Illusion update Monday 17 January 2022


Illusion 17 January 2022: Kabir’s friend Ajay calls him and says he saw about his family in news. Kabir says who can change fate, nobody wants to help them or rent them a house. Ajay says his house is empty, so he can go and stay there. Kabir insists to pay him rent. Ajay agrees and asks him to take keys from neighbor. Kabir takes family to Ajay’s house. Chanda sees untidy house and starts yelling if they will stay in this bird nest. Kabir says he rented his friend’s house and if they all clean it, it can be livable.. Chanda continues her drama. Jay says their bathroom was bigger than this house. Sonali shuts Chanda’s mouth. Jahnvi/Pooja on the other side gets ready in a modern corporate attire and asks amma to stop crying and help her start a new life, she cannot without her support.

Kabir and his family clean house together. Suman tells Kabir that she is worried about Dhruv as Dhruv has shattered after Jahnvi’s betrayal, so Kabir should help his brother get out of depression. Kabir chats with Dhruv. Family enjoys lunch together. Kabir asks Suman if she got his certificates. Chanda says they are at Pooja’s house.Pooja is busy having lunch when Kabir forcefully walks in pushing guards. Pooja calls servant and says a beggar has come for food, so he can pack food for beggar’s family and keep it outside. She taunts Kabir that he can come and take food for his family from outside daily. Kabir yells that she has gone mad in power. Pooja continues taunting him. Kabir asks his certificates. Pooja gives him certificate bag and says she is not like PK Mittal who would have burnt certificates by now. Kabir opens bag, rat jumps out of it cutting certificates into pieces. Pooja acts as afraid and says roddents have not gone out of house along with Mittals.

Kabir angrily twists her hand. Pooja continues taunting him and asks to twist it more. He does. She says if he is done, he can take away leftover food.Dhruv gets heavily inebriated looking at Jahnvi’s photo in his mobile and asks why did she betray him. His friend walks in and taunts him that he heard his marriage was fake and did not even let him touch her during 1 year of marriage. Dhruv angrily throws liquor on him. He shouts that if he had shown his anger on his wife, she would have stayed with him. Dhruv pays bill and walks away. At home, Chanda yells Jahnvi looks tiny like a rat, but ruined their lives. Dadaji asks Kabir how will he get job without certificate. Kabir says he has to manage somehow, asks where is Dhruv. Suman says he left after Kabir left and he is in deep depression, so Kabir should support him. Dhruv returns home. Suman asks why did he get inebriated, he never used to before.

Dhruv asks what he should have done then and walks to balcony. Kabir walks to him. Dhruv shouts at Kabir and asks why he is trying to become great by taking family’s responsibility. Kabir says he cannot support family alone and needs Dhruv’s help, Dhruv can vent out his anger, but should move ahead forgetting past.Jahnvi drives car towards factory when she sees Kabir standing at a bus stop and splashes dirt on him. She then walks to him and taunts that she feels pity on him that rat tore his certificates and now with dirty clothes how will he attend job interview, he has to support his family, his time is bad. Kabir shows her stopped watch and says did not check time before leaving home. She throws away her watch and continues taunting Kabir, then slips. He holds her and says she should be careful, else she will slip before him.

She continues and leaves in her car. Tea stall vendor sees whole drama and tells Kabir that these kind of women should be taught a lesson. Kabir says he will in his own style.Pooja reaches PK’s factory and asks employees who wants to work for Mittal Industries. Everyone raise hand. She says they all are dismissed and can go home. They stand shocked. Manager from behind walks in front and says he wants to work for Sharma Industries and for Pooja madam. Pooja says he looks smart and asks employees again whom they want to work for. They chant Sharma Industries. She asks one employee to break Mittal Industries board and work according to her father Ashok Sharma’s rules. Manager butters her that she did right with PK Mittal and is generous not to get them arrested. She says she wants to close all other businesses and keep only garments business and orders to arrange meeting regarding this.Manager says he will arrange it. Jahnvi then calls Amma and says she started her new innings and needs amma’s support. Guard informs her that Kabir wants to meet her. She thinks why he came here.

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