Illusion update Tuesday 25 January 2022

Illusion 25 January 2022: Pooja’s client says her he cannot wait anymore for consignment and is canceling order. Pooja tries to stop him, but he leaves in his car. Kabir stops his truck in front of client’s car and informs that consignment was stolen and Pooja didn’t now about it, he got it back safely. Client hands over cheque to Pooja. Chopra makes a phone call to his aide. Pooja thanks workers for their hard work and announces a party for them tonight. Chopra arranges party in a far away five star hotel. Pooja scolds him and says he should have arranged party in a dhaba or in a function hall, workers will feel odd in five star hotel.

All workers gather in five star hotel. Jay also takes his girlfriend to same hotel. Inspector meets Pooja and shows her a footage where goon lies that he stole truck on Kabir’s order as wanted to become a hero in Pooja’s eyes. Pooja fumes in anger and walks towards Kabir. Ranjit asks Chopra how did he do that. Chopra says with his experience, goon was his man, now Pooja will blast a bomb on Kabir.Pooja walks to Kabir. Kabir greets. She warns to give him respect. Workers feel uneasy trying 5 star food and say factory food was better. Chacha tries to eat noodles. Kabir teaches him. Workers get up seeing Kabir. Kabir asks them to sit. Chacha drops plate by mistake. Manager yells. Kabir warns to behave as it is a mistake. Chopra interferes, but Kabir shut his mouth. Pooja fumes on Kabir. Jay impresses his girlfriend with her favorite dishes and desserts. She goes to washroom when waiter gives him bill.

He says he is short of money and will pay after dropping his girlfriend. Waiter calls manager and tries to slap him when Kabir stops waiter and says he will pay. He opens wallet and does not find money. Waiter taunts both brothers are broke and came to enjoy free food. Pooja interferes and offers to pay their bills after taunting Kabir and Jay. Kabir thanks her. She says she is not doing any charity and will collect her money with interest.Pooja’s driver stops car and informs her that someone threw something on car. Pooja asks him to check. Driver goes to check, but doesn’t return oon. Pooja calls him and gets tensed sensing someone behind. Driver says its him. Pooja says lets go and gets into car. Kabir questions Jay for taking his girlfriend to a 5 star hotel without money. Chanda as usual with her loud overacting starts yelling at Kabir and protects Jay. Pooja returns home and informs Rani that she really senses someone around her.

Rani says it must be her misunderstanding. Door bell rings, Pooja opens door nervously. Chanda enters and starts her drama, falls on Pooja’s feet and requests her to accept her and her children in this home. Pooja agrees provided she works as maid. Chanda continues her drama and leaves. Rani asks why she wants this loud speaker at home. Pooja says she needs entertainment at home.Next morning, Suman consoles Jay and gives him breakfast. Chanda brings bags and starts yelling there is no need for her and her children to stay in this bird nest. Family tries to stop her, but she continues yelling. Kabir enters and tries to stop her. Jay and Sonali say they will not go to Pooja’s house, and Kabir scolds them as elder brother. Chanda continues her loud tantrums and leaves. Dadaji feels sad and blames himself. Kabir thinks Pooja did wrong by breaking his house.

Pooja reaches factory when she senses someone around. Dhruv watches her hiding behind bushes. Client calls her and insists to meet her and Kabir. She informs Chopra who asks if she remember what kabir did. She says yes, but client needs him. Kabir enters Pooja’s cabin and asks why did she request Chanda to stay in her house. Pooja says why should she allow loud speaker in her house, Chanda pleaded to let her stay in her house and in return work as maid, so being a kind woman she let Chanda in her house. Kabir says if he gets promotion and earns well, Chanda will return to his house. Pooja says let us meet client first and then discuss about his promotion. They meet client who says he is opening a shop in shopping mall and wants Pooja and Kabir to arrange fashion show for him. Pooja agrees and asks about payment. Client says she will get her payment. Pooja thinks she can construct orphanage with that money. Kabir asks how can she agree without asking his wish. She says he has to if he needs promotion. They get into a lift continuing their nok jhok when lift malfuctions and Pooja panics.

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