I’m On the Edge update Wednesday 31 August 2022

I’m on the edge 31 August 2022: Masa says to Kesar I have prepared everything. I told you this will happen. Kesar says I heard all that you said. But enough now. Devi says in heart I knew Kesar. Keasr says I was such an idiot. You always thought about me. But I could never see.

You did all this for and my child. Thank you. Devi is dazed. Kesar says I can marry him this is my right and devi was taking my right from me. I helped you in kicking her out. I gave him those sweets. Thanks for doing all this for me. Devi says in kesar how can she do this? Masa says get ready for the wedding.Urmi breaks stuff in anger. Bansuri says what happened? She says I waited all my life to marry Adhi. Kesar came and took him. Bansuri says calm down. Urmi says heera said Kesar will marry Adhi. Bansuri says there is time left. SHe covers her face and says when he picks this ghunghat you will come out. But by then he would have married you. I will do an emotional drama. Masa will have to accept you as his wife.

Devi recalls her moments with Kesar. She says anyone can get selfish in this condition. Adhi loves me and I love him. I can’t let Kesar marry Adhi. Adhi will never make her happy. Masa is ruining three lives with this game. I can’t give up like this. I will get my husband back.

Scene 2
Everyone prepares for the wedding. Bansuri says to Devi what are you doing here? She says came to take water. Bansuri says its in coolers. She says sorry. Bansuri says go and prepare for dance.Devi dances on nagray sang dhol bajay. Masa says my heart is so happy today. She gives money to poor people. Masa says we will do pooja first.Masa comes to Keasr and says I am very happy today. See this locket. You will wear it. No more colorless clothes. Urmi comes in. Masa says make her a bride. MAke sure she looks pretty. Devi has installed a camera there. She is seeing everything. Urmi faints kesar and kidnaps her. Devi is dazed.

Urmi kidnaps Kesar and takes her somewhere. Devi is watching all this. She is dazed. Urmi takes her to store.
Adhi is in mandap. Masa does the rituals. Masa says take this sword with promise that you will protect your wife. This wedding will be with your family rituals.
Urmi locks Kesar in the room. She says this wedding will be mine not yours. Everyone will think devi kidnapped kesar and I saved the name of the family. Devi says you had a bad eye on Adhi. I won’t let you do this.
Devi says urmi is bringing her here towards the store. She hides Masa gives the sword to Adhi. Masa says there is some time left you should go and rest. Adhi goes towards his room.

Urmi takes Kesar to store and says Adhi is mine. Devi is hidden there.DEvi tries to wake up Kesar. The door is locked from outside. Virat comes there and opens the door. Devi says thank you. She says I am going to stop Adhi. Virat says he doesn’t trust you. Devi says I have to stop him from doing wrong. God will help me. Take Kesar from here. He picks her and leaves.

Adhi comes to mandaap and does the rituals. Panhdit says your name.. ADhi says Adhiraj. He says wife’s name? He says Devi. Masa says so Kesar.Masa comes and takes the bride with hidden face. Its Urmi who comes with Masa.Masa brings the bride. Adhi takes her hand and does the ritual. Devi is hidden behind the wall. She mixes something in Bansuri’s juice. Then she gace something to Urmi. Its Devi as the bride. She fainted Urmi the same way She did to Kesar.

Pandit ji asks Devi and Adhi to stand up and make each other war garland. They do it. They start taking rounds around the fire. Adhi takes all the promises. He says I will protect her all my life. Adhi recalls his marriage with Devi. Adhi recalls his moments with Devi as he does more pheray. Pandit ji asks devi to take her ghunghat off so that Adhi can fill her hairline.

Kesar wakes up. she says where am I? This doesn’t look like haveli. Where am I? She recalls Urmi took her from there. SHe tries to call home but no one picks.

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