Illusion update Monday 27 December 2021


Illusion 27 December 2021: Chanda hears a phone conversation and scolds her children Jay and Sonali. PK enters with blackened face. Chanda starts her drama and asks who is he to enter house dressed like PK. PK shouts shut up. Chanda realizes he is PK. Family gathers, Jahnvi asks what happened to him. PK walks to Kavya and shouts how dare she is to record widow pooja video and upload it. Kabeer interferes. Dhruv says someone uploaded widow pooja video. PK says who else than Kavya. Kabir says he is sure Kavya did not. Jahnvi signals Ishani to go and speak in Kavya’s favor. Ishani says she saw Kavya did not use her phone at all.

Illusion 26 December 2021

Kabir asks if he is convinced now.Jahnvi returns to her room and sees Dhruv trying to unlock her mobile. Dhruv says he used his name as passport, but her mobile did not unlock; his mobile unlocks with her name. She gets nervous. He asks why did she hold his hand when papa shouted at Kavya as if he is questioning her. Kavya brushes off.Next morning, Sonali badmouths about Kavya in front of Ishani. Ishani says Kavya is such a sweet woman. Sonali says she got afraid seeing bade papa/PK so angry. Kavya walks near Ishani. Sonali leaves murmuring her sweet lady came.

PK scolds his trusted aide/driver for failing in his task even after taking a huge sum and orders to find out Kavya’s details at any cost soon. Jahnvi walks in with food and asks him to calm down. PK shouts all his reputation is at stake and he cannot participate in mayor’s election. Jahnvi says whenver politicians are barged in by a scandal, they just say it is a morphed video and his rival is trying to tarnish his name, even he should use same strategy. PK says she is right and says she is lucky to have a bahu like her. Jahnvi says she is lucky to have a sasur like him in her life.

At night, Jahnvi leaves house in her car and Dhruv follows her thinking he did not understand Jahnvi yet even after 1 year of marriage. Jahnvi stops at a temple and serves food to poor. Dhruv returns thinking he unnecessarily doubted Jahnvi. Jahnvi offers biryani to a beggar who says he needs Chinese. She says he can eat biryani or else she will take it back. Beggar removes his blanket and reveals he is Jahnvi’s close friend. He asks if jijaji/Dhruv left, how did she manage to fool him. Jahnvi says she planned it and reminisces misguiding Dhruv.Dhruv drives car back home listening to romantic song on FM radio channel. Kavya also listens to same channel and thinks love is blind and her husband is its live example. At Mittal mansion, Kavya wakes up at midnight to drink water and drops water on Kanbir by mistake. Kabir hurriedly wakes up, Kavya apologizes him. He says he will change and tries to remove his T-shirt. Kavya shies, but seeing him struggling to remove T-shirt helps him. They both feel connected.

They then sleep on bed wit Aarush in between them. Aarush coughs. They both wake up and Kabir keeps h is hand on her hand. She feels shy.In the morning, Jahnvi does yoga reminiscing Amma telling her papa was innocent and a good man, she should not punish innocent people and should aim at punishing PK Mittal instead.She opens her eye and gets nervous seeing Dhruv and asks what what is he doing here. He flirts with her and says he came steal her kajal. She asks if he is flirting with his own wife. He says of course not, he can flirt with others wife, he means he loves sleeping for 30 minutes than doing yoga. She asks him to go now and once he leaves thinks his family needs kajal to ward off nazar. Servant delivers her Suman’s medicine. She reminisces ordering doctor to change Suman’s medicine and take her to next level of madness.

Jahnvi then feeds breakfast to Suman and informs that widow pooja video got leaked and papa faced humiliation. She then says it is medicine time. Suman resists, but Jahnvi forcefully gives her medicine and says next medicine is at 12 noon, smirking. In lawn PK practices archery while commissioner informs that he has fixed press conference at 12 noon and even PR agency told press conference is good for him and his family’s presence will help. Jahnvi walks in and says commissioner uncle is right, even Kavya’s presence will repair his damaged image. PK shouts he will never use Kavya’s help and he is a big banyan tree who offers help instead and asks Dhruv to take care of press conference arrangements. Once they leave, Jahnvi shoots PK’s hit arrow and breaking it smirks that Mittal family’s destroyal will start at 12 noon.

Kabir gets investigating army officer’s call and asks him to reveal how Vyom was shot while he and Vyom headed a mission. Kabir says he already informed and goes into flashback where he finds Vyom speaking to terrorists and finding Vyom is a double agent, terrorists shoot at Kabir and Vyom bears bullet trying to save him. Dying Vyom says he is double agent and it is also true that Kabir is his best friend and he does not want Kavya and Aarush know about his wrongdoings. Out of flashback, Kabir nervously cries.Jahnvi chats with Kavya when Kavya asks if she does not mind can she take mummy’s medicine responsibility. Jahnvi says of course she would not mind, in fact Kavya can develop a good bonding with mummy. Kavya asks what medicine and dosage to give. Ishani says she will explain her and next dose is at 12 noon, smirking at Jahnvi.

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