Illusion update Wednesday 12 january 2022

Illusion 12 january 2022: Jahnvi tells Kabir that Kavya should have taunted repeatedly in this house, so she backed her to leave this house, but Kabir did right by stopping Kavya and even she did not want Kavya to leave. Kabir says good Kavya did not leave, else how will they prove her innocent. Jahnvi walks to Kavya and hugging her says she is happy that she did not leave. Kvya says they were only 2 people in this house at that time, then who must have come. Jahnvi says they will find out. After sometime, Kavya returns to Kabir’s room. Kabir says this family was peaceful some years ago, though dad was arrogant from before but not this much; he still remembers when Dhruv’s marriage was fixed and goes into flashback, says he did not see his family happy after that. Kavya asks if he means things changed after Jahnvi entered this house. Kabir says he did not say that. Kavya says she does not know what to say, only she and Jahnvi were in this house. Kabir says day must be asleep at this time, so let us go and check CCTV footage.

Jahnvi enters PK’s study room and searches CCTV camera. She finds it and cuts its wire and also removes footage disk. Kabir and Kavya enter next, Jahnvi hides. They check PK’s laptop for footage, but does not find one; think thief must be inside home or just has gone out, so they walk out. Jahnvi comes out of room next when PK catches her and asks what was she doing in his study room. She says she saw Kabir and Kavya going out of study room, so she went into to check. PK walks in with her and finds CCTV screen blank and camera wire cut. Jahnvi says Kavya and Kabir must have done this.

Next morning, PK goes to Raghav’s house and says Kavya is a thief. Urvashi drops Pooja sharma’s file. Raghav gets nervous and says PK let us go out and have coffee. Urvashi tries to keep file back hurriedly. PK insists to see file and snatching it checks and is shocked to see Pooja Sharma’s file. Raghav informs that Pooja Sharma and her sister are still alive. PK shouts where is their photo then.Jahnvi asks Amma if she finished her assigned task against Kavya, her plan of sending Kavya out of house failed miserably due to Kavya’s intelligence. Amma says she did as she told. Jahnvi gets Dhruv’s call and fumes saying she is tired of his unnecessary love, and once she tackles Suman, she will tackle Dhruv. At home, Kavya picks landline and Dhruv on the other side asks where is Jahnvi. She says Jahnvi is not at home. Dhruv says he left his wallet in his room and if she can send it via driver.

Kavya picks his wallet and walks towards main door when Chanda calling her margali chipkali alleges her for stealing wallet. Kavya says Dhruv called her and asked to send wallet via driver. Chanda continues tries to snatch wallet. Photo falls down from wallet. Sonali informs Kavya that driver is waiting for wallet. After giving wallet, Kavya finds photo with Pooja Sharma written on it, turns it and is amazed to see Jahnvi’s face. Jahnvi walks into kitchen and asks maid what did she prepare for Suman. Maid shows daal soup. Jahnvi asks her to go, she will serve soup to mummyji. Kavya walks to her and says she needs to speak. She says if she is worried about PK alleging her as thief, if she is not, then she need not worry. Kavya repeatedly tries to speak, but Jahnvi repeats same. They hear Suman shouting, and Jahnvi rushes towards Suman’s room. Kavya thinks she wants to know why Pooja Sharma is written on Jahnvi’s photo.

Family gathers seeing Vyom’s parents coming to meet Aarush. They insist to take Aarush along. Kavya panics and asks who asked them to come here. Aarush says he called them as he does not want to stay here. Ishani excitedly asks Jahnvi if she did it. Ishani smirks. Vyom’s parents insist to send their grandson with them. PK yells not to make any drama in his house. Father apologizes PK for barging in without informing and says he just wants his grandson back. Kabir interferes and asks why are they worried about Aarush suddenly, they never respected Kavya and always came to meet Aarush and Vyom when Vyom was alive. Mother says she never liked Kavya and cares only for her grandson now, if Kavya can break her marriage with Kabir and walk with them, she is fine with it. Kabir threatens them to go to court. They walk away saying they will see in court itself.Jahnvi feeds medicine mixed daal soup to Suman. Kabir consoles Kavya. Kavya asks if Aarush’s grandparents can take him legally. Kabir says he will do his best to retain Aarush with her and says someone is.

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