Illusion update Tuesday 11 january 2022


Illusion 11 january 2022: PK checks CCTV footage and thinks who is this girl who entered his room and opened his locker, he cannot see face properly due to black and white mode. Jahnvi thinks this old man troubles a lot, he fixed hidden CCTV cameras without anyone’s notice. He asks Jahnvi if she is the one as she was at home at this time. Jahnvi says she was sleeping in her room, Kavya had come home early, so it must be Kavya. PK says just wait and watch how will he extract truth. Jahnvi thinks what will this old man do now. PK gathers family and serves them sweet. They all look at him amazed.

He says they follow a ritual of having dinner and sweets together once a week, it is normal. He himself picks one and serves one to even Kavya taunting her. He then asks if he can start his investigation. Dadaji asks what does he mean. PK says there is chudail at home. Chanda does her overacting as usual.PK asks Kavya why did he enter his room and tried to steal his wealth from his locker. Kabir warns PK to mind his tongue and stop alleging Kavya wrongly. PK shows CCTV footage and asks if this is not Kavya, then who is this girl as Kavya had entered home in lieu of taking care of Jahnvi. Kabir asks how can he be so sure it is Kavya, Kavya will never do that.

PK says then it is Jahnvi. Jahnvi gets tensed. Dadaji asks if he is out of his mind, Jahnvi cannot do anything wrong. PK says Kabir is telling this. Kabir says he did not say that. Jahnvi says she knows. PK calls Kavya a thief who tried up-slurp his wealth and insutls her badly. Kabir confronts him. Aarush walks to Kavya and asks why she is crying and why everyone scold her, they will not stay in this house. Kavya says yes and walking with him confronts PK that she is not a thief and she does not need his wealth.

Kavya returns to her room and cries reminiscing PK’s allegations. Aarush asks why daadu/PK always insults her, let us leave this house. Kavya nods yes. Kabir walks in. Aarush asks if he will also accompany them. Kabir stands sadly seeing Kavya crying.Ishani dances happily hearing Kavya is leaving Mittal mansion. She tells Jahnvi that she is happy to see Kavya getting out of Kabir’s house, now she will enter Kabir’s life soon. Jahnvi asks her to be careful while speaking as old man PK has installed invisible cameras all around house, maybe not in this room, there will be cameras outside this room. They get tensed seeing door opening someone entering and relax seeing Aarush.

Aarush walks to Jahnvi and asks why mamma is crying continuously and not speaking to him. Jahnvi says it is normal as even he would cry if someone scolds him, so he can relax and wait for sometime till mamma calms down. Aarush agrees and leaves. Ishani fumes in anger and asks why she is getting so friendly with Aarush. Jahnvi warns that Aarush is a kid and they will not play with kid’s emotions.Kabir walks to Dhruv’s room and asks where is Jahnvi babhi, he needs her help, he is sure Kavya cannot steal in this house. Dhruv says even he feels so, but they cannot doubt Jahnvi at all. Jahnvi walks in. Kabir repeats same. Jahnvi says she returned home from Raghav’s house and slept in her room, she woke up hearing landline bell and saw Jahnvi over phone who told it was a blank call, then she went back to her room and slept back.

Kabir asks was was the time then. Jahnvi says around 10:30 p.m. Kabir says girl entered papa’s room around 9:30, then it is sure Kavya is not that girl. He leaves from there and walks into his room where Kavya is busy packing her bags. He insists her not to go as he is sure she did not do anything. Kavya says she is tired of his family’s repeated allegations. Jahnvi walks in and says Kavya has taken a right decision, it is better to leave from here and live a dignified life than spoil Aarush’s future. Kavya picks bags and walks down with Aarush.

Jahnvi meets Amma and explaining her whole situation says Kavya is leaving now, it is better for them both and they both can live peacefully in their own space. Amma serves her mangoes. Jahnvi explains her next plan of action to Amma and returns home happily. She sees Suman sitting sadly and asks her not to feel bad that Kavya left home. PK enters and says she is sad as Kavya did not leave home and goes into flashback where Kabir tells Kavya that even he will leave house with them and shows 3 ticket. Suman pleads him not to leave house. He says he will stay till Kavya is proven innocent and he is sure she is innocent. Kavya stands fuming in anger.

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