Meet in love update Sunday 10 July 2022

Meet in love 10 July 2022: Meet Ahlawat says to Meet where were you, why didn’t you told me I thought I lost you and what if something happens to you, tell why did you left do you like to trouble me, whole night I was looking for you. Meet says sorry to him and thanks him. Meet Ahlawat wipes her tears says don’t cry.Manushi seating near a house says thank god, he sent someone for help but its not my fault that Meet is stuck in sand storm and God has punished for coming between me and Ahlawat. Kaka gives Manushi tea and says good you are fine, Manushi says thank you.

Meet Ahlawat gives his jacket to Meet and asks a passing camel for help.
Manushi sees Meet and Meet Ahlawat together and says how did she survive, she fought even this heavy storm, till now O expected you not to come between my target but you don’t understand why should I care, now you will see just my anger and revenge.Isha says to Sunaina, you look very pretty and trust me Tej bhai just wants your happiness.Babita messages Sunaina to sit in a box outside her room and that shall take her out.Ravi walks in, Ahlawat’s welcome him and his family.Sunaina sees box and tires to get inside it but it’s tall.Babita signs her men to pick the box.Sunaina uses stool to get inside box.

Masumstops men and says the box you want is here, men pick box and leave.Masum asks waiters to pick box Sunaina is in.Meet helps Meet Ahlawat to fold clothes, he says you have taken contract for saving people and that doesn’t mean you blindly help people, Meet says okay you pack my clothes too.Meet shows Meet Ahlawat photo’s they clicked and shows Bhula baba in it, Meet says I wanted you to meet him but never did. Meet Ahlawat says he is Tej bhai.Panditji asks to call bride, Masum says I will get her.Masum goes to Sunaina and removes box and says hello bhabhi, Sunaina confused. Masum calls Raj and says Bhabhi is in Kitchen please come. Babita and Raj walk in, Sunaina looks at Babita and starts crying. Raj and Masum leave. Sunaina says Tej I beg you please come back.

Meet Ahlawat in tears.Sunaina and Ravi marriage rituals begin.Meet Ahlawat asks Meet where is he, lets get him, let me call Dad.Meet Ahlawat calls Raj, Raj asks where are you two, Meet Ahlawat says I was good news, Raj says same here, Meet Ahlawat says I found Tej, Raj in shock, and says thank god we found Tej, Panditji says you are married couple now. Meet Ahlawat says my brother is in Rajasthan but he has lost memory but I’m getting him home and all will be fine soon.Raj looks at Sunaina and Ravi and thinks Tej doesn’t remember his past so Sunaina won’t have her Tej but will Sunaina be happy, and is my decision right, time will tell if this is right or wrong.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat start looking for Tej. Meet says to Meet Ahlawat wait I have an idea.Ram sees Raj and walks to him, and asks whats wrong, Raj says Sharmaji called that he couldn’t come, Ram says okay lets go its Vidai time.Meet gets jalebi to bring Tej’s notice, Meet announces Jalebi competition near temple.
Meet sees Tej.Meet announces Jalebi contest hoping they will find Tej. Meet Ahlawat says will he come. Meet says I have faith that he will come. Tek walks to Jalebi. Meet Ahlawat sees him and run towards him and hugs hum. Tej gets scared. Meet happy. Meet Ahlawat says to Tej we missed you a lot, everyone one in house missed you a lot, you cannot imagine how Sunaina bhabhi is living. Tej says Meet, friend. Meet Ahlawat hugs him but Tej push him back and walks to Jalebi.

Sunaina’s bedae ritual begin. Raj says every father think’s of her daughter’s happiness so I took this decision, I know my decesion will be very helpful for your future.Meet Ahlawat thanks Meet says because of you I got my brother, Dad was right you are lucky for me, you are the best life partner and hugs her. Meet says it’s our destiny. Meet Ahlawat says I’m sorry for judging your helping nature, I’ll go and get cab we will take Tej home and everyone will be happy after seeing him.Sunaina says to Raj no need to be sorry I know about your condition don’t apologise. Raj hugs her and says go. Sunaina says hugs Babita. Babita says why did you betrayed me, no need to give me explanation because the boy’s told me you were not in the box and it was filled with grains you ditched me and Tej, my son went against everyone to marry you but you destroyed everything and left my son, now stay there and never think of coming back. Sunaina take blessings of everyone on leaves in tears.

Meet remember talking to Tei about character Sunaina in the novel and thinks this means Tej somewhere still remember things should I show him Sunaina’s photo he might remember and shows him photo and say she is Sunaina bhabhi. Tej keeps repeating everything Meet says. Meet makes him say Sunaina is my wife I love her a lot. Tej repeat after her. Meet says now time has come to complete Ahlawat’s family everyone will be happy after seeing him.Raj makes everyone sit in hall and ask them about the decision for Sunaina. Ram walks yo Raj says you never have taken wrong decision for us. Ragini also agree. Raj says after sharing a news we will know it is right or wrong and the news is we found our son Tej. Everyone excited and shocked, Meet called and told me he found Tej in Bikaner but there is one problem he don’t remember anything he lost his memory.

Ram says Meet called during marriage then why didn’t you called of wedding. Raj says it was late till then don’t know what God wants, it’s so strange to find Tej when Sunaina got married again. Babita calls Kaka and ask him to cook 6 course meal and ask Ragini for help so that they all can celebrate new year and Babita very excited for Tej coming back. Raj ask her to calm down. Babita says I’m all fine don’t worry about me and ask everyone why all of you are quite. Raj says Tej is coming but Sunaina is married. Babita says so what she is gone now and oyr son is coming back and you did your part for Sunaina and she was the reason our son was away from us look and she stepped out we got our son back. Raj scolds Babita and says Sunaina was our daughter in law.

Babita says concentrate on our son and joins her hand infront of everyone and says let’s focus on Tej and don’t take my happiness so please nobody will take Sunaina’s name. Ragini says what you will tell Meet and Meet Ahlawat. Babita says I’ll handle everything but from now on nobody will her name and says to Raj please do as I say and don’t tell Meet and Meet Ahlawat about marriage.Isha walks in and tells Meet and Meet Ahlawat are here. Meet and Meet Ahlawat enter with sad face. Everyone ask where is Tej. Babita it must be again Tej’s prank, I’ll go get him Tej. Meet Ahlawat stops her says he is not with us. Babita says stop acting and call Tej. Meet Ahlawat says he didn’t come with us.

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