I’m On the Edge update Sunday 10 July 2022

I’m on the edge 10 July 2022: Adhiraj says lets start the wedding. devi says this is about my life not a joke. You can’t marry me. You are his mother? What do you think you are some God? You decided and he will marry me? Majisa says mind your tongue. Go and ask your family. She says you are doing this and I will ask you not them. you made your son an animal? Your dad does the same? Has he wen to kidnap another girl? Adhiraj is about to slap her;. He pulls out his gun and says mind yoru language. Devi says masa you are a woman too. Your son is doing wrong. Please stop all this.

Maji says Adhiraj take her. Adhiraj drags her. The mandap is ready. He forces her to sit there. Devi says what is this. Her servant’s daughter kurmeet comes in. They are forcing them to marry. Devi says this is not marriage. this is rape. I don’t know him. You are a rapist. ANy kind of force is rape. Marriage is done with consent of two people. You are not a man. You are an animal. Adhiraj is angry. SHe says you can’t marry me without my consent.
Majisa says marry her. Adiraj saysb no i will not marry her today. She will come back herseld and beg me to marry her. I will marry her with all rituals. She will beg me to marry her.

She will tie this knot herself. Majisa says but.. He says I am doing this for you mom. Believe in me. She says I wont’ let that happen. he shoves her out of house. ambika holds her. SHe says you haven’t seen my reality. Now you see what i will do.Kurmeet is looking at Adhiraj’s photo. Her mom says you have to do something. He gave her challenge of 6 six days. She says he is mine. see he couldn’t marry her today. I was married to his brother but I will always love adhiraj. Kesar comes in. She says your shower water is ready. She says thank you. She says send me milk as well. Kesar says okay and leaves.

Maji sa says why you did this? He says it will happen. I will marry her. Let me do this my way.Bharat says what will happen now? Bharat says we have to send her away from here. Devi says I will go from here. Bharat’s wife says that is right. Devi says you have answer me why all this happened? Who are those people? why they hate us. Why they did that with me? please tell me. I wont’ go until then. SHe asks bharat. Why did they call me dead? Ambika says please go to dehli. Bharat’s wife says I will tell you truth.

15 years ago your father started a business with adhiraj’s father. It bankrupted. Police arrested Adhiraj’s father and then he suicided. And since then they hate us. Ambika says you don’t need to know more. Your dad never did anythign wrong. He wanted to leave this place. He was taking you and your mom from here. They both died in the accident. This is why we never told anyone about your aliveness.Majisa says Adhiraj do something. Because of them your father died. He says I remember. I will marry her.

Devi says I always thought why you don’t let me come here. I thought you don’t love me. I am so sorry. Ambika hugs her and says we love you. That’s why we keep you away. The train is at 4. Devi says I won’t go anywhere.Bharat says to devi this is your medical’s last year. Devi says I wont go anywhere. Adhiraj says I will break her ego. She will rub her nose in your feet masa. He leaves.Bharat says please try to understand. For me you have to go from here. This is for your safety.

They reach train station. She says if he does something you will tell me. Bharat says take care of yourself please. she sits in her train. The man announces on speaker if devi chauhan sits in the train we won’t start the train. if it she is near you ask her to get out of train. Deiv says i am devi. A thug adhiraj is doing all this. He wants to marry me by force. Would you let that happen to your daughter? Try to understand. People ask her to leave the train. A man says no daughter stop. You are like our daughters. Sit here. We will stand in front of you. A pregnant woman is screaming. A man says my wife is not in condition to wait here for all this. Devi says thank you for taking my side. I don’t want anyone to suffer. She comes out of the train. Bharat says why you came out? She says adhiraj wont let me go.
Adhiraj comes there. He says told you I can stop you anyway.

Nothing can take you away from me here. People love me here. Adhiraj says its fear. She says you can’t stop people from going to their destinations. He says this train won’t go from here until you both leave the station. He takes a selfie with her. He says I will post it and tell everyone you are my wife to be. Devi leaves.Bharat comes back home with devi. AMbika says what happened? They tell them. Devi sits and recalls what happened. They hear band baja outisde. Adhiraj and his men are dancing outside. They put garland in bharat’s neck. Bharat says stop this drama. He says not drama we came here to fix the date. We need to do all the rituals. She says you can’t scare me. He goes and sits inside. He says start the pooja.

He says mohorat is on 5 days. Adhiraj says thank you. His thugs bring all the shagun in. He says anymore rituals? She says get out of here. He says don’t shout. Bahrat throws all the shagun outside and fires it. his thugs give me. Bahart throws it in fire but it catches his own clothes. Everyone screams. Devi blows the fire. Bharat says I will kill that adhiraj. Devi says we don’t have to react. We have to give him a bold stance. She says i will go an answer him.

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