I’m On the Edge update Monday 11 July 2022


I’m on the edge 11 July 2022: Bansuri says I have to work in this house. What if my daughter does something. She sees her dancing. She says what are you doing? Nandi saays I am mad in love. I heard that Adhiraj sent shagun there and they burned it.Devi comes to a place in her car. She says come here everyone. There are so many gifts for you all. She gives shagun stuff to the transgenders. They all thank her. She says I didn’t he brought this. Go and thank him. All the transgenders surround him and dance around him. Adhiraj is angry. Devi says go aand take your gifts. She says you would need their prayers because you messed with Devi. she leaves. adhiraj says this is gonna be fun.

Devi shows the video to everyone. Bharat says he is very dangerous he can do anything in anger.Adhiraj is angry. He recalls what what devi said. He drives over a police man’s vegetable stall.Adhira says to ma sa I have decided the wedding date and gave them shagun too. Kesar says they won’t give us shagun. Masa says we don’t care. Adhiraj says shagun will come and so will the girl.

Scene 2
Ishika breaks Bharat’s phone. Bharat says I had to get the taxi for devi. Someone throws a stone inside. They throw more and more stone. Devi says enough. She stands up and looks outside. She opens the door and a man with gun comes in. They grasp ishki. Her mom cries. She says leave my daughter. DEvi hits on his hand and his gun falls down. He picks it again and points it on Devi. They take all the jewelry and leave. Devi’s hand is bleeding. Devi says we need to call police. Kaki says they pointed gun at my daughter and this is all happening because of you Devi. She says lets go ishika. Bharat says don’t worry she is in anger.

Devi and Bharat are waiting outside police station. She says its been two hours and we have been waiting. she goes inside. Inspector says we are busy. Bharat says some thugs came into our house. Inspector says what else do you expect when you mess with our sir. Adhiraj comes in and says hello kakusa. Inspector laughs. Devi says you have to protect people not these goons. Adhiraj says this police station is mine. This city is mine. Devi says you are a goon. He says you should respect me I am your husband to be. DEvi leaves.Adhiraj is going somewhere. Maji says you are my heart. You have hurt them so much already. They have sent us this shaguhn too. He says I told you. She will come here and marry me.

Nandi takes food from Kesar. She says I will give it to him. She comes to adhiraj’s room and sees him stalking Devi. She says please eat it. You are always busy in work. You have to take care of your health. She says you look worried? Because you are getting married I will also serve you. She won’t I know. I heard she speaks a lot. Adhiraj says she has to convert her according to our styles. i am waiting for my win. She says sit here and eat. She says please eat. When you get married why you went for these rituals? Do you love her? He says I have a goal. I want to win. She says its late please sleep.

Scene 2
Sooraj comes home. Bharat says to devi this is sooraj my friend. He will drop you to Dehli in his truck. No one will know. kaki says that is right. Devi says I won’t leave you all here in trouble. I have decided. I will face whatever comes my way. I won’t leave you all here with that animal. Adhiraj won’t let me go anyway. Please I know that you are worried. We can’t go out. The world out here is large. I will talk to people who can help us. If we stopping fearing he caan’t scare us. I will stay here and fight for us all.

Nandi’s mom tells Maasa that Devi distributed shagun in transgenders. She says she will pay for this. Maasa says I won’t let her live or die.Ishika says will they hit us? Devi says no. She says let me tell you a story. She tells her story of a doctor. Ishiika says what if they hit me? devi says when there are bad people there are good people too. Who fight them. She says sometimes you have to your own hero.Nandi tells her mom that adhiraj doesn’t love her. she says he wants to seek revenge from her family. She says yes so dies maasa.

Nandi takes the mehdni of bride. Her mom says take it from here. She says I will put it in my hands first. She takes the mehdni downstairs. Maasa stops her. She says where re you going? She says shagun mehdni I was taking it to bride’s house. Maasa says you can’t take it. You are a widow. Adhiraj gives the mehdni to Kesar. Nandi goes upstairs. He says no one can stop this mehndi from being put in your hands.Ambika says they have arranged mehndi. Ishika says papa outisde.. He says what? She says there are some people outside?

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