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These streets 27 January 2022: Asmita says to Shekhawat Krishi isn’t home. Please do something. Shekhawat asks guards to check everywhere. Asmita is crying. She says you said she is safe here. Shan comes in and says Asmita, where is she? Where is Krishi? I told you she is in danger. I asked you to stay with her.

Where is my daughter? Shekhawat says stop this drama. I am sure you did this to blame me. Shan says are you crazy. Asmita says enough. If no one came inside the house who took her? Asmita recalls Nevi came. She looked worried. Asmita holds Shan’s hand and says come with me. They leave.

Shan and Asmita come to Mazumdar house. Nevi is crying. She says I am sorry. Pardon me. Nevi tells them everything. She says what else would I do? Shan says you risked Krishi’s life to save Moni? Asmita says I can understand your pain. Right now, let’s not fight. We have to save Krishi. Asmita says where is Moni? Nevi says she is fine. She tells them the address and says go save Krishi.

Krishi opens eyes and says mama, where are you. She look around. Nandini laughs. She says welcome to hell. Krishi says let me go. She screams. Nandini says scared now? Krishi says where are you talking from? There are mirrors. Nandini says I am all around you. You will die. Your God can’t save you. Krishi says you will never succeed. You will not win from me. God is with me. He will save me. Nandini comes in front of her and says I know how to shut you up.

The good bring in an idol Nandini says lock her inside the idol. The goons lock Krishi under the idol in a box. Kavita’s husband says we should kill her here. Nandini says there’s another story that I need to kill. Shan and Asmita come to look for Krishi. Avinash says you played well. Nandini says Nevi did this. I knew she would Shan and Asmita will reach here and they will die too.
Nandini hides. Shan and Asmita look for Krishi. They see a CD. They play it. Nandini says you reached here? Solve a game with me to get Krishi back. She tells them a riddle. Shan says what does she want? Asmita says she said 4 hours. What does that mean? Avinash says Krisshi will die there. Nandni says Krishi has to die. In 4 ours that poison will kill her. Shan says she is fooling us. Asmita says she can kill Krishi. Asmita says have to understand the clue and go to Krishi. They hear the riddle again.

Nevi prays for Krishi. She says I am sorry. I left her there. Please save her from Nandnini.
Asmita and Shan ask on streets if anyone has seen Krishi. Asmita says she said things from it. It can be a box. Krishi is suffocating. Asmita and Shan ask about her. Asmita says I beg you God. She sees an idol and prays. Krishi hears her voice and says mama I am here. Asmita can’t hear her. Shan says let’s go. we have to find her. Asmita says wait. I feel something about this idol. It wasn’t here before. Krishi screams

Scene 1
Asmita says Nandini said it’s something in the feet. Krishi is here. Under this idol. They hear Krishi sobbing. Asmita says Shan please do something. Shan breaks the box. Asmita says Krishi we are here. We will take you out. Shan breaks the box. Shan and Asmita take Krishi to the hospital. Nandini says she doesn’t have time. I injected poison in her blood. You can only save her in 120 minutes. Only I have the counter to that poison. If you tell police she si dead. Shan and Asmita are worried.

Krishi is rushed to an emergency. Shan says she is given poison. He says we have to do tests. Asmit says she only has 2 hours. Shekhawat says I arranged everything. Asmita hugs Shan and says I want my daughter back. Shekhawat is angry to see this. Shan ways nothing will happen to her.

Nevi says God, Krishi is in this condition because of me. She puts a candle on her face. Nevi says I will keep it on my pal until she is alright. Moni says bari ma you did this to save me from Nandini? You did wrong. I will pray for God to save Krishi. I will never talk to you if anything happens to her. NEvi says God please don’t punish Krishi because of my weakness.

Krishi is being treated. Asmita says to Shekhawat please go home. Nirvan needs you. He isn’t well either. I can’t leave him alone. Shekhawat says okay. He looks at Shan and leaves. Shekhawat says if this game of Nandini is going to take Asmita closer to shan I won’t let that happen. Nevi says please do something.

Asmita and Shan also pray for Krishi. Avinash is there a ward boy. Shan and Asmita cry. He says see how is she crying. Nandini says give them my message. Avinash drops his phone. Asmita looks at him. A flower drops and Asmita sees Nandini on the screen. Avinash picks his phone and runs. Shan and Asmita run after him.

Nevi says please save Krishi. Chahat will suffer too because of Nandini’s mistakes. Shan hits Ashish. He says I don’t know anything. I just got her message. Nandini calls. She says Shan, you look angry. Now listen to what I have to say. Krishi only has 50 minutes. Do as I ask. She is getting closer to death every moment. This is the antidote that can save her. Come here and don’t inform the police. You don’t have a lot of time.

Shan says Asmita you stay here. I will go there. Asmita says no she asked both of us to come.

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