Illusion update Wednesday 26 January 2022

Illusion 26 January 2022: Pooja and Kabir get into lift and lift malfunctions. Kabir signs bahar se koi andar na jaa Pooja asks him to use his contacts and open lift. He says how can he stuck in lift. Chopra tells Ranjit that Pooja is undpredictable and took Kabir instead even after manipulating her mind. Ranjit says Pooja likes young Kabir and not old Chopra. Chopra asks what happened to his plan of luring Rani. Rani hears that and asks what did he say. He says Pooja went to meet a client with Kabir and getting closer to him. Rani fumes and walks away.

Chanda meets her children in their college canteen and try to convince them to come and stay with her in Pooja’s house, but they walk away. Chanda returns home and starts cleaning Pooja’s house like a maid. Suman calls Chanda and requests to return home at least for her children’s sake. Chanda boasts that she is living a queen’s life in Pooja’s house and soon her children will be back to her. She disconnects call and continues mopping floor.Pooja panics in lift and shouts for help. Kabir jokes and acts as talking to ghost. Pooja panics more. Kabir says he was joking and even ghost is afraid of Pooja. Pooja calls amma, but phone gets disconnected. Amma reaches Pooja’s factory and flowers fall on her from fan. Ranjit who made this setup for Rani imagines romancing Amma. Amma walks away thinking someone pranked her. She walks to Rani and informs that Pooja is stuck in lift and they should go there. Rani says Pooja is romancing Kabir even after what he did.

Amma scolds her not to think ill about Pooja as Pooja always sacrificed for her since childhood. Rani says Pooja just followed her duty as elder sister. Amma insists and takes her along. Kabir gets out of lift somehow and asks Pooja to be calm till he gets help. He gets key from watchman and tries to open it asking Pooja not to lose hope and once he opens door finds Pooja unconscious, so he lifts her and takes her out. Rani walks in with Amma and fumes watching that. Pooja returns home with them. Rani asks since how long she was in lift with Kabir. Pooja says 1 hour. Rani asks what were they doing so long. Pooja scolds what does she mean, they were stuck inside. Amma handles situation. At Kabir’s house, Suman asks Dhruv not to spoil his life remembering Pooja. Dhruv says he has moved on.

Amma asks Pooja if she will stop fighting with Kabir. Siya says she will not trust him as he betrayed her repeatedly and hopes he does not do anything wrong in fashion show. Suman also asks same to Kabir. Kabir says he will not befriend a woman who destroyed their family, she didn’t even give him promotion and he is just keeping quite remembering daadu’s words, else he would have taught her a lesson already; he has to arrange fashion show for client. Dhruv hears their conversation.Workers watch fake video where goon says he stole consignment truck on Kabir’s order. Kabir walks in and workers look at hi angrily. Kabir asks what happened. They show him video. Kabir says it is a fake video and they shouldn’t fall for it again. Ranjit enters and says Kabir is a traitor and did all drama to get promotion. Workers believe him and walk away. Kabir warns Ranjit not to spread fake news.

Ranjit says Pooja already saw this video and she spread this video to all workers. Kabir insists to meet Pooja. Ranjit says Pooja is a boss and will not meet worker easily. Chopra watches them hiding. Pooja gets into her car. Chopra says he has made fashion show arrangements already and she need not worry. Someone follows Pooja’s car in a bike.Kabir walks to reception and insists to meet Pooja. Chopra warns to go back to work, else lose today payment. Kabir waits for Pooja for 5 hours. Receptionist checks with Pooja’s driver who informs that Pooja went to market and has not returned since 3 hours. Kabir calls driver and asks location and to check area again. Driver calls back and says Pooja is found nowhere. Kabir reaches Pooja’s house where Rani yells why did he come there. Kabir asks if Pooja came home. Rani argues and insults him. He warns her worry about her sister and not bother him. He reaches market and asks driver if he saw any unusual incidence. Driver says he felt a bike was following them. Kabir asks to inform him if he gets Pooja’s information. He reaches home and sees inebriated Dhruv returning home with blood stain on his shirt, asks how did he get it.Dhruv’s alcoholic friends enter and one of them says Dhruv demanded money from them and hit his hand with glass bottle and ran away. Kabir apologizes them.

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