I’m On the Edge update Tuesday 26 July 2022

I’m on the edge 26 July 2022: Adhi says okay I agree. She says I couldn’t listen. He shouts I agree. Do my work if you can’t then you will have to pay. She says okay sure. He calls Saradh and gives devi phone. She does what he says.Devi says I can’t work here. There is no switch here. He says come with me. He brings her to room. She sits down and says nice room. He says I don’t have time do it. She says place the charger. The room is not clean. He says do hurry up. Devi collides with him.Adhi stands on the side. Devi works on the laptop. Saradh calls him again. He says is it working now? Saradh talks to Devi. She does what he says. She says it will take time. Calm down. I know you are in a hurry. She says sit here. She works on it. Adhi looks in the screen.

She says either you see or let me see. He says work on it. He says files are transferring. Saradh calls again. He says its getting late. She says I am a doctor not software engineer. I am doing it. The laptop crashes. Devi is dazed. She says what do I do now. It works and the files transfer. She says no one can stop me now. Thank God. She restarts it and it does.Saradh calls again. Devi comes in and says your doctor devi treated it. Adhi says saradh sending it. He opens the laptop but it doesn’t open. he says what is this? She says it will open. Devi looks into it. She says wait a little. He says I don’t have time.She says just wait a little it will start. Devi says it started. he sends the file.

She says told you I will fix everything in this house. She syas now your promise. He says oh that promise. Okay you can live there. She syas thank you so much. She comes to store and says I won. She calls ambika. She says i know you are always worried for me. I have a good news. Adhi has allowed me to live in her room. Ambika says thats such a good news. She says we are so proud of you. Everything you dreamed will come try.DEvi say to idol we will go to our real place. She says to the rats don’t miss me I will come back. Be happy for me. Kesar comes in and says what happened? Devi says Adhi allowed me to live in his room. She says I will decorate his room. I will have my dressing table too. I have to find place for idol. I am so happy. Devi says I have to prepare so much. Kesar overhears everything.

Kesar comes to Massa and says I didn’t get it. They are sending letters. Devi was getting ready to go to his room. Masa says he has become her husband instead of my son. I will clear everything today.
Vani says let me see what adhi will do.Devi gets ready. Kesar makes her wear the jewelry. Masa sits tense, Adhi is thinking about his decision as well. Kesar says you look so pretty. Devi says this is the first step towards my mission. I will leave with the beast and find the human in him. Kesar says you will be successful.Devi knocks at Adhi’s door. He says what is it? She says I came to live in this room. You promised me. He says let me call everyone. He calls Masa. He says Masa what is happening in this house? This girl sees big dreams.

Masa says she has no shame. Devi says I didn’t come here with my will. You promised me adhi. You don’t keep your promise? He says I always keep my promise. Devi says you said you will let me live in my right place after I fix the laptop. Adhi laughs and says you stupid. Tell me which room is mine in this house. This house is of my mom. Every room is hers. Masa gave you your room. That is your room that store. The owner had to decide where who lives. Go and live where you deserve. She says you decieted me. He says you deciet. You made me eat your sweet dish. You left rats in my room. You thought I was a fool.

Masa showed you your right room and that will always be your right place. Go from here. Devi says the room doesn’t matter. A wife and husband.. He says you are not my wife. I brought you here as a servant. Go from here I have a lot of work. He throws money on her face. He says you fixed my laptop here is your fee. Devi is shocked. Masa smirks and leaves.Devi stands there crying. She goes to her to store. Devi recalls her insult. She cries and sobs there. She throws all the jewelry away.

Kesar comes and hugs her. Devi rests her head in Kesar’s lap. Devi says we have to do what they did. We have to behave like them. Kesar says you know how powerful they are.Devi sneezes.. Kesar says do you have flu? Swine flu? Devi says how do you know about it? Kesar says heard it on TV. Devi says don’t worry. It has other symptoms. Devi laughs. Kesar says you scare me sometimes. What is going on in your mind? DEvi says to change defeat in win. Someone else will have swine flu.

Scene 2
Next morning, Devi does arti. She says i am sorry God but sometimes we have to take the wrong way to reach the right destination. Kesar brings her a herb.Devi leaves the herb in Adhi’s room. Kesar stands outside. Bansuri says I gave you some work. Did you do it? She says yes. Bansuri leaves.Devi is putting poweder on herb. Urmi goes towards Adhi’s room with Kesar says give these clothes to me. I will place these. Urmi says why are you shouting? Devi hears. Kesr says give me these clothes.Urmi leaves. Kesar takes the clothes and goes. Devi and Kesar leave.

Adhi comes to his room and coughs. He keeps sneezing. He comes downstairs. Masa says what happened to you. You have fever too. Kesar says it can be swine flu they told in TV.He calls doctor. Doctor says show symptoms to your wife. She might diagnose. Adhi reads in paper about the disease. He calls Devi. Devi comes downstairs. Adhi says what are you symptoms of swine flu? My friend might have it. He says its me who has all these symptoms.URmi brings tea. Adhi says I might have swine flu.Adi says my whole body itches and hurts. Devi checks his fever. Masa says my son has swine flu. Adhi says let me go to work. She says how can I you are not well. She takes him to room.

Masa says you have swine flu. Masa says to Devi i know your intention. Adhi sleeps. Devi says I brought these leaves for him he will feel better. Masa says we don’t need it. We have called the doctor.Doctor checks Adhi. He says only one person should come to home. You should wear mask. He says you have devi in your house. You can take help from her.Devi thanks doctor for taking her side.

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