Illusion update Friday 4 February 2022


Illusion 4 February 2022: Kabir takes pheras with Pooja ordering her to take oath to repent for her sins and apologize his family till they forgive her, serve them selflessly, accept them as her family, etc. Rani fumes reminiscing Kabir’s words that she should be ashamed of herself for trying to harm her own sister Pooja, etc. She picks fruit knife and walks towards Pooja to kill her. Kabir with Pooja finishes pheras and applies sindhoor on her forehead. Rani drops knife in shock seeing this. Kabir orders Pooja to take elder’s blessings by touching their feet and apologizing for her mistakes. Pooja touches Dadaji’s feet and apologizes, then Chanda yells at her to touch her feet properly and says she will not forgive her. Pooja then takes Amma’s blessings and cries hugging Rani thinking she could not save mother yet. Rani stands shattered.

Pooja waits for Kabir in room and fumes that he wants to perform suhagraat with her. She thinks she will give him sleeping pills and once he is asleep, she will go and search her mother. She gets more more seeing intoxicating tablets instead. She hears Kabir coming and hurriedly mixes medicine in milk glass. Once he enters, she tells him that Chanda kept milk for them, but she doesn’t want to have it. He insists. She finishes her glass and asks him to finish his. He does. She goes to washroom thinking once he falls asleep, she will go out. She also feels intoxicated. Kabir starts actingn weird due to intoxication and tries to catch is mobile blabbering nonsense. Pooja joins him and their jokergiri starts. They talk nonsense and enjoy each other’s company.

Intoxicated Kabeer and Pooja’s drama continue. Kabeer starts crying and Pooja asks him why is he crying. He says she doesn’t know. She takes him to washroom and washes his face. He continues crying and says he is feeling guilty as he kidnapped his mother and troubled her. Pooja also cries that she shouldn’t have been rude to him and his family. Their drama continues, they discuss their suhagraat is pending and they both fall on bed at once and fall asleep. In the morning, they both get up and Pooja asks confesses to add sleeping pills in Kabir’s milk and asks if he added something in her drinks that she also fell asleep. Kabir says she herself must have added pills even in her milk and blames that she wanted to check his mobile to find her mother’s location, but he is not a fool. He walks towards her and she warns to stay away.

He says he was opening door and asks her to get ready. She asks if he wants to marry her again. He says to perform post wedding rituals.Rani stops Jay and starts shedding crocodile tears. Jay warns her to get out of his way. She says she is repenting for troubling his family and wants to apologize, she is feeling guilty that she supported her sister in wrong cause and she realized how cruel her sister is and wants to harm Kabir’s family, Jay may not believe her, but she is telling truth. Jay trusts her and walks away. She smirks and thinks she easily trapped Jay and will use him against Pooja.

Pooja’s mother gets out of control and insists Sonali to let her meet her Pooja and Rani. sonali tries to stop her. Kabir enters and calms her down and asks her to rest. She does. He asks Sonali to wait here till he returns after finishing today’s task and then he will stay here. He walks to Pooja and orders her to perform pooja carrying 7 pots on her head like she did when he returned home from army. He takes her to lawn and orders her to follow rituals carefully as panditji guides and if she fails, she knows what will happen to her mother. Pooja helplessly follows rituals reminiscing previous incident where she drops pots, after that she cries hugging Rani and says she is feeling really bad.

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