Illusion update Thursday 27 January 2022

Illusion 27 January 2022: Suman confronts inebriated Dhruv and warns him to mend himself. Kabir thinks Dhruv did not kidnap Pooja and he should find out where she is. He sees Jay and Sonali walk out of house tensely and asks where are they going. Jay lies and leaves. At Pooja’s home, Chanda serves food to Rani. Rani alleges her that she is giving info to Kabir by staying here and twists her arms. Chanda shouts in pain. Amma rescues her. Kabir returns to factory and asks receptionist if she gor pooja’s info. Receptionist says not yet. Chopra enters and holding Kabir’s collar shouts where has he kept Pooja. Kabir pushes him away and warns to stay away from him, if he is really worried about Pooja, he should go and search her.

Amma enters. Chopra alleges that Kabir has kidnapped Pooja just like he had kidnapped truck. Receptionist says Kabir was in reception area for 5 hours when Pooja went missing. Amma says she trusts Kabir as he had saved Pooja from lift. Kabir thanks her for trusting him and says they should search Pooja instead of wasting time here.Jay’s college principal gets him arrested for leaking papers to his friends. Kabir reaches police station and somehow convinces principal to spare Jay for one last time, else his whole life will be at stake. Principal agrees and leaves warning Kabir. Rani enters with Ranjit and alleges that Kabir kindapped Pooja. Inspector says receptionist already gave her statement. Kabir warns Rani to use her energy to search her sister instead of yelling on him. Kabir then reaches home with Jay.

Jay pleads to scold and punish him. Kabir says he can do whatever he wants. Jay says he is the one hold their family together and has right to punish him. Suman blames Pooja for all the problems. Kabir takes Pooja’s driver to police station and informs inspector that driver saw someone following Pooja car in a bike. Driver helps sketch artist prepare follower’s sketch. Pooja in kidnapper’s den pleads to spare her. Kidnapper throws bottle on floor and shouts shut up. Poooja identifies him as Dhruv Mittal. Kabir also identifies kidnapper’s sketch as Dhruv’s.

Tied and masked Pooja realizes Dhruv has kidnapped her and says he stoop so low. Dhruv warns he has broken bottle in his hands and will stab her. Kabir calls him just then. Pooja says he cannot harm her. Kabir calls Dhruv again. Dhruv returns home. Kabir asks if he kidnapped Pooja. Dhruv shouts not to allege him. Kabir says if he has kidnapped Pooja, he should inform and and I will fix it. Suman shouts to stop fighting and asks Kabir to stop doubting his brother. Inspector shows kidnapper’s sketch to Amma and asks if they know him. Amma says no. Rani says Kabir kidnapped Pooja and police should arrest him. Amma says Kabir cannot kidnap pooja. Chopra says he has hired spies to search Pooja. At home, Dadaji and Suman scold Kabir for doubting his brother.

Chopra makes Ranjeet spy outside Kaabir’s house. Ranjeet fumes sitting in car and yells that he made an MBA sit between mosquitoes. Kabir peeps into Dhruv’s room and sees him sleep. Once Kabir leaves, Dhruv opens eyes. In the morning, Kabir apologizes Dhruv for doubting him. Pooja tries hard to free herself and falls down. Dhruv gets into auto and leaves. Kabir follows him another auto. Ranjeet follows Kabir’s auto. Kabir’s auto malfunctions and driver says he cannot go further. Kabir runs behind Dhruv’s auto.Pooja somehow frees herself and hides. Dhruv returns and shouts that Pooja cannot escape. Pooja stabs broken glass into his leg and escapes. Dhruv runs behind her. Kabir enters and tries to stop Dhruv, but Dhruv pushes him and runs behind Pooja. Ranjeet enters says he knows where Kabir has hidden Pooja. Kabir pushes him and runs. Ranjeet calls his father and asks to send police as he fought where Pooja is. Pooja runs in a secluded place and hides. Dhruv walks towards her.

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