I’m On the Edge update Sunday 28 August 2022

I’m on the edge 28 August 2022: A car stops and the guy comes out. He says I came in all this speed for you. I didn’t want to miss any ritual. He says what happened. He touches her shoulder and the pots fall down. They break. Devi falls and he holds her. Adhi is angry to see them. Adhi picks sword and says how dare you.

Devi says what are you doing. Masa says didn’t you see what he did? Devi says he is my friend Virat. He came here from Dehli for our wedding. we were college friends. Adhi says if someone comes close to my wife I can’t ignore that.Virat says hi I am Virat. Adhi says welcome to Sujhan Garh. He says is there any hotel? Devi says you will live with us. We have a big house. Adhi says yes you will live in our house. Mass smirks.Devi shows Virat his room. he says when is cocktail school? Adhi says what? Devi says he doesn’t speak english. virat says aren’t there any schools? Devi says he didn’t attend school because he had so many responsibilities.

He says to Adhi lets have a drink. He says I will change shirt. Adhi says you will change in front of her? devi says he is crazy. Adhi and Devi leave.Virat says Devi was a complete outgoing girl in college. He takes selfie with adhi and devi. The women are about to pour water on Devi. Virat says what are you doing. Deiv sas its a ritual.During Haldi Adhi sees Devi talking to Virat. Masa says why is he touching her? Adhi says they are just friends. Masa says for boys girls are never friends. Virat applies haldi on devi’s face. She applies on his face as well. Adhi is angry. Masa says this is too much. How do people make fun of rituals. An outsider is touching the bride. Adhi says they are from city and they are just friends. Masa says I can’t see all this.

Scene 2
Kesar comes to Devi’s room and sees all the dresses and jewelry there. She tries the jewelry and applies haldi on her face. she says why isn’t my fate like yours Devi? Masa says who said it isn’t? Marry Adhi. Kesar says I am sorry this is all devi’s. She runs.Kesar says what is happening with me? Why are there no happiness for me? Masa comes with jewelry. Kesar says this is so pretty? Is it for me? Masa says it can be for you. It is Devi’s for now. She could show you all this but she doesn’t have time. Her new friend is here as well.

Masa says you are pregnant. She could take you as well but she has kept you aside. When she needed you she roamed around you all time. World is like that. You are our daughter in law but no one cares about her. Adhi took reverse phera with her. That means their wedding almost broke.
You deserve to be his wife not her. you just say yes there is very little time.Adhi and Virat sit down for a drink. Adhi says how well do you know devi? He says very well. It was a special friend. Everyone in college thought we are dating. Adhi laughs. He says we married in a theatre as well. Adhi is dazed. Devi says why are you making adhi drink? Virat says he in uneducated but not a kid. Devi says don’t say that. Devi leaves. Virat goes after her. Adhi is angry.

Masa comes to adhi. She says eat food. Devi is eating with Virat. She is too close to him. This is not right. City girls like city boys. Eat food. She doesn’t care about you but I do. Adhi throws food in anger.
Virat comes to Devi. He says are you mad? She says you should mind your language while speaking. He says I am sorry. He does ups and downs and his pant tears. Devi laughs. Adhi comes. Virat says its not funny. He leaves. He says your wife can never grow up. He goes up. Adhi leaves as well.

Urmi says if Masa gets KEsar married to Adhi what will I do? i want to be his wife as well. Why is my fate like this? Kill me please. Bansuri says don’t say that. ADhi will have to marry you. Urmi says how? Adhi wants to marry devi. Masa wants him to marry Kesar. Bansuri says I will get you married to him. I have thought a plan. She tells her the plan. Bansuri says after that only you will be Adhi’s wife.

Devi gives Virat shake. He shows her old photos. He says where is your Maharaj adhi? She says don’t say a word about her. Devi says where are Sandhya’s pictures? He says she left me. she says another breakup. He says yes 20th. She says you are so immature. he says why all girls leave me? She says you are so immature. He says I have you I don’t want anyone. She laughs. Adhi is overhearing. She says today is mehndi and sangeet.

Scene 2
Sangeet starts. Virat ddances with Urmi and Bansuri. Virat says to Devi you have to dance as well. Bansuri says come devi. He plays drum and ddevi dances around him. Masa says see how is she dancing with him. Devi falls on his drum.

Everyone dances for Devi’s dace. Masa says lets start mehndi. urmi take devi to the mehndi girl.Masa comes to Kesar and says you wont’ understand you are ruining life of your child. Do as I say if you care about your child. I have to do this. Do what I ask you to.Adhi recalls Devi being close to Virat. He is angry. Devi comes and shows him her mehndi. She says how is it? He says fine. She says whats troubling you? He says Virat. He is very close to you. Devi says I have few friends but very close. He says you both understand each other. You are alike.

When you go close to him people talk about you. I hope you understand. She says I like you being jealous. Also there is something special for you. Come to terrace at midnight. She leaves.At night, adhi comes to terrace. Devi dances for him on the song ghoomar. Adhi is happy. Adhi says she planned all this for me. Adhi smiles. DEvi dances. He sees someone behind the curtain. He says it must be virat. He throws knife in that direction but no one is there. Devi says what is troubling him? I need to talk to him.

Scene 2
Virat asks Kesar is there any garden where I can jog? She tells him. He says I will roam around Sujan garh. Masa smirks at devi.
DEvi has made pasta. Devi says Virat really likes it. These parathas are for you. Masa says where is he? devi says let me call him/ Masa says dont go to his room or you can. you are so close to him. Adhi says you sit. I will bring him myself.DEvi says to Kesar are you okay? You look worried. She says I am fine. Adhi knocks on Virat’s door but he is not inside. Adhi sees women clothes in his room. He is dazed. He sees broken bangles as well. Adhi is angry. He says there was no girl with him? What is all this. Virat comes back from jog.

He says this city is so pretty. Find me a girl I will stay here. Where is devi? Masa says in kitchen. Virat says let me see. He goes to kitchen.Devi says I made pasta for you. He says I went to jog. I don’t wanna be fat like you. She says you called me fat. She throws flour on him. Devi falls on hinm. She laughs. Adhi comes in and sees. Adhi is angry. Devi sees Adhi.Adhi looks at Devi and Virat together. He is angry. Devi says I slipped. Adhi grasps Virat’s collar and says how dare you. Virat says what the hell. you are doubting your wife? Devi says let him understand. Virat says he can’t trust you.

This is the problem with these small town people. Devi says listen to me please. There was oil on the floor. I fell on him. Adhi says he is just here to be part of wedding. He won’t live here. Devi says listen.. Adhi says he will live in guest house. Virat says he is right. I will live there. He leaves.Devi says okay I won’t meet him. Please control your anger. She goes to her room.Masa comes and says what happened? Urmi says Devi was just taking her friend’s side. Masa says that guy has a bad eye on Devi. She can’t understand him.

Masa comes to Kesar and says what have you decided? She says I will care for my child. Masa says good. You have to make Devi trust you. For you your child should be everything. don’t think about others. Kesar says okay.Adhi looks at Devi’s photos. He says I should control my anger. I made a mistake. She cares so much for me and I doubted her. I shouldn’t have talked to her like that. She made a human from a beast.But I can’t see someone else close to you. Love changes everything. How will I fix it?

Scene 2
Devi sees rose on her way. SHe keeps picking them. She comes to a suited man. She says whom do you wanna meet? He turns, its Adi. Devi is surprised. She smiles. He says meet me, your prince. Devi laughs. She says you are so cute. He gives her the last rose. He takes all the roses from her and dances with her. He badly fails. DEvi laughs. He says lets try again. He tries to dance with her. DEvi says don’t do all this. He says your friend told me that you love dancing. She says didn’t hel tell you how to take a girl in arms. Adhi says I will learn. Devi says I like how you are. I don’t wanna turn you innto a prince. You are prince of jungle. He says go to your room.

Kesar comes to Devi adn says you look worried. Devi says Virat didn’t eat. He left the house. DEvi says can you give this to Virat? Don’t tell anyone. Kesar says sure.

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