I’m On the Edge update Monday 25 July 2022

I’m On the Edge 25 July 202: Adhi is going in anger. He takes his sword and goes to Bharat’s house.Urmi says Adhi was very angry. He will kill Bharat today. Devi is in pooja. She saw him going in anger.Adhi comes to chauhan house in anger. Kesar tells DEvi everything.Adhi comes with his sword. He sees the pooja going on there. He is about to throw sword on the picture but the picture is of his dad. He recalls his father’s death. Bharat says we are doing pooja for him. Elders blessings are always with us. Devi is doing pooja. Pandit ji gives her an idol.

Masa says now you see what Adhi does to your family.Bharat says I am sure your father won’t have liked this hate either. Adhi is in tears. He leaves his I have trust see what happens now. Devi says I have trust in God. Adhi comes. Masa says what did you do there tell her. Adhi says nothing happened here. Urmi says but.. Adhi says no one can question me here. Masa says yes not even me. Adhi says nothing is more than you. They are starting that press by doing pooja for that. What could I do? Devi smiles.Devi comes to store and says thank you God for saving kaku’s press. She says I will keep the idol here. We will celebrate our Diwali here. I will put this idol in his room is 15 days.

Scene 2
Next morning, Devi gets ready. She takes the idol out. Masa stops he. Devi hides the idol. Masa says to Devi why are you doing towards Adhi’s room. She says I was just going to take his clothes for laundry. Masa says some other servant out. Devi says I need to clean the house. Masa says stop whats in your hand. You were going to take it to his room. Adhi is not yours. Adhi comes. Masa says I asked her but she was still taking this idol to your room. She coughs. Adhi says I will handle her. Adhi grasps her hand and takes her somewhere. He locks her in her store. He says this is your place you wont get food either. Devi is in tears.

Deep calls Saradh. He says I came to Jaipur. Adhi opens his laptop but it doesn’t open. Saradh says I need the file urgently. Adhi says let me try.Saradh says let me talk to Devi. Maybe she knows. Adhi asks Kesar to bring Devi to his room. Adhi says I am taking her help because of you and work only.Kesar comes to Devi and says Adhi has called. He needs some help with computer. Devi says ouch my stomach hurts. I haven’t eaten anything. i feel weak. Devi says tell him I can’t come. Kesar comes to Adhi.Adhi says she is pretending. kesar says she hasn’t eaten anything. Adho says make her eat and bring her here. I don’t have much time.Kesar takes food for Devi. Urmi says who told you bring her food? Keasr says adhi did. Urmi is dazed.

She says I should tell Masa. Devi eats eats it all. she says such good food.DEvi says food is incomplete without sweet. Kesar says but Adhi is waiting. She says but Adhi said give her complete sweet. Kesar says you are being so clever.Adhi says to his laptop please start and that girl isn’t coming either. Kesar and Devi eat kheer together. Devi says lets go. She stops and says not in mood. Go and tell him I am not in mood. Kesar says he will kill me. Devi says just tell him I am not in mood.Kesar says to Adhi she isn’t coming. ADhi says we gave her everything we wanted. He takes her laptop to Devi.

Devi says welcome welcome. This house is yours. My kaku said we should never say no to someone needy. Adhi says I don’t have time. She says not in mood. he says do it or.. She says I wont work for free. He says what you want? She says my right to live in my room as your wife. Don’t look at me angrily. He says you showed your real face. He says I did a favor on you.Devi says don’t look at it angrily. He says don’t worry I did a favor on you. Devi recalls Kesar helped her. She was going to her friend’s wedding. Adhi stopped but then let her go.Devi says I was thinking what would masa think that you allowed me to go from this house. Adhi says I understand what you want. You want money right.

How much? She says somethings are pricesless I will tell you. He says what you want? Devi says right to live in the room I deserve to live.Adhi says there was a man who flied so much to touch the sun. He got burned. Devi says you have time for stories? I don’t mind I am free. Upto you if you want to get it done. Adhi feels helpless and angry.

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