will cut you in pieces, she beats her with a stick while Gazal cries. Hamida stops Dua and says let her be. Dua asks Gazal to show her guts now, you should die and I will do it today. Hamida says leave her. Dua says no, she needs to be punished. She picks up the knife and is about to stab her but she stabs the wall besides her. Dua says this is a difference between us. I could have called the police on you but I want to punish you with my hands. I promise to make your life hell. She takes Hamida from there. Gazal falls down.

Dua brings Hamida back home. Rahat comes there and asks if everything is okay? Hamida says Gazal.. Dua stops her and says its nothing. Rahat says I am sorry for hurting you both. Dua says please pray for our protection. Rahat says you did so much for the family and I couldn’t stop my son and wife before destroying your life. Hamida is right that its all my fault because I taught this to my son. Dua says please don’t apologize, Haider was fooled by Gazal. She won’t be able to do anything because I will answer now.

She asks him to go for pilgrimage and I will protect the family. Rahat says you still want to protect them after what they did? Dua says they are my family members even if they have hurt me. I have to face the enemy for now and then I will talk to Hina and Haider. Rahat says your father would be proud, I pray for your success. Dua asks him to meet Hina and Gulnaz before leaving. Rahat says I don’t want to see their faces. Dua says they love you and I know how painful it is to lose love. Rahat says okay, I will meet them, he leaves. Hamida says why didn’t you tell him what Gazal did? Dua says I didn’t want to worry him, I will take care of Gazal.

Gazal cries in pain and says Dua will pay for this. Haider will make her cry and he wouldn’t even look at her face from now on.

Hamida tells Dadi and Hafeez about Gazal attacking her so Hafeez says I won’t spare her. Dua says no, we can’t stoop to her level. She will be punished here only. I have started her punishment already. Dadi says curse her to always be in pain. Dua says I will keep giving her pain till we get rid of her. Hamida says that girl is a fox and can do anything. She can stoop to any level. Dua says I know that, she will try to harm my relationship with Haider more.

Gazal calls Haider and cries. She says I am just getting hate from Dua. She is not even letting me live. Haider says I haven’t a lot of work and tension so stop giving me house tensions when I am at work. He ends the call. Gazal is angry an says he has all the time for Dua but not for me. Dua is proud of Haider and thinks

he is her strength but I will fill his heart with hatred. It will start from today.

Hamida tells Dua that Gazal must be plotting against you. Dua says she might try but she can’t do it as I will make Haider believe that he is on the wrong side. He is not a bad man. Hamida says but he is trapped by Gazal. Dua says Gazal might have taken him but she can never be close to him, Haider will have to choose between us now. Haider will be hurt in all this but I have to test my love now. I will give more pain to Gazal before she can recover. Hamida says she can try to kill you, she is very dangerous. I am asking you to come with me. Dua says no, the war has started so I won’t run away now. Dadi says Hamida is right, you should leave. I never wanted that but I can’t see you in danger. You should leave and be safe.

What if Gazal does something with you, she cries so Dua consoles her and says everything will be okay. Dadi says I don’t want to break you but I am asking you to leave becawe can’t against Gazal. She threw me from the stairs but I didn’t say anything against her, do you know why? Dua says because Haider married her? We can expose her now. Dadi says we can’t… she cries and says I could have broken Haider and Gazal’s marriage, I could have exposed her but I didn’t do it.. Dua says why? Dadi says I was helpless, that Gazal has trapped everyone. Gulnaz comes there and says Ruhaan is not safe. All look on. Gulnaz tells Dua that Gazal has kidnapped Ruhaan and she threatened us to keep silent. His life is in danger. Dua says what? Gulnaz says when he left then Gazal got him kidnapped. Dua recalls Ruhaan running away from the venue and says what? Gulnaz says we had to be silent to keep Ruhaan safe.

She cries and says we couldn’t do anything. Hamida gets angry and saya you both proved that blood is thicker than water. You put Dua in danger to save Ruhaan. She tells Dua that all these people are trapped by Gazal, you should come with me. Dadi says she is right, you should leave. Gulnaz says Gazal can do anything. You know what she did with us? She tells her how Gazal showed Ruhaan tied and threatened Gulnaz, she made her work in her favor. Dua says Ruhaan is like my brother, I thought he left but he is in danger and I don’t know how he is.. Dadi says Gulnaz is so worried about him, she was helpless and couldn’t help you. Gulnaz cries and says we are silent because we are scared of Gazal harming Ruhaan. Dua says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Ruhaan as Gazal kidnapped Ruhaan so we will remain silent.

If anything happens to Ruhaan then Dadi will expose her so she wouldn’t want that. She wouldn’t harm Ruhaan. Hafeez says how can we remain silent? Dua says we have to free Ruhaan from her. Let’s go. Hamida says don’t get involved in this, lets just go. Dua says no, I can’t go as this house will be destroyed if I leave. If I leave then I will miss and worry about them all. I will leave this house only when I die. Dadi says I don’t want you to stay here but she tells Hamida that she wouldn’t listen to us. I pray for her safety. Gulnaz tells Hamida that we couldn’t help Dua before but give us a chance to fight with her, we will protect her. Hamida says okay, I will leave Dua here but she is not safe here so Hafeez will stay here with her. She asks Hafeez to protect his sister, she is our pride. He says nothing will happen to her. Hamida tells Dua that she worries about her. Dua says don’t worry, I will not let Gazal harm me, I know she is clever. Gulnaz says Gazal can do anything. Dua says I know that, she must be plotting something.

Gazal cuts her hand and it starts bleeding. Gazal says Dua has to pay for harming me. I will make Haider separate from Dua completely.

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