Illusion update Monday 10 January 2022


Illusion 10 January 2022: Kavya alleges Kabir that he betrayed her by marrying her even after knowing his friend Vyom was a traitor, how can he do this to her; she is also a human and has her own emotions, the truh that her husband Vyom was a traitor is creating a cyclone in her life, all because of Kabir. She will be always be called as traitor’s widow. Kabir says she will be called with his name from hereon. Kavya says she hates both love and friendship now and locks herself into room. Kabir knocks door. Kavya continues crying reminiscing PK’s rude words. Kabir tells Kavya that she is thinking wrong, her 6 years of married life with Vyom were not wrong, she got Aarush; now they both will give a better life to Aarush.

He continues that even he is a human and even he was shocked seeing Vyom’s truth, he was confused what to do and just knew to protect her best friend Kavya and her son Aarush. Aarush walks to Kabir and asks if he has to go to school tomorrow. Kavya opens door and says he does not have to as school play ground was very small and Aarush likes big play ground. Aarush rejoices. Kabir says they will find a big school for Aarush.Amma knowing about Jahnvi’s injury insists Jahnvi over phone to meet her. Jahnvi says she is fine, bullet just brushed off her shoulder. She reveals Kavya found files in Manohar’s room and gave it to Raghav who gave it to PK, files may have evidence against her and she is tensed. Ishani informs Jahnvi that PK called her. Jahnvi walks to PK and seeing whole family there asks what happened, why are they staring at her. PK says he called everyone as they are going to Raghav’s house for dinner. He asks where are Kabir and Kavya, are they hiding fearing of being called as traitor.

Kabir walks down with Kavya, and PK taunts him. Kabir says he has gone old, so he forgot that Kavya is now his wife, so she is Kavya Mittal and Aarush is Aarush Mittal. Dadaji asks them both to stop. Jahnvi says she is having pain in her injury, so if she can stay back. PK says no, she will accompany them and return in 1 hour. Jahnvi fumes that she wanted stay at home and steal files, but old man spoilt her plan.PK’s family reaches Raghav’s house where his wife Urvashi greets them all. Jahnvi asks how was her US trip. Urvashi says it was good and asks what happened to her shoulder, Raghav told she got severely injured, how is she now. Jahnvi says better. Urvashi then calls newly wed and gives them gifts. Jealous Chanda comments it is Kavya’s second marriage and earlier she had eloped and married. Urvashi asks what is wrong in it, everyone should get a second chance. PK silently leaves from there and reaching back home gets hidden CCTV cameras fixed.


Jahnvi tells Ishani that she is going home and tell PK that she was feeling pain in her bullet injury. PK returns and asks what happened. She acts and says she is having pain, so she was going home. He asks her to take driver along, he will inform family. Urvashi serves juice to family and asks where is Ishani, Jahnvi and PK. PK returns with Ishani and informs that Jahnvi was feeling pain, so she went home. Kavya says she will also go home to be with Jahnvi. PK permits. Dhruv says even he will go home. PK says let whole family go home and waste Urvashi’s prepared food and her effort. Family stays back. Ishani messages Jahnvi that Kavya is returning home.

Jahnvi enters PK’s room and opens his locker, finds Manohar’s files and not evidence against her, thinks Manohar was wrongly blackmailing her without any proof against her. She gets Ishani’s message that Kavya is returning home and tensely closes locker back. Kavya enters home and walks towards Jahnvi’s room. Jahnvi calls on landline and waits for Kavya to pick it. Kavya heads towards landline phone when Ishani tries to rush to her room and keys falls down. Kavya turns. Jahnvi acts as coming out of her room and asks Kavya what is she doing here instead of enjoying dinner party. Kavya asks how is she now, she heard she is having pain in her bullet injury. Jahnvi says she is fine now and yawns. Kavya asks her to go and rest.

Raghav returns home and asks Urvashi if PK’s family left. She says yes. He reveals that he gave only Manohar’s files to PK and hid 1 file which has Dr. Ashok Sharma’s daughter Pooja Sharma’s details who is still alive; he knew Pooja Sharm and her sister are alive and did not burn with Ashok Sharma but hid this fact from PK, photo was missing Pooja’s file and he could not see her present face. Urvashi suggests him to hide this fact as they cannot trust PK.Dhruv returns home and shows his concern for Jahnvi. Jahnvi angrily shouts she is fine and pushes him. Dhruv says he cannot understand her at all, sometimes she gets romantic and sometimes gets very rude. In kitchen, Kavya prepares burnt rotis for herself reminiscing Chanda insulting her. Kabir enters and insists her not to have burnt rotis, but she resists. He eats burnt roti.PK watches CCTV footage of someone entering his room and opening locker. Jahnvi walks to him and asks if he did not sleep yet. He shows her CCTV footage.



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