I’m On the Edge update Thursday 28 July 2022

I’m On the Edge 28 July 2022: The spider comes near Devi. Devi falls down and Adhi holds her. The flowers fall on them from Urmi’s hand. Adhi says can’t you see. He leaves.Masa says today her game will be over. But she is very clever. Devi screams. She says neck.. There is something on your neck. Bansuri screams. Bansuri says was it a spider? Devi says yes. Bansuri says black big spider? Devi says yes. She says but that gives paralysis.

Devi says I know how to treat it. I have to call my sir. She says sir how are you? Sir me Devi. She talks. Bansuri says ask about my treatment. devi says can someone be saved after bitten by that black spider? Bansuri says please treat me.Devi says you have to eat dog’s shit for treatment. Bansuri says how can I. Urmmi says let me bring it. Bansuri is crying.Masa says now you see what I do with you Devi. Bansuri says take that spider out. Devi says we have to treat you. Masa says why are you making noise? Bansuri says the spider we brought for her bit me? Urmi feeds dog sot they poop.

Bansuri says she said dog’s poop will treat me. Masa says she is fooling you. Devi says you brought it for me and I am treating you.Masa says to Bansuri she is fooling you. Use your brain. Urmi says my mom’s in danger.Devi brings her something says eat it. She thinks its dog’s poop but devi gave her something else. Bansuri its just haldi. She laughs. Devi says the spider never bit you. I caught it. She laughs. Deevi says masa you hate me but you know me very well. You knew I was joking.

Scene 2
Saradha is worried.
Ambika and Bharat are in market. Bharat syas I hope devi stays happy in that house. Ambikaa says she is very wise. a truck is coming from behind and hits bharat. he gets injured.Devi is going pooja. She gives Adhi arti. Her duppaata gets stuck in his coat.Devi’s dupatta gets stuck in Adhi’s coat. He plucks it and leaves.Ambika comes to hospital she calls Devi and tells her everything. Devi says to Masa my kaku has met an accident I have to go to hospital. Devi says please let me. Masa says there is pooja in house. Devi begs please let me go. Masa says if you step out of this house you can never come back. Devi still rushes towards the door. She stops at the gate.

Devi says Masa please let me go once. Masa says you once did something against me by coming in. You go out and i will show you how doors of this house close for you. Devi says I being married to Adhi was against my will but after that I did everything with my will.I will do my responsibility as a daughter. I will go to see my kaku. She rushes out but stops at the door. Masa smirks. Devi leaves. Masa says I will see how you come back here.Ambika is crying. Devi comes there. She asks doctor how is he? Doctor says calm down.

He is better. Devi says thank God. Urmi says to bansuri when Adhi gets to know she left the house without permission he won’t let her come back.Devi hold kaku’s hand and asks how did this happen? Ambika says we were in market.Urmi says what a game she played. Devi ask Ambika about kaki? Ambika says they have gone to her place. I didn’t inform her yet. Devi says good. Ambika says did Masa let you come here? Devi says she said I can’t come back if I go. Ambika says you better not. Devi says thats my house now.Devi says I have to go for lakshmi pooja. Take care. Ambika says okay go. She gives her chunri. devi says I will feel like you both are with me. She leaves.

Scene 2
Adhi calls his lawyer. He says the shares you bought on Devi’s name have doubled in rate. Devi comes back to house. DEvi says masa open the door. I came before pooja. This is my first diwali in house, Adhi says what is happening? Masa says I asked her not to go. But she went to meet her Kaku sa without my permission. This is her punishment. Devi says Masa please let me come in. Kesar says all doors are kept open in lakshmi pooja. Let her come in. Masa says I will send you out too if you talk in her favor.Masa starts pooja. Devi is worried about Devi. Her recalls baba saying that your wife has brought good luck in life. he recalls lawyer saying that his shares are touching sky. Devi knocks masa please open the door. Everyone is into pooja. Adhi silently opens the door. Devi comes in. She joins them in pooja. Devi looks at him.

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