Illusion update Thursday 30 December 2021


illusion 30 December 2021: Manohar knock on window and ask for water bottle to be kept in car, adding kitchen door was locked so he came at window.. Jhanvi give him bottle and he goes.. Ishani read Kabir indirect thank you note on friendsbook (sorry note yaad nhi) and tell jhanvi that kabir and kavya are attracting to each other like megnet.. Jhanvi say that its not necessary, sometime megnet goes apart too..

Kavya read note? and kabir come and drink water, they both talk about their relationship of becoming friends, and how kabir supported her and aarush after vyom death.. She assure kabir that suman will be fine soon, adding after all true friends are true when they stay in happy? and sad? time both..Next morning Jhanvi ask Dhurv why didn’t he wore clothes which she kept??Dhurv reply to her that he can do his work, you do your work, otherwise you will vent out frustration on me like yesterday, and goes…

Jhnavi tell PK that everything is ready, when Manohar tell he need to speak to him alone.. Jhnavi goes and think? she can’t anything to Amma even.. She imagine PK Mittal coming and burning her alive?, she shout in pain, when Kabir come and put water on her hand.. And both share cute SIL and BIL bond while thanking each other..PK get election party call and he assure they shall win. Manohar ask for money?? but PK scold him and tell him to get lost, otherwise I shall charge you with fees?? for wasting my time.. Jhanvi come suddenly and say sorry but PK ask her to come, Manohar goes thinking ?its hard to get money? from him.. PK tell jhanvi that I asked Manohar to dig Kavya background, Jhanvi say she is simple and nice but PK say she is quicksand, which can harm us.. Jhanvi I don’t agree but we shall debat on this later, right now get ready.. He agrees and goes.. Jhanvi sit and say: Bura jo dekhan main chala, bura na milaya koi, Jo mann koja apna, toh mujg se bura na koi…

At Pooja media cover Mittal’s entry… Aarush get irritated (like normal kids, who get bore at such functions) and ask kabir about their return home?? Kabir ask same question to Dhurv, when PK see him in anger??… Later PK see middle aged women and ask Jhanvi about them! She inform that she called them for distribution of saree and washing feet later, which will be done by PK.. PK get furious and angry?? on her, when she say she did to make his image infront of public and media.. PK say in future don’t do such things and if such thoughts arrive take deep breathe and lie down until thought is gone… Jhanvi say she will do to keep words infront of media, but PK say no, media will not care about you, its about my image..


On next secene PK is shown washing their feets and giving them saree, and smiling ?infront of media.. Where as Jhanvi and Ishani smile? seeing is condition, as he was neither able to decline nor get angry..On other side Kavya ask Kabir to go and join family, when kabir tell forget fake drama and get happy ?seeing game graphic which is more real..Later PK try to wash his hand and use senatizer, and get angry? that women feet smell is not went from his hands.. Kabir taunt that he was talking about women upliftment and can’t bear this much?? PK ans him that he can put his mind on track.. Dada ji scold Kabir for talking to PK like this (this mean PK upbringing is wrong as dada ji always support him in his wrong thinking, or dada ji is from those men who think men are above women).. Amma come and say some stains are not washed like this…

PK police friend tell him that he called Amma, who work for women upliftment. PK forward hand to shake, but Amma deny saying his hands are dirty.. Jhanvi try to touch feet and when she deny saying daughter’s don’t touch feet and hug her.. Pooja start..Kavya ask kabir to join puja, when deny, she convince him saying both aides need to try otherwise relations will spoil… Kabir agrees..Manohar call jhanvi and blackmail her and ask her to wear red as she look good and prepare kheer for him and meet him in PK mittal old gowdon..Reporters come and raise questions. Shail come there and ask about his sin which killed 1000 people due to his medicine..

Jhanvi get flashback where her dad ask that he can explain!! PK say it was due to fruad doctor Ashok sharma.. They try to get his id and beat him.. When Jhanvi get scared that he might die.. Police and party workers control situation and take shail.. Later in jungle police and worker beat shail and ask him questions and proof he had about that incident!! Shail deny and they beat.. Police friend order worker to bury him alive, otherwise we all will be in danger, and they do so..Jhanvi is restless, when she plan to go by making suman medicine as but kabir ask kavya to go… Later she ask Ishaani to do stomach ache drama.. Kabir take her to hospital.. Jhannvi ask chachi to manage puja and goes to find shail..

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