I’m on the edge update Thursday 25 August 2022

I’m in the edge 25 August 2022: Masa is really angry. she recalls what Karan said. she breaks things in anger. Urmi comes and says I know what you are going through. You are a mom and saw your son this way. What will you do now? Masa takes out her gun and leaves the house.

Adhi says he has disgusted my family. He doesn’t deserve to be called my brother. Devi tries to sit. He helps her. The song bolna plays. Devi says family is one that respects each other. If he loves a man then whats wrong. He says what about this society? She says what society? That only molds people? he holds her hand and makes her lay on bed. Adhi says please rest. Devi says your brother fights this society every day. You have to own him with his identity. And kesar.. She had been waiting for him three years. Someone who was never hers. I want to do something that will make her and Mukun’s life better. Will you help me? He leaves.

Mukun says to Karan why did you shoot? I wanted to talk to Adhi. He would have understood. Masa loves me she would have accepted me one day or other. Masa is out with gun. She says my son can never do this. Mukun says we will talk to Masa. Karan says no.. Masas comes with a gun.

Ambika comes to Devi. She is worried. Devi says what happened? She says Masa is very angry. she wants to kill her son. Devi is dazed. She says I have to go. Ambika says you have to rest. Devi says I can’t let this sin happen.

Mukun says to Masa I really love you. I didn’t want to hurt you. This is my truth and identity. This is why I left. Please let me go Masa. I will go abroad. No one will understand me here. Masa says you want to live with a man? I set you free. You are right. You have to go. Mukun hugs her and says thank you Masa. I knew you would understand me. He says Kiran I told you Masa loves me. Masa says I can never tolerate this. Masa picks her gun. Adhi says masa stop he is your son. Masa shoots Kiran. Mujun is dazed. Adhi says what did you do Masa. Mukun says masa you killed Kiran. Masa says world will spit on us because of you. I can’t let you insult us. You are a stain on our name.

I will wash this stain forever. Adhi says masa please stop. He is your son. Masa recalls when he came back and she hugged him. Masa shoots him. everyone screams. Mukun dies as well. Adhi says I am sorry brother.. Nothing will happen to you. Mukun says please take care of Kesar. Don’t let her pay for my mistakes. He dies. Masa sits and screams. Adi says what did you do. Devo says what you did is a sin only.

Its Mukun’s funeral. Masa looks at Kesar and says you are responsible for all this. You were Mukun’s wife and he had to go to a man. You are the one who has shortcomings. Mukun has died. There is no place for you in this house. Get out. Devi says enough. This is your fault only. This wasn’t Kesar or Mukun’s fault. You are at fault.

Devi says its all your fault. I want to tell police everything but I am quite because of my husband. Kesar should be free from all the pain. she should get married to someone else so she has a life. Adhi says this is village. Here woman don’t marry again. Who will marry her? devi says saradh will. Adhi is dazed. He says okay I will talk to Saradh. Devi smiles.

Bansuri says you did a sacrifice and she is blaming you. Heera says who is she to decide all this? I wont let saradh marry kesar. Heera says I decide what happens here. See what I do now.

Adhi dresses Devi’s wound. Devi smiles. he says you should take care of yourself. devi says masa shouldn’t have done all this. Adhi says I know I understand. she says I know your pain that is why I didn’t tell anyone truth. He says you made me open my eyes.

Police arrests Saradh in charge of Mukun’s murder. Adhi is dazed. He sees the news. Devi says this is a sin. WE have to save him. Adhi says no one should know that masa killed him. Devi says we can’t let Saradh pay for masa’s sin. He says please don’t tell anyone. Its her thoughts that made her do it. Devi says she killed him in his senses. Adi comes downstairs.

Devi is getting knives sharpen. Masa says what are you doing. Devi says nothing. Heera says if you think you can scare me don’t. Devi says you killed you own son. Your crime can’t hide for long. I know you are behind Saradh’s arrest. I will get Kesarr married. This is my promise. Maas smirks.

Scene 2
Masa makes Kesar sit so her head can be shaved. Devi comes and says what is happening here. SHe takes the razor from the woman. She says how dare you. The woman says this is our ritual. Devi says today is the day of change and no one better come in between. If anything happens to Kesar I will tell the whole world who killed Mukun. Maasa asks the women to leave. Devi hugs Keasr. Kesar is crying.

Adhi is trying to sleep. He recalls his moments with Devi. He recalls all the bad things he did to her. devi is not in her place. He comes to see Devi is sleeping with Kesar. He says you are such a nice human. You help everyone. I will help you in everything you want to do.

Scene 1
Devi gives Kesar tea in bed. She says bed tea. Devi says I wanted to talk to you. Kesar says about? Devi says do you know who killed Mukun? Kesar says yes Saradh. Devi says no he is innocent. Masa killed him. Kesar is dazed. SHe faints. Devi gets worried. She says please open your eyes. Devi calls doctor. Doctor checks Kesar and says she is pregnant. Everyone is dazed.

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