The insolent heart update Tuesday 18 January 2022

The insolent heart 18 January 2022: episode starts with Appendix tries to frighten Ishan that Meher will torture him by locking in a room alone. Ishan asks why will she. Appendix says all stepmothers are cruel. Ishan locks Appendix in a room and laughs from outside. Meher with Akshath comes and opens door. Ishan says this bad uncle is telling you both will lock me in a room and mom is stepmom. Appendix denies saying that. Meher asks him to stay away from her personal life, else she will suspend him job. Appendix angrily leaves. Appendix complains Abeer about Ishan and Akshath. Abeer starts overreacting. Appendix suggests him to hire a girl to lure Akshath and in turn prove Meher that Akshath is an womanizer and fraud. Abeer fumes and says he will do that to get back Meher, but from where will they get girl. Appendix says he knows a girl who will help them.

A girl enters wearing short dress and walking sensuously. All males gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Abeer asks Appendix when will his girl come. Appendix says that girl is your big fan and just wants to be around you. Abeer says he just wants to prove Meher that Akshath is a big fraud. Girl enters recording room. Abeer also gets mesmerized seeing her beauty. Girl comes and tightly hugs Abeer and says she loves his music and is his biggest fan. she tells she is Aaliya dutt and continues praising Abeer. Abeer is surprised to hear all his likes and dislikes, etc. from a girl. Appendix separates girl and asks if she will do her task. She says she will do anything for Abeer. Abeer says it is a weird and difficult task and she should not feel bad. She says she will do anything for him.

Abeer flattens car tyre. Aaliya asks why is he doing this. Appendix says they have to tell everything to this girl and says this is Abeer’s film audition and she can be Abeer’s debut film heroine if she proves she can do everything. Abeer is surprised hearing Appendix’s lies. Aaliya asks what is film’s name. Appendix says mere mehboob qayamat hogi. Girl says it is a weird name. Abeer asks to focus. Girl stops Akshath’s car and says her car’s tyre is punctured and she needs help. He says he will change tyre. She says she needs auto. He stops auto. Girl asks if he will go to bandra. Driver says yes. She scolds if he cannot go,then why does he drive auto. She then goes to Akshath and requests him to drop at Bandra. He agrees. She hugs him repeatedly. Appednix and Abeer click their pic. Akshath drops her at Bandra.

She starts flirting with him and asks his number. He gives number and leaves saying he has to pick up his son. Abeer with Appendix comes in car next. Girl hugs Abeer and says mission is successful. Abeer asks why she hugs him often and asks if she took Akshath’s mobile number and dropped her bangle in his call. She says of course and asks if her film role is final. Abeer says this is just 1st round, in second round she will call Akshath and invite him for a coffee. Aaliya calls Akshath and he agrees to meet her at a coffee shop around 6 p.m. to return her bangle. She tells Abeer that her role is pakka now as Akshath is meeting her at 6 p.m. in a cofee shop.

kuber comes to new his office and checks Abeer in all cabins. Secretary comes and gets into a cabin. He gets romantic and asks where is Abeer. She says she went out after lunch. He asks where is Meher. She says she is working from home. He says it is good if she marries and leaves Abeer. She asks if he hates Meher so much, then why did he stop her in this office and is so leniant on Abeer. He angrily looks at her. She says he can trust her. Rati asking Kuber why he stopped Meher in the office when he don’t want to see her face and his BP shot up the moment he sees her. She asks why did you give much freedom to Abeer. Kuber looks on angrily. Rati touches him and says you can trust me now. Kuber says even if I don’t like Meher, but I do care for my son. He says until Abeer loves Meher, he can’t go against her. He says he wants to play safe and that’s why brought this company.

He says he can get Meher out of country in a moment, but it is good that she is leaving after marriage and I don’t have to do anything. Rati says when you apologized to Abeer, I thought you are seriously apologetic. Kuber says sometimes I get emotional. He pulls her closer asking him to keep eye on Abeer. Rati thinks she will keep eye on abeer and meher as she wants to ruin them.Akshat tells Meher that she works even at home. He holds her hand and says lets go to have coffee. Meher says you are romantic today. Akshat says I do get romantic ideas, but there is a wall between us. Meher agrees. She combs her hairs to get ready. Akshat tells her that perfume spraying is an art, and offers to show her. He sprays perfume on her hand and then smell her hand. He sprays perfume on her clothes and tries to smell her. Meher feels uncomfortable. Akshat thinks he will get Meher right infront of Abeer. Meher asks Akshat to come to have coffee. They leave.

Abeer brings Appendix to a restaurant. Appendix says you didn’t see your big fan carefully as you loves Meher. Abeer says you are a cheap man to flirt with a woman. Appendix looks at her. He gets his girl friend’s phone and says I was remembering you. Abeer thinks he is the only Patnivrata guy and others are cheating women. Akshat comes to the restaurant and flirts with the same woman. The woman asks what you are doing? Akshat says we will fix a rate and act as coming on date. He says I have booked a room also, and asks her to tell the rate. The woman says disgusting and leaves. Akshat smirks. Abeer follows Aaliya and asks her to stop. Aaliya hugs him and says that man was cheap and asked my rate. Appendix says Akshat is a cheapo and we have to rescue Meher. Meher comes to Akshat and tells that Ishaan was asking when they are coming. Akshat informs Meher that Abeer is here. Abeer asks Aaliya not to cry. Meher says let it be, it doesn’t matter. Akshat says I want to see who is that girl. Abeer comforts Aaliya and says he will see that guy. Meher and Akshat see Abeer comforting a girl.

Akshat is happy and tells Abeer that they hope that they didn’t disturb him. He asks Abeer to introduce his new girl friend. Meher asks Akshat to come. Abeer stops Meher and says it is a misunderstanding. Meher says I don’t care and it is not surprising for me that you are dating someone, but like this shamelessly, it is disgusting. Akshat recalls getting Aaliya’s call and says I played same game with you. He says Meher might be feeling disgusted to marry you before, who can do anything with anyone at any place.Abeer gets angry. Akshat asks him to open eyes and see, and says I am getting married to Meher and you can’t do anything to stop it. He says I waited for Meher since 8 years and says I am warning you. Abeer smiles and says it is good that this game is in open now. He says you are fox and will come to know who is Tiger. He tells Meher is my life long love and not ex wife. He says Meher will be his, even after his planning for marriage. He says your act was very cheap. I didn’t beat you as Meher would have cried. He challenges him and warns him. Akshat invites him for engagement and smiles.

Abeer recalls Akshat and Meher’s words. He recalls Ishaan calling mum to Meher and the recent misunderstanding. He smiles. Appendix brings coffee for him. Abeer says I get to do small work and leaves. Appendix wonders what will happen now. Akshat and Ishaan play ball. Ishaan asks him to return ball, and calls him Papa. Meher comes and says you both are playing. Akshat asks if I can call him dad. Meher says ofcourse. Akshat gives the ball. He gets hurt mistakenly and blames Ishaan. Ishaan gets sad and apologizes. Akshat says I made you owl, and laughs saying he was joking.Meher gets Abeer’s message that he wants to talk to her and is waiting outside her home. Akshat and Ishaan goes playing. Meher goes out and see Abeer standing and smiling. She asks what do you want? I told you that I am not interested. She suggests him to do watchman’s job. Abeer says shall I wake up all. He says I want to talk for 2 mins. He asks if she was jealous when she saw him with a girl. Meher says I was not jealous and says I don’t know that you will shamelessly start anywhere. Abeer says you shouldn’t care and says even today you get jealous seeing me with a girl. He says 1000’s of girls love me, and you get jealous seeing that. Meher reminds him that she is getting engaged tomorrow and will marry in a few days time. Abeer gets sad.

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