Unfortunate love update Friday 25 November 2022


Unfortunate love 25 November 2022: The Episode starts with Nana ji asking Lakshmi if something is wrong between Rishi and her. He asks her not to look at anyone and tell him everything clearly. He says I am Neelam’s father and Rishi’s grand father and was Virendra’s boss too. He says I will make everything fine and asks her to tell. He asks if some problem happened between you both, if this marriage happened with Rishi’s wish, if he likes and loves you. Rishi tells Neelam that he can’t bear her even for a moment. Neelam asks then why did you marry her? Nana ji asks if they are repenting after marriage and didn’t get the chance to understand each other. Virendra says it is not like that. Nana ji says I am asking Lakshmi. Lakshmi says it is not like this. Rishi says I got married to Lakshmi due to your wish and Dad’s wish.

Neelam asks why you didn’t refuse. Rishi says as you are my mom and whatever you think is for my betterment. Neelam asks her to go for this honeymoon and says there was many guests and you refused to go for honeymoon infront of them. She says that necklace drama happened and everyone came to know that Lakshmi is a middle class girl and they might want to know why I got this marriage done, and I can’t reveal the truth to anyone. Nana ji asks Lakshmi to come with him. Karishma says whenever he comes, he does tamasha. Dadi taunts her. your Nana ji will understand that it was me that I got you married to Lakshmi and sent your Dad to her house. She says if he understands then you know what will he do. Rishi says I can’t go to honeymoon with her and says I charmed her and made her fall for my charm.

Neelam says you can made anyone fall for you and asks him to go for honeymoon. He asks what is the guarantee that my life will be save if I go for honeymoon. She says Pandit ji said clearly that you are safe when you are with Lakshmi. Nana ji, Lakshmi and Virendra are standing at the door.Gurucharan is leaving. Shalu and Bani asks him to make them talk to Dadi. Rano asks him to give the locker keys and property papers. Gurucharan says I can’t give you keys. Rano calls Preetam and tells that Gurucharan’s intention is not good. Gurucharan says you tried to marry Lakshmi to Balwinder and says he will give the keys and property when they all get married. Rano asks him to be silent and says I am their Chachi and will decide. Gurucharan says I know everything, you tried to make Neha sit in Lakshmi and marry Rishi. He says today Neha tried to steal Lakshmi’s necklace.

He says I will have my eyes on you, and don’t try to get these girls marry to driver or any bad person, else you will not keys papers, keys and jewellery in this birth. He warns her and leaves.Neelam tells Nana ji that it is not like that, he is thinking. Nana ji says I asked Lakshmi, she said that there is no problem. He asks then why Rishi refused. Virendra says investors are coming from Germany and he has to go to Australia also. Rishi says yes. Nana ji says do you love her? Rishi says I got married to her, and ofcourse yes. Nana ji asks for the proof and asks him to propose Lakshmi infront of him. He asks did you propose her before? Rishi nods no. Nana ji asks him to do it now. Neelam asks Rishi not to feel shy and propose her. Rishi goes to Lakshmi, bends down on her knees and says I bent down to tell you that I regard you before me and I love you a lot and will always love you. Nana ji says now love is shown. Lakshmi gets emotional. Nana ji says Lakshmi really loves you a lot and tells Neelam that now he understood why she hurried up for marriage, she has so much love for him in her eyes and she didn’t say anything against Rishi.

He says you are very lucky. He tells that you didn’t want to go due to Virendra and asks Rishi to go for honeymoon and says Virendra will handle the work. He tells Rishi that work is important, but relation is more important. He asks him to go for honeymoon and get some good memories with them. He says everything is ready there. Shalu tells Karishma that Bhai shouldn’t have get married to Lakshmi. Karishma says it was Neelam Bhabhi’s choice. Shalu says later Mom went to break the marriage, but Rishi told the truth. Karishma says Virendra said that Rishi will like her slowly. Shalu asks if they can ever unite. Karishma says never, although it might assume, but it is never possible. She says your Nanu trapped Rishi with Lakshmi, how he will bear him.

Lakshmi tells Rishi that she is packing her clothes and also his clothes as they are going for 4 days. He says he has important con call and asks her to keep whatever she likes. Lakshmi thinks his mood is off even today, thinks if he will not come to sleep in the room. She thinks she doesn’t know much about Rishi and shouldn’t have asked him so many questions. Rishi goes to the room and is about to sleep. Ayush shouts and asks him to go and sleep in his room. Rishi says it is storeroom and she is irritating him like wife. Ayush says she is your wife only. Rishi says she is irritating me and I am moody. Ayush says I know you, but she is trying to know you. Rishi says you knows well that I didn’t want to marry her. Ayush asks him to let her choose the clothes and says everything will be sorted.

He asks him to chill and hugs him. Rishi says I don’t like to hug and asks him to stop irritating him like Lakshmi. Ayush tells that it will be night by the time you reach Shimla. It will be sunset.Rishi and Lakshmi reach the hotel next day. The Receptionist asks him to come and takes him to the honeymoon suite. Tumpe hum toh mare jaa rahe hai…..plays…. Lakshmi sees the decoration and blushes. She looks at Rishi. He too looks at her. He lets her go in first. Both keep looking at each other.Lakshmi and Rishi coming to their honeymoon suite. Receptionist asks Rishi and Lakshmi to contact her directly if they need anything.

Rishi says ok. Lakshmi looks at him. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…Rishi gets Neelam’s call and picks the call. Neelam asks if he reached hotel. Rishi says yes. Neelam asks him to stay safe. Virendra takes the call and asks how is Lakshmi? Rishi says she is fine and standing infront of me. Virendra asks him to make him to talk to Lakshmi. Lakshmi takes the call and greets him. Virendra asks her to enjoy without worrying anything and always be with Rishi. Neelam takes the call and asks her to give to Rishi. Lakshmi gets Shalu’s call and picks the call. Shalu says she was angry, but now relaxed seeing her. She says so much happened and you didn’t tell us. Yesterday Neha stole the necklace and you covered it up. Lakshmi says God will punish Neha. Shalu asks where are you? Lakshmi says she is in Shimla, for honeymoon.

She says Nana ji came and gifted us honeymoon package. Shalu asks her to tell everything and teases her. Lakshmi ends the call. She thinks where is Rishi and is changed after marriage. She thinks Rishi loves me a lot and that’s why don’t want to hurt me. She says if he stays away from her, then she will feel bad. She thinks to ask himself what happened to him, why is he changed. Neelam asks Rishi to promise her that he will call her. Rishi promises her. Neelam asks Rishi to be with Lakshmi. Rishi says Dad also told this and says he will be with Lakshmi. He says I will call you. Virendra says your mom will call you tomorrow. Rishi comes to the room and tells Lakshmi that he will change too. The receptionist comes there and asks them to come for special dinner of the couples. Rishi says ok, we will join. He closes the door and goes to change. Lakshmi thinks it became difficult to talk to him.

They come out for dinner. Rishi gets a call and excuses himself. A girl named Nandini introduces herself to Lakshmi. Her husband comes there and gives her sweets. Nandini says she likes sweets before dinner. Lakshmi feels lonely seeing the other couples. The folk dancers dance while the song o re kanchi. Rishi comes and sits beside Lakshmi. Lakshmi gives her shawl to Rishi. She feels odd and bad. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will be back and goes. He then brings another shawl for her and covers her. He says I knew that you was feeling cold and says this is your problem, you think of others first. Lakshmi says you are not other. Rishi covers himself with another shawl and sits to watch the dance. Lakshmi looks at him. The dancers end dancing.

The receptionist asks them to get ready at 10 am, as they are taking them to safari. Rishi asks did you go there before? Lakshmi nods no. Rishi says you will enjoy. He says lets go and have food. He says he will work in the extra room and will not disturb her.Sonia asks Ayush to drop to college. Ayush says two people trouble me so much, one is mom and other is you. Dadi comes there and asks him to go to office. Karishma says he didn’t kiss me, I am his mom. Dadi says I am his Nani and he loves me more. Virendra comes there. Dadi says the talk is over. Neelam comes there and tells Virendra that Badrinath ji is coming at 10:15 rather than 3 pm as he saw something. Virendra says what he saw.

The receptionist asks them to get down the bus and enjoy as bus will stop at certain points. Lakshmi comes downstairs and says I thought I am late. Rishi says you are not late. Lakshmi’s dupatta falls on his face as she walks with him. She then moves her dupatta from his face and recalls the incident when Balwinder attacked him. She says sorry. He says its ok, lets go.The receptionist tells that they will stop at this point for 15 mins and asks them to come after 15 mins. Rishi goes from there. Lakshmi thinks to ask Rishi why is he changed? Rishi looks at welcome decoration stuff. Lakshmi says I want to say something and reminds do you know what you told me. Rishi asks what? Lakshmi says you didn’t say, but I felt. She says when we met before marriage.

Rishi asks what is the matter, if there is any problem. Lakshmi asks did I do anything, did you feel bad about something.Neelam says it seems Pandit Badrinath ji came. Pandit ji comes there. Neelam and Virendra touch his feet. Pandit ji asks them to give Rishi’s kundali. Neelam gets tensed.

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