Illusion update Tuesday 18 January 2022


Illusion 18 January 2022: Kabir walks into Pooja’s factory/Mittal Industries. Employees get happy seeing him and says they feel sad hearing about his father’s death and things going worse with his family. Kabir says it is an unfortunate event. Employees say that Pooja made them break Mittal Industries’ board, nobody can have lunch day in sorrow. Chopra informs Pooja that he does not know why Kabir has come, but he will go and kick him out. He walks to Kabir and insults him for coming there. Kabir says he thought Chopra was a dog who licks his father’s feet, but he is wolf who can change his colors. Chopra angrily says he is delivering filmy dialogues, but he is seeing film even before Kabir was born. Pooja walks in and asks what is happening here.

Illusion 17 January 2022

Employees complain that Chopra is misbehaving with Kabir. Pooja asks Kabir why did he come here. He says he came to speak to her peacefully.Pooja takes him to her cabin and starts insulting him in her own style. He reverts back and says she is incapable of handling business and must have pleaded Amma to come and help her. Pooja insults him again. He says now she will offer him job to handle the company as she is incompetent. Pooja says why wold she in her weird dream hire him. He throws tissue papers and insists that by evening she herself will offer him job. He then walks back to employees and shares tea with them hearing their ordeal and suggests him what to do next to trouble Pooja.

At home, Suman insists Dhruv to have juice and stop ruining his life reminiscing Pooja/Jahnvi’s betrayal. Kabir returns home. Suman asks if he got job. Kabir says not yet, but by evening he will get a job.Back in factory, Chopra tells Pooja that he knows how to handle Kabir and employees and if she hires his son, both father and son duo will handle business well and she need not come to factory. Pooja asks why he thinks she would like to sit at home and not come to office, he should keep his mouth shut before thinking of this kind of waste ideas. Employees walk in and inform they are all having stomach upset after having canteen food, so they need half a day leave. Jahnvi says they can take leave, but not return for work from tomorrow. Chopra suggests she cannot remove them as they are giving health reasons, so let him handle this situation. Pooja says let her handle this situation herself and tells employees that she is sad to hear they got ill due to canteen food, so from tomorrow they will bring home cooked food. Employee says then she should pay them for food. She asks who made this rule.

Employee says PK Mittal since factory is opened. Pooja says rule is changed from today and whoever wants extra money can go home and rest get back to work. Employees return to work. Jahnvi warns employee not to act as hero by listening to Kabir’s filmy ideas.Jay informs his girlfriend that she does not know what happened to his family, they are staying in a small house which is smaller than their servant quarters. She says he was boasting about Jahnvi Bhabhi who betrayed his family so easily. He holds her hand and asks to be with him always. She nods yes and says tonight there is a party and even he can attend and contribute. Sonali walks in and greets her, she walks away. Jay requests Sonali to help him monetarily. She gives him money. He asks how will he manage with such a small money. She asks him to change his lifestyle.

Pooja speaks to Amma over phone and informs her about Kabir’s insistence to give him job and trying to mislead workers. Amma warns her to stay away from Kabir and not offer him any job as he may trouble her repeatedly. Pooja asks her to repeat and says she gave her a good idea. She walks into Kabir’s house with sweet boxes. Chanda yells at her to get out. Pooja taunts her and says they should enjoy sweets first as she is giving job to their heir Kabir. Kabir says nobody goes empty handed from their house as they have rich culture, so he will accept her offer. Pooja taunts him again and walks away asking to have sweets for sure. Dhruv panics and throws sweets. Kabir tries to control him. Dhruv yells he can go and serve pooja who betrayed us. Kabir says he has to support his family and a brother who gets inebriated every night and requests to stop ruining his life.

Dadaji tells Kabir that his decision is wrong. Suman also says same. Kabir says he wants to be near Pooja and snatch back whatever she took from them; he would have let her take revenge from papa for his misdeeds, but she should not have harmed his family. Amma tells Pooja that she should not have given job to Kabir and asks to take back her words. Pooja says she wants to watch Kabir’s each move keeping him near her and will not let him plan against her. Next morning, Kabir gets ready for job. Suman does his aarti and ties protecting thread around his wrist. Kabir says there is no need for that. She feeds him sweet curd. Their discussion continues, and he leaves for work.

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