Guddan update Sunday 24 July 2022

Guddan 24 July 2022: Agastya calls Guddan. Aarav picks the phone. He says sorry you can’t talk to her, this is Bari Maa’s order. Agastya says love’s enemy. I will go in front of her and talk to Guddan.Agastya comes to kitchen looking for her. Aarav is there. Agastya says wherever I go, you are there. Why don’t you become my wife? Aarav says I have become a sandwich between them. Agastya comes to room and sees someone sleeping under the blanket. HE says your brother tried to stop us from meeting but he can’t stop two lovers from being together. Now when we are together, let me come close to you. He hugs the blanket and says I can feel your breaths. It’s Aarav he shoves Agastya. Aarav says what are you doing here? Agastya says this is my room. Aarav says I can’t let you go to choti.

Guddan 23 July 2022

Agastya comes to Guddan and says why are you stopping me from being with my wife? Guddan says I am giving a chance to be with her forever. Just prove yourself. Take a decision. Agastya says what would you get? Guddan says your mom hit my pregnant daughter with a hockey stick, she went in coma. Then she tried to kill her at the hospital. then she tried to prove her crazy. She left goons on her to kill her. My daughter has suffered so much for you have not done even 1% of it. I was away from her for 20 years, when I came back she was in hospital.Because her husband couldn’t protect her. I tried that your mom accepts the crime, but she didn’t. Where were you in all this? Your own wife was telling you but you didn’t believe her. She returned mangalsutra to save you but you blamed her. Your mother blackmailed her. After all this, your mom is still in this house. She always used you for her benefit. But you have to be strong for your wife, child and Rashi.

They are your responsibility. You have to live in this house and give your mom a punishment that she deserves. I don’t like any of this. But I am doing this to make you a good husband and father. Now it’s in your hands, stay here with her or I will find a better guy for her. Are you ready to stay here? Agastya recalls what Pushpa said. Guddan says tell me your decision. Everyone comes downstairs in the hall. Sona says why are you leaving such a good house and such a good DIL. Pushpa says Arushi where is Agastya? He knows we won’t stay here.Agastya says maa, I won’t leave this house. Everyone is shocked. Pushpa says are you crazy? And Guddan, why are you smiling? Guddan says your son made the right decision for the first time. Second condition is left. Pushpa says what is that? Tell me Agastya.

What is she saying? Guddan says second condition for Agastya is that he will get you punished. Pushpa is shocked.Pushpa asks Agastya is that true? Now you will punish your mom? Tell me. You want to punish your mom right? Stay here. Pushpa brings a hockey stick and says hit me. She hits herself. Choti says why isn’t Agastya stopping her. Agastya takes the hockey stick from her and says what are you doing? Stop it. He goes inside. Pushpa screams.Agastya comes to the room and hits punching box. Pushpa says calm down please. He says my mom was hitting herself. I couldn’t do anything. Choti says in heart you can’t see your mom in pain, my mom can’t see me in pain and I can’t see you like this. But I can talk to my mom. Choti comes to Guddan.

Guddan says are you okay? Guddan says it will take time, he has to come out of his mother’s fake tears. Choti says but.. Guddan says what Pushpa did is pain. Diamond becomes diamond after what it goes through. Choti says mama please don’t force him. I feel so broken. I can’t see all this.Agastya is in a lot of pain. Guddan says because he’s blinded by his mother. We are making him stronger. Choti says I don’t get this way of fixing things.

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